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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Restrictive Work Practices killing Green Energy

The problem with the green energy twins, wind and solar, is that they are unionised.

The solar panels won’t work at night, or when it is rainy or cloudy, and they rarely work a full eight-hour day.

The wind turbines will down tools at every drop of the wind, and they also refuse to work in high winds.

And like every closed shop, they demand pay rates far beyond their market value.

No one has a solution to these restrictive green work practices.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


They reckon the noise from wind turbines send people bonkers over time.Perhaps Bob Brown and Sarah HansenYoung might like to live near some or perhaps they do!

I grew up on a farm and there was no power grid available. We generated our own power from wind energy and a back up diesel generator. The unused energy went into a 32 volt battery set and most of our appliances were 32 volt. Decent 12v to 240v inverters had not be developed at this stage. We managed ok when the Diesel engine needed replacing, it was cheaper to pay for the power poles and have the power connected. Homes are far more energy hungry today than the 1960's so at best, wind and solar can only supplement unless you pay huge amounts of money.

tt, pity you didn't get the panels earlier. we've had them for 3 years plus and haven't paid a bill yet! getting 70+c per kwh for a 2,2kw system. yeah!

The towers belong to the Union super funds (C-Bus) etc.

They're unionised all right.

Wind turbines are a scar on our landscape

Well worth a captain cook:

@ larry as an old electrical linesman what a lot of the cave dwellers don,t tell the ALL believing voters US that in a lot of turbines up in the air NOW if there is now wind then coal fired power has to be used to turn the turbines if not the will simply burn up check it out no bullshi.T5

"No one has a solution to these restrictive green work practices." Yet this sort of stuff is taught to kids in school - brainwashing them.

There was a lot of hype about how much one could save by on selling to the grid, its turned out to be a bit like trading a used car, you buy electricity at retail price, then they buy the excess at Wholesale ,

Once again, Viv, thank you for your common-sense articles.

Don Quixote thought windmills were giants and charged them on his horse. He would have to be a mental giant in comparison to the idiots who think these stupid contraptions are the answer to clean energy. All they do is spread noise pollution for miles and mangle birds, How come the Greens aren't against these. Why? because they are hypocrites.

If the windmills are so wonderful and good for the environment, why arn't they on the lawns at Parliament House and in Pitt Street? Every pollie could have one on their front lawn, and spare the farmers the angst

Exquisitely put. Spot on.

Many aged folks too Viv are not online or cherish their pride re finances rather than admit they can`t make sense of it,(there would be Miilions out there in shock financially) and again these Nasty freaks naturally received Dr Seus style advice re that(response and how to further use that against People of good intent!!) for ...sure .. playing on the traditional .. characters of the majority , and assumptions that many will not discuss unaffordability , but they will inDEED vote for justified, and vote for truth in the word * fair*.. returned.Given half a chance.Larry is correct money talks re votes and INTENT.

Thank You for caring genuinely VIV*, kind regard sent with respect~ ;).

"No one has a solution to these restrictive green work practices." says Viv. Yes there is a solution... nuclear power generation.

You only need to look at this photo - apart from the fires - and you can see that these bloody windmills are fouling up the view. The Greens who are so keen on these things seem to forget that they are destroying the landscape they want to preserve. Europe is awash with them - such a pity!

Work practices .. that is another FWA issue and I see your point VIV.UNproductive rather than flowing, or consistent (nods).