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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Save the Snipe AND the Swamps

The surest way to find an “endangered” species is to declare a major development site, and something “threatened” will soon turn up. 

So it is no surprise that the proposed expansion of Abbot Point, which has been shipping coal from Queensland for thirty years, has discovered the rare Australian painted snipe in a possible silt dumping site in adjacent swamps.

But we can save the snipe AND the Abbot Point wetlands by shifting the natural silt from port development further out to sea. That’s where rivers, creeks and ocean currents are taking it anyway. 

And everyone knows we should not try to thwart nature – natural processes will dump it there eventually.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




Scientific truth and its real enemies today

Ohh IMO its just inborn bad taste : )

Talking about the Greens - did you know that in England ,just 20 years ago , poofterism was considered a mental illness ?

FLANNERY's house get washed out to sea.

You are spot on Viv, Thanks for keeping a bit a reality on what they are up to. This same true for the odd mobile Sacred Site. Like the South Australian island claim relating to Sacred Woman's Business a couple of years ago.Cost Millions no-one charged with public mischief or costs awarded.

Does this bird have its wings painted on?

Just a thought. The Greens are a DEATH CULT, just like the Islamics. Both escapees from the same asylum.

Cretin Central open again, Pissedqlder?

Do we know which "Greenie" placed the Snipes at Abbott Point?


They will of course be entirely the fault of Howard and Abbott too.

Maybe if it was called Gillard point or Krudd point then there wiuld be no problems! Apparently Mr Abbott is to blame for all the worlds ills and therefore he is persona non gratia! Such is the small mindedness of the leftard pigeon brain!

I believe that the enviroment adapts to development. Greenie's are horrified when i tell them that. That doesn't include those bird munchers which are just plain insidious things put all over the country side to piss people off.

If they believed Tim Flannery, our coastline will be 100 metres underwater within a century so the swamps would be irrelevant to any debate.Case closed.

The Greenies are their own cult, simpleton central. The thing that amazes me is they congregate in cities. They don't grow anything or feed anyone. It's staggering.

Viv, I was wondering when they would find some lost species.. Thought it would be the 5 headed, 10 legged bright pink frog.

Tell us all about the Great Inland Sea and who destroyed it by fire hunting: Australia's GREATEST Eco disaster

Thank you Viv, well put.

I recall a development in a South Australian coastal town which was thwarted by native rights claims. The trouble is the indigenous population left in the 1880's (yes over 130 years ago) but somehow they got a sympathetic ear.

Yeah and you search for sacred sites, with a geiger counter!