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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Promote the Wind and Reap the Whirlwind

June 15th has been declared by wind energy rent-takers as “Global Wind Day”. This is just another orchestrated media event designed to distract taxpayers, electricity consumers and wind turbine victims from the follies of wind energy.

The only people celebrating will be turbine owners getting subsidies, propped-up prices and guaranteed markets; lucky landowners getting rich on compensation; and green zealots promoting a UN Agenda.

But neighbours of turbines driven mad by the noise of the thumping blades are not celebrating; neither are the birds and bats being sliced by the spinning sickles; nor nearby property owners who see their property values slashed; nor true environmentalists concerned to see the destruction and uglification of their landscapes and hilltops with a spider-web of turbines, transmission lines and access roads; nor electricity consumers facing expensive and increasingly unreliable power supplies.

Future generations will look back in wonder at a whole generation of westerners whose mis-directed religious zeal wasted billions of dollars to create industrial and environmental destruction, while insisting without evidence that it would create a cooler climate.

Those who sow the wind will reap the whirl-wind.


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The King (Coal) is Dead, Long Live the King ......................

Another great article ,Viv. But even here, you are mostly preaching to the converted.One needs to get these stories out to the ignorant masses, probably on Facebook etc. There are so many ignorant misinformed idiots there, it's mind boggling !

Newcastle's T4 Coal Loader Project closes in on approval, so much for the death of coal.

Another piece of Adani's Galilee puzzle falls into place ...................................

Busy homogenizing the figures .

I think future generations in Australia of Muslims wont care, they have the only plan that is slowly working and they don't give a damn about the environment!

Amen, Viv.

Anyone any idea of the true number of the millions of birds and bats these monstrosities have killed around the world....A side effect the global warmists want swept under the carpet as do those who own the bloody windfarms.

Mr Abbott, tear down these eye sores (apologies to R Reagan).

If "private"enterprise paid for and maintained these eyesores, like nuclea energy, there would be none. The same goes for solar power, remove the subsidy and whala, nor panels. Oh well the government has to spend taxpayers money somewhere of no value or they would balance the budget. Not in the best interests of the money lenders.

Speaking of wind, the Pope is due to come out today with a pronouncement of the evil of humans, causing global warming and the destruction of mankind.

The silly old goat should stick to his knitting and focus on the evil of paedophile priests

Monuments to socialist stupidity and ignorance.

I read somewhere last week that in its whole working life (of about 20 years) a wind turbine will NEVER even generate the amount of electricity that was consumed in the process of making it. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? (He was a scientist but I don't know his name). And we laugh at the way sheep all follow one another.

It seems to me that whatever we do in Australia now, regarding carbon emission, we'll now fulfil the carbon emissions quota, whatever it is.
Those carbon emitting manufacturing factories that made Australia strong and prosperous are all closing down or will be closing down soon.
Factories that make cars, steel, aluminium, pumps, engines, etc., etc., are going, going gone.
We are living on borrowed time and money.

Wake up Australia! We are going down the drain quicker than we think.

This anthropogenic global warming scam will be shown, hopefully soon, to be greatest scam since the advocacy of the world being flat.

Too late. Virtually everyone has been sucked in to Wind as one of the "renewables". Then Solar as No. 2.

Last seen circling over a coal fired power station to gain thermal lift.

These bloody windmills make such a mess of the landscape. I wonder how that sits with the Green's environmental philosophies.

I would have to ask how that would happen Tman? I am no fan of solar energy replacing conventional coal fires or nuclear powered generation of base load electricity but having had some experience with solar energy I fail to see how a solar panel could cause that confligration on a home roof. If you have something that I don't know I would appreciated you telling me about it..

The lifestyle, extended life spans, and wealth of people in the west can be directly correlated to the industrial revolution and by default the access to cheap base load electricity. Even those unfortunates outside of the West benefit from Western technology and aid. The dismantling of this advantage by socialists and green troglodytes will go down as one of the 21st centuries greatest crimes against humanity.

this about solar steam Sometimes when I’m reading about renewable technologies, I just break out laughing at the madness that the war on carbon has wrought. Consider the Ivanpah solar tower electric power plant. It covers five square miles in Southern California with mirrors which are all focusing the sun on a central tower. The concentrated sunlight boils water that is used to run a steam turbine to generate electricity.
Sounds like at a minimum it would be ecologically neutral … but unfortunately, the Law of Unintended Consequences never sleeps, and the Ivanpah tower has turned out to be a death trap for birds, killing hundreds and hundreds every year...