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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Promoting Parasitic Power Producers

Wind and solar are parasitic power producers, unable to survive in a modern electricity grid without the back-up of stand-alone electricity generators such as hydro, coal or gas. And like all parasites, they weaken their hosts, causing increased operating and transmission costs and reduced profits for all participants in the grid. 

Without subsidies, few large wind/solar plants would be built, and without mandated targets, few would get connected to the grid. 

Green zealots posing as energy engineers should be free to play with their green energy toys at their own expense, on their own properties, but the rest of us should not be saddled with their costs and unreliability.

We should stop promoting parasitic power producers. As a first step, all green energy subsidies and targets should be abolished.


What are They Plotting in Poland


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This is a very good article on the agenda of environmentalists.

Hear hear. If I fit solar power and water heating, I will happily pay for it myself, and happily pay for access to the grid when it doesn't do the job. I'll use Gas for hot water boost and heating as my bones get older.

Dear Viv * , there is a wonderful quote by Robert .G. Ingersoll , in a very treasured book of mine.He states part there-of ``The books filled with the facts of Nature are our sacred scriptures, and the force that is in every atom and in every star--in everything that lives and grows-- is the only possible god``.__ R.G.Ingersoll

I too bought and read those books plus Jo Nova, but it takes quite a bit of time, expense and effort. It is more convenient to sit in front of FreeTV and be submerged in their misinformation, hoping that they can be trusted, sadly.

the thrust of the above is that all those who receive subsidies are parasitic should be supported not only in the renewable power industry but across the whole range of taxpayer supported activities in the whole community.

Hear, hear, Viv, Great post.

Exactly Viv, exactly, it alarms me how Conroy's Bought and Paid For FreeTV do not expose these scams, instead of repeating the corrupt propaganda.

Fantastic article by Piers Akerman copy and pasted here in full. Well done Piers..
Carbon Tax: Ding dong, the big climate con is dead

Piers Akerman
Saturday, July 19, 2014 (10:17pm)

11.14AM, THURSDAY, July 17, 2014: the moment the tide went out on the climate con.
Australia became the first nation to repeal its unwanted, ill-begotten carbon tax. It won’t be the last.
After all the lies and deception, the game is up. A prime minister who defied the climate shamans was assisted by an average world temperature which has defied alarmist predictions for 16 years.
The global warming industry knows it’s over. That’s why they tried so hard to stop Tony Abbott. That’s why Al Gore made an absurd last ditch attempt to salvage the narrative on stage with Clive Palmer. He didn’t even try to sound plausible.
No, it’s over. Greenies reacted with a collective global tantrum. From across the planet came howls of existential rage.
The Guardian’s chief climate hysteric George Monbiot tweeted about the “Abbottalypse”. The Independent declared Australia “an international laughing-stock”.
Back home, the Greens squealed like stuck pigs
“Climate skeptic grubs” snarled Sarah Hanson-Young on twitter.
Leader Christine Milne: “This is a tragic day for Australia and the planet.” The Sydney Morning Herald editorial damned the PM: “the harshest judgment of history will fall on Tony Abbott”
Crikey’s Bernard Keane echoed the sentiment: “a shameful victory for old white men over the future. Note their names. History will damn them.”
Actually, quite the opposite.
Abbott has been on the right side of history ever since he seized the Liberal leadership from climate believer Malcolm Turnbull in 2009.
But the unsung men and women who put him there should be acknowledged. Many paid a price for their courage and integrity.
On Thursday night the core group of eight, or G8 , got together for a quiet celebration, the culmination of a seven-year campaign.
They are Senators Cory Bernardi, from South Australia, Michaelia Cash and Mathias Cormann, from Western Australia, Brett Mason and Barnaby Joyce, from Queensland, Mitch Fifield, Victoria, Fiona Nash NSW, David Bushby, Tasmania.
For 12 to 15 months before Abbott became leader, they would meet in Bernardi’s office and hatch plans to defeat Kevin Rudd’s ETS, despite Turnbull’s embrace of it.
South Australian Senator Mick Minchin was crucial. He was the elder statesman who smelled a climate rat early on.
This was a time when even to question climate alarm was to be slimed and ostracized in the finest McCarthyist tradition. It was the era of Al Gore’s climate horror flick An Inconvenient Truth.
In April, 2007, Bernardi kicked off hostilities with an essay entitled Cool Heads Needed on Global Warming.
“I have come to believe we’re seeing a distortion of a whole area of science that is being manipulated to present a certain point of view to the global public,” he wrote.
Turnbull turned on Bernardi. As Environment Minister, he had convinced John Howard that his opposition to the Kyoto Protocol climate treaty (which Howard regarded as “useless") would cost him the 2007 election unless he promised an Emissions Trading Scheme.
In the grips of one of our periodic droughts, Australia was susceptible to the message that humanity’s greed had turned the climate feral and now we must repent. Anyone who honestly questioned the climate juggernaut was not just wrong but evil.
Even the best politicians caved in, as the scare campaigns grew ludicrous. The United Nations claimed we had only “four months” to save the planet and that by 2010, there would be 50 million climate refugees.
Himalayan glaciers were melting, the Amazon rainforest dying, polar bears facing extinction.
They lied and lied, a noble corruption they felt was justified to save the planet. The leaked emails of scientists in the Climategate scandal laid it bare.
The IPCC’s Nobel Prize-winning Fourth Assessment Report in 2007 was sexed up with propaganda from WWF and Greenpeace and anecdotes from Climber magazine.
Bob Brown demanded “coal barons” pay reparations for floods because he claimed burning coal caused rain. The Rudd government’s pet economist Ross Garnaut told us we would have to start eating kangaroo because beef and lamb were too “carbon intensive”: “The failure of our generation will haunt humanity until the end of time”.
Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Penny Sackett, said we had only five years to stop catastrophic global warming.
Turnbull, who became Opposition in 2008, visited UK greenie Tory David Cameron and came home enthused. ‘’I will not lead a party that is not as committed to effective action on climate change as I am.”
He promised Kevin Rudd the ETS he craved so he could parade his climate virtue at the Copenhagen climate summit in December 2009.
On the eve of the ETS vote in Parliament, Rudd claimed climate change was “the moral challenge of our generation” and railed against “the climate change deniers [who are] “quite literally holding the world to ransom.”
But the Australian public was going cold and polls showing the majority wanted the ETS delayed until after Copenhagen.
Turnbull’s party was also pulling away from him.
Finally, on November 27, 2009, there was a marathon showdown in the party room.
According to one insider, the meeting opened Turnbull declaring that he’d negotiated a wonderful deal.
Then Andrew Robb stood and spoke against the ETS, arguing convincingly that it was against the national interest.
The debate went on for 11 hours: 32 spoke in favour of theETS and 41 spoke against it. They pointed out that Australia produces just 1.4 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so any ETS would be of no benefit to the planet but do great harm to Australia.
Mason asked why would we agree to an ETS when it would make the nation less competitive.
At this point Turnbull began heckling Mason.
The meeting ended badly. Turnbull declared he had the support of the party, when he didn’t. He refused the compromise Minchin offered, to delay until after Copenhagen.
That signed his political death warrant.
After a messy few days, Turnbull was replaced as leader. Abbott, who ironically had backed Turnbull on the ETS, found his inner climate skeptic and won by one vote.
Rudd’s ETS was defeated.
“It changed history,” said Bernardi. “Rudd went to Copenhagen but had nothing to show for it. It destroyed his credibility and destroyed labor.”
Paradoxically, most of those who were for the ETS have prospered. The others, haven’t fared so well.
But they know they did the right thing. It took five years but they stopped the climate juggernaut.
We owe them all a debt of gratitude.

