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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


SH-Y DENIAL... you decide

This is a screen shot of what appeared on Hanson-Young's page. She claims it has been photo shopped? .... You decide. More likely an over-zealous Green staff member.  


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


That was a totally irrational comment on her website. It MUST have been made by either her or one of her staff.

Islam's negative effect on Swedish, German cultures

That Nordic country, he says, is experiencing a growing Islamic problem, at least in some parts of the country."Sweden used to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world, [but] all that has changed," he tells OneNewsNow. "There's been a skyrocketing rate of rapes of Swedish women by Muslim men.

In some cities in Sweden, women are afraid to walk through a park, even in the day time. It's gotten that bad, especially in the southern city of Malmö."He continues: "As the Muslim population grows, they're going to be demanding sharia law, or at least elements of sharia law, in the Swedish legal system.

He will be there for a week and hopes to educate the population about the rising Islamic threat before it is too late.Meanwhile, a pro-family leader says the growth of radical Islam is a problem that cannot be dismissed as just an "alternative ideology."Growth of Islamic extremism in GermanyRecently the head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency revealed that the number of Islamic extremists in that country is growing rapidly.

Preferential Voting must get the axe.

What amazes me about this is that 1549 people liked H-Y's comment. There must be a lot of creepy shit accessing her page - and that's who she is playing up to when she writes this crap.

SH-Y's words, NO DOUBT. SH-Y should tell Barrister Katrina Dawson's 3 children all under 10 and one starting school next year that the muslim gunman is the REAL victim. SHY is as vile as the muslim murderer

Ah yes. The good old "Thomson Defence" (somebody broke into my room and took my credit card out of my wallet and paid for some prostitues and broke again into my room and put it back in my wallet).

by the way we are not the haters and bigots . we lead lives that pay taxes for you SHY to bring in uneducated swill and set them up with more , than a person born in this land will ever get for free.

did she didn't she, who cares written down or not it is still in her thinking,almost the most stupid person in our Government.

"he was escaping persecution in Iran?". Can't even get the facts straight! He was wanted for fraud in Iran and fleeing the police.Gillard and Co have a lot to be called to account for, letting this creature and other crims like him, into Australia.

at first even I thought that 2 twats would not be that fkn stupid but after reading reading the post 19/12/14 6.34 am you can put you house on it as a bet it reeks of the sort of green dribble I would expect from the poofters and dykes party , I,ll bet the fifth colomusts will no inquire into how it happen to appear and when the shit hit the fan went the same way as ARBIB 14 mil, disappeared , that's the mentality of these parasitic politicians they must ALL think we are fkn mushrooms.

Of course she didn't write it herself, it was one of her staffers who usually write these things on Facebook for the pollies. These staffers follow the thoughts and philosophy of their masters. SH-Y is only bullshitting denying the blog.

The real problem is some stupid bastards voted her into Parliament, they walk amongst us! SHY needs the rough end of the pineapple treatment!

Sounds like her kind of beliefs - an utterly spoilt little twat

photo shopped or not, if it appeared on her facebook page, then it was hacked (no mention of that) so if it was not hacked then somebody would have had to log into it (if that is the case she has been totally irresponsible in passing her login and pasword to some third party) and therefore she must take total responsibility of that post. You use these sorts of media platforms you just have take responsibility on whats on them.

Seriously, If it was faked, who could be bothered doing it? She is already a first class dipshit and needs no help in making a fool of herself. I do NOT believe that it was faked and it would take FaceBook one minute to prove that it was so why are they so quiet and not rushing to her aid?

The joke is that IF she went to IS she would cop that AND a beheading. Even the donkeys are not safe there.

Looks like one of those ..."Ooo, a bad man came into my room and typed on my computer and now I am compelled to put it on Facebook just to show how awful some people can be!"... comments. I reckon she wrote it. Typical that she would leave it on her Facebook page for all to see while pretending she didn't write it. If she really didn't want people to see that rubbish then she would have taken it down asap. The fact that it's still there tells us what she really thinks. Despicable little shit.

i don't know what she said, but i know it must have been disgusting if she said it.

Fake or not I would be interested in the comments.From the first line you can read,if this is from sarah sea patrol,see aint alone.

Wonder if this is the same individual who did the Gillard "I am currently in a lesbian relationship." photoshop?