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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


PPL still on?... well, only as a bargaining chip

“Is that you Joe?”

“Yeah mate what’s up?”

“What stupid bastard let the cat out of the bag about my PPL?”

“Well, we did agree that it’s about as popular as a pork pie at a passover didn’t we, I mean ...”

“Bloody hell mate, how in Jesus name are we gunna do a deal with those brain dead Senators if we tell ‘em we’ve already dumped the damned thing?”

“Shit! Hadn’t thought of that, Tone.”

“Never mind Joe, it’s probably best to tell the truth.”

“Christ almighty mate, why is that?”

“Because they’re convinced we always lie through our teeth."

"Clever, mate."


































Sorry mate you are on the right track with your ramblings but you should try and learn to get your written message down to a few paragraphs not a war & peace diatribe.

Oh! This could be a very clever tactic by the coalition, Tony and Joe will say things are so bad that the PPL will be delayed until the economy is in better shape, in the interim to help to achieve this all Commonwealth Public Servants, like the rest of us working taxpayer, will now lose the PPL entitlement which they have been privileged to over many years. Won't that set the cat among the pigeons, or should I say the fat-cats screeching.

I'm in

sad isn't it dweezy. The ruling class. Amongst other things, I'm waiting for Tony to STOP THE WASTE like he said he would. Remember, before the Election? Waiting.....waiting....waiting.... LAST CHANCE will close on Friday.

I love that comment , but it was always my thoughts it would be Coolum clives mob that would send that thought bubble on the back of a beer coaster to the sin bin

What is right wing Abbott doing about our national moslem threat ?

Agree - simple- winner!

I think the Govenment should sack its PR people. The opposition do a much better job of getting their message out. Oh, that's right, it's all made easier by having the looney Left running the media. Sheet!!

Same same . agreed

Off Topic, i know,but is it possible to paste a pic on here?

This is why I support Abbott - he's as conservative as you'll get these days.All the alternatives are dreadful.Islam in this country needs to be curtailed or we'll follow the European and UK experience.The sheer volume of Muslims in these countries makes them a political force - and they aren't shy about using that force.Logically,as the old conservative establishment continued to let the people down we saw the rise of UKIP and Jean-Marie Le Pen in France.The rise of a very hard right in Greece.All born from the very same frustration you share when it comes to traditional conservative parties.I hope it doesn't get to that stage here.

I knew we agreed.Your main point was valid.Because of the political shift conservative parties are now centre-left - see David Cameron.Abbott would be considered centre in my view - he isn't that controversial.However the left have,with a degree of success,painted him as a right-wing nut job.That's why Turnbull's centre-left politics are so appealing to the Abbott haters.

Well this is the thing Arcy,the entirety of the political spectrum has been shifted to the left.What was left is now far-left;what was centre is now left;conservative parties have let themselves move with that shift to chase votes and stay contemporary with the multitude of moronic social "realities" foisted on us by the "progressive" media and educational institutions.As a consequence of this those of us whom have stayed loyal to the conservative ideal and have thereby remained in the same position have been jettisoned off into the nether-reaches of right wing fascism for simply being a global warming skeptic,failing to cheer gay marriage or merely questioning Islam or immigration.Labor has gone so far left in this seismic political drift that they are indistinguishable from the Greens.

That's a simplification I think.Unlike Shorten Costello didn't actually unseat anyone let alone two sitting prime ministers.Costello could have been a transgender cheerleader with skirt and pom poms for all I care.He got this country into the black with surplus after surplus.Again compare and contrast with Labor How many times did that fish-faced fiscal illiterate Swan promise a surplus while sending the country down the shitter? Abbott had three major promises.1) Stop the boats.Tick.2)Get rid of the carbon tax.Tick.3)Fix the economy - well that's a work in progress,and the senate is mostly to blame for that.

When the PPL was first announced, we all felt it was an extra nanny state impost. But lately the PPL is making a lot of sense. Big business will carry the cost and so of course they will secretly lobby against it because they have to bear the extra 2% "tax" to carry the PPL for small business. But aren't the lefties bleating that the big companies like banks and mining companies should pay more tax? Most high paid women already work for big business which already have PPL, so the matter is already partially covered anyway. High earning women constitute about 2% of women anyway.
Labor and the Greens are showing how anti-women's rights they really are. They are simply objecting for pure political purposes. Shorten should henceforth be known as Mr. No, or Mr Negative or Mr Destructive.

"...has all the characteristics of a Labor politician" Really? I give you Turnbull but Abbott and Costello? (lol Abbott and Costello). Abbott and Costello/Howard promised they'd get tough and dismantle people smuggling operations and both did just that - to name but one.Rudd/Gillard PROMISED the same thing and delivered the exact opposite.Ditto the carbon tax.I suspect you are indulging in hyper-bowl.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics makes for some interesting reading:"Meanwhile, the number of adherents to non-Christian religions has grown significantly, from just 69,000 in 1961 (half a percent of the population) to 1,546,000 in 2011 (7%)."

"The composition of the non-Christian religions has changed significantly over the years. In 1961 by far the largest non-Christian religion was Judaism. While in 1961 Jews outnumbered all other non-Christian groups combined by more than six to one, by 2011 Judaism ranked a distant fourth behind Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism, but ahead of Sikhism." No wonder the Jews hang on to Israel with everything they've got.They are dwindling and being driven out everywhere else.We used to have more Jews than Muslims! I preferred it that way.

d2176 this is what some of us have been saying since Sep07. Really, really simple.

I think the PPL is a great idea. I am well past child-bearing age so no advantage to me. This is about equality. Why should some mothers (public servants, some private employees) receive maternity leave payments on full wage rate while the lower-paid mothers only receive dole equivalent payment? The cost of this scheme is paid for by big business so no cost to taxpayer. These businesses are already paying for their high-income employees so the extra cost to them is only for low-paid employees. Mothers who receive 6 months paid parental leave don't put their babies in childcare thus saving childcare rebate costs for the government. Without the financial consideration think of the benefits to young babies having their own mother to nurture them in the critical first 6 months of their lives.