I posted this previously but I think it belongs here. How about the solar farm at Windorah, population 100 or so. The cost to build 4.5 million,seriously. The estimate of diesel fuel saved, 30,000 to 100,000 litres. Somebody not really good at estimation. Say 70,000 litres at retail cost, 120,000 dollars for fuel. Say 4.5 million invested at 4%, 180,000. Just on that alone the costs exceeds 60,000 a year. 25 year life of system, extra cost, 1.5 million, then add the replacement cost of, at today's prices, another 4.5 million. For 100 people? Crazy. $350 per person per month cost to generate. But hang about, that is only day time, with good sun, gets right out of hand. Still need to run the diesel about 14 hours out of 24.

Replace the word "should' by "MUST"... in the last 2 paragraphs...

Viv your use of the word "parasitic" is exquisite and absolutely spot on. Please continue to use it freely. Also add carpet baggers and bludgers.

Another great article, Viv. I am absolutely sh1t scared that Labor will get back in next election. The LNP have alienated the electorate by trying to fix everything in the first year.Softly, softly, catchee monkey.

All those people who thought they were on to a good thing with those subsidies, I hope you are putting your "profit" into a special bank account, as you will need it when the maintenance problems arrive. As for the windmills, they are the greatest destroyer of wildlife on the planet, bar none. And now the solar panels are cooking the birds too.

I have a relative who manages hundreds of rental properties, including the maintenance. She is at screaming point with all the problems with solar panels on rooftops, leaking, not working properly, and so on. When the schemes were introduced, I asked my local politician how these were to be maintained. Being a lawyer, not a technical person, of course he had never thought of that and had no answer. I however, had experience with power stations, and I knew that there was a well trained workforce which did continual maintenance. It was, and still is, a no brainer that a central coal power station, is more efficient of our scarce resources, than thousands of solar panels on roofs, scattered over a greater area.

Are you suggesting an overdose of ECT DJT? I take it you've ruled out frontal lobotomy as it's likely to be a pre–existing condition.

Waste storage will not happen DJT. They have figured out that what is now called waste will be the fuel for next generation reactors. The US has known this apparently since the Carter was President. Take waste from one reactor and use it in another. This reactor cleans the waste from the rods and then allows them to be used again. Rinse repeat a few times and no more high level waste. Thorium is another cycle again using different methods.

To continue, when my feed in tariff expires, I will install deep cycle batteries and be self sufficient for the most part drawing down from the grid if my storage reserves are exhausted and "the sun don't shine"

Well said Viv! I have 5kW of solar panels on my roof and get paid a feed in tariff, which is considerably higher than the rate I pay to draw from the grid. Paradoxically this encourages me to feed in to the system when it would be better to draw off peak power.

I suggested to our local minister for energy that the government should encourage storage systems coupled to the solar panels that would only feed to the grid when storage was at full capacity. Then draw against that reserve. This would drastically reduce the need for spinning reserves and alleviate peak demands.

But battery storage technology has not moved apace and the previous government spent wildly on generating systems without considering instantaneous demand or how to better store energy when in surplus.

Why should Australia be the dumping ground for all nuclear waste. We already take some or used to.

I absolutely hate the way the Greens try to demand, force and dominate. Especially Milne and Hanson- Young! It is so hideous I would object to them even if they were right. Fortunately they are dead wrong!