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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Richo empties his colostomy bag on Latham 

Paul Murray sat back and enjoyed the fracas as two ex Labor thugs emptied their bile on each other. It was good TV by two bad actors who had each sold out their Labor Party for a few lousy sheckels.

Pauline Hanson looked on askance, dodging the excreta on an interstate link. She was considering Latham as a One Nation recruit as he scraped the undigested contents of Richo’s waste bag and chucked it back at him. 

Both are unmitigated ex-Labor scum who each sold out their Party, so WTF is Pauline doing batting her eyelashes at Latham of all people. Hasn’t she had enough of egotistic scumbags destroying her Party?

Latham and Richardson deserve each other but surely Hanson deserves a bit better, she has already been shat on from a great height by better than these two but has cleaned herself up and smells sort of okay now. 

But people like Richo who professes to have inside info on Labor is a liar and pretender as Labor hates his guts so intensely that it feeds him false information to make him look even more stupid and uniformed than he already is.

It seems Sky News is where treacherous Labor troglodytes like these two go to die. 



What are They Plotting in Poland



Couldn't dislike Latham. Had balls & a touch of decency, like Button, Beazley, Crean & Ferguson. Wouldn't strain my sphincter shitting upon the criminal fuckpigs now pretending to represent the 'workers'.

Good writing, but I dont think Latham is quite in the same category as Labour/ Stalinist thugs. Even such thugs are allowed to have a conversion / rebirth experience from the dark side. If I am not mistaken, even David Horowitz underwent a similar transofrmation.

Pauline needs Latham as her attack dog , someone who knows the workings and knows no fear .

Great to see you are back on line Larry, But dont over do it, Cheers

Welcome back Larry, I wish you good health.

Welcome back Larry. Glad things are looking up. As for Latham, he's okay now that he has seen the light. Tells it like it is, admittedly much of it might be for dramatic effect, but his metamorphosis from lefty slimebag to a loudmouth political commentator who speaks sense some of the time now is amazing.

Don't you just love it when the comrades crap on each other! Richo, (he must love being called that) he of the fortunate investment plan. Mate of a queer con man who along with other like minded *investors* put their money on an uncertain (supposedly) winner of a printing firm. As careful investors do they insure it against *misadventure* for like 10 times its worth &, horror of horrors, it burns to ashes before turning a cog. Ex & current comrade investors celebrate their (un) fortunate loss. The beefier comrade, he of the break arm handshake is disowned as a loose cannon because the biff is what others do not comrades, be it physical or verbal. Or so they claim.

He has a set of knackers & could handle himself in a car-park. What's not to like? Who gives a fuck for what he used to be? Have you no compassion & forgiveness?

Well, I like Mark Latham ,especially as he has "seen the light" and emerged from the Labor fantasy.He will be a good guide for Pauline and will certainly keep some of her "men" in check.

Be good to see Latham in the senate doing a tag team job on SHY.

Would love to see Latham kicking heads in the the Senate.....but as an independent, he is far too volatile for any party to take him on.

Not a fan of Pauline's but I would not like to see her take on Mark. He will eat her for breakfast. She would be far better off joining forces with Cory but she has too much baggage for him to carry.

TIGERBALM : Exactly.

Welcome back Larry & thanks mainlt to Harry R for keeping PP going in your absence but his articles are a little long & dry & not as punchy & pointed as your Laz, all the best.....I can't stand Richo but Latham has become more of a conservative than the current crop of Turd's "moderates" who have highjacked the Liberal Party.

Great to see you up and about Larry, obviously you enjoyed that major spat on PM Live as much as I did.

Great to see you up and about Larry, obviously you enjoyed that major spat on PM Live as much as I did.

From Latham

Paul Murray LIVE Podcast

Latham just interviewed on 2GB and discussed the Richardson clash. It was very interesting and he spoke well. It's all about exposing the liar that Shorten is.
Full points. Two by elections about to happen and labor deserves to lose both of them. Then Shorten will be thrown under a bus and THEN Turnbull will be in full blown panic once Albanese is labor leader.

THEN we can have a chance at flushing out the Photios mob that backstabbed and rolled our previous PM.....the Paris mob of betrayal all need to go.

Never liked Graham Offset Alpine Richardson. Latham's ok. He was sacked by Sky News for calling out Eddie's Girl. Good value. Shame a few more don't have the balls.