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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at

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Freshly elected Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk is already falling apart. It was inevitable. 

When you claw to power telling porkie pies, with no plan, you're always going to come unstuck. The fall from grace with voters is in its early stages as it dawns on Queenslanders that they were conned.

Anna P delivered a pre-election iron clad promise she wouldn't sell any State assets if Queenslanders entrusted her with the stewardship of the State. The previous Newman LNP government was never going to sell State assets either, they promised "leases" but that didn't stop Anna repeating the deliberately contrived fib that, "A vote for the LNP was a vote for State asset sales". 

The unedited slogan she repeated ad nauseum right up until election day;

"Labor will not sell your assets".

But it's no surprise that someone who doesn't know the GST rate can't tell the difference between "lease" and "sale". The same con job is on in NSW with the unions running repetitive ads that the NSW Baird government, if re-elected, will "sell" assets. Baird says "lease" too. Oh well, blatant porkies worked in Queensland so why not try it on everywhere else? No doubt if it works in NSW, too, Shorten could run wif it.

Realising belatedly that there ain't no magic pudding in State treasury, Premier Palaszczuk is now embarking on, goodness me, a SALE of assets. Surprised, anyone?

Squirming today, she told reporters she didn't mean ALL assets and that these sales are "just normal business transactions" (cough, cough). 

"Non-core" promises would have been a more credible wriggle. 

In the meantime, Queensland's Independent Remuneration Tribunal has just given all Qld pollies a 2.58% pay rise. 

Anna P's deputy, Jackie Trad, tried to link today's pay rise to Campbell Newman in a hopelessly contrived and dishonest way, saying today, "We want to make sure that the gross and overbloated politicians' wage increases of the past, the 30 per cent you saw under Campbell Newman, will not happen again," she said.

That's almost as uninformed as confusing "lease" with "sale" and not knowing the GST rate. 

Fact 1. Newman had no say over pollies' pay rises. He set up the Independent Remuneration Tribunal to make those recommendations.

Fact 2. The last pay rise by the independent tribunal gave Campbell Newman (then Premier) a 21.67 per cent rise of $67,525.

Annastacia P, then Opposition Leader, copped a whopping $79,464, or 34.4 per cent hike.

In line with her Premier, deputy Jackie seems to struggle with numbers - and facts - and with who makes these decisions.

Good luck with these two running the shop, fellow cane toads and banana benders, you're going to need all the luck in the world. 

On the bright side the pork pie industry looks like booming in Qld for the next few years.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




I don't think anyone was more surprised when she won the election than "The Palletstack". It appears obvious by this policy on the run spewing out of her office and the incessant reliance on lies. Not that that, is something new for a Socialist.

Another failure of a many of them giving wrong information, they are not smart in my eyes.

The new Premier was briefed by the BOM on Jan 5 about the Monsoon fronts off the coast of Brisbane and we were flooded by the Wivenhoe dam release within a week. The massive release was in the night and we were NOT warned of a tsunami flood wave headed out way. The new Premier did not consult with us then when we were in danger of drowning, what makes you think she has changed ?

Paul. Where are you. No cartoons or comments for a while now.

I can't believe that queenslanders were so stupid Campbell was getting them out of the shit but the voters wanted to get back into it how stupid is that.

Polish peasant women all have thick ankles.

Miss Piggy ... dropping the need to show identity when voting ...

Oh yes ! ....

Labor is returning back to it's old ways .... election fraud !

Be wary of women in politics, they hold much power and are unable to take criticism. Why else would she have bought this site to its knees these last few days?

Wow AS have you got a lot to learn from the real world.

Off Topic - Larry, is it because some dipstick from Labor / Getup / Greens / Islamic Extortionist Certifiers is playing silly buggers with your website, that we can't submit comments from iPad/iPhone or are you just trying to shut some people off from that facility? Maybe Apple is spying on it's users?

Anatasia Pluckaduck TODAY reversed the Can-do Campbell rule of Voter ID
Finally we had something to combat and clean up rigged voting .
So...imagine that, Labor is against the idea of stopping voting corruption.

What the bloody hell does that tell you, this is outrageously obvious vote rigging.

the rich crooks are more likely to by Labor and union leaders.

OFF TOPIC but important for everyone to understand the hatred towards the LNP from Fairfax, Sydney Morning Hamas the Age and others.

THE chief executive of Fairfax Media Greg Hywood warned treasurer Joe Hockey that he should be “thankful” he was getting a printed apology for a false article because he could end up being “another Craig Thomson,” if he took the matter to court.

On the first day of the defamation trial between Treasurer Joe Hockey and Fairfax Media, the court heard that an article that ran a headline “Treasurer for Sale” was motivated out of “petty spite” after a dispute between Mr Hockey and the editors of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Darren Goodsir and Andrew Holden.

On May 5 last year, the Herald and The Age ran the story under the headline “Treasurer for Sale” on their front pages, claiming the North Sydney Forum charged annual membership fees of up to $22,000 for perks including “VIP” meetings with Mr Hockey.

Mr Hockey claims the articles falsely implied he accepted bribes to influence his decisions, corruptly sold privileged access to businessmen and lobbyists, and knowingly permitted a Liberal fundraising forum with which he was associated to accept money from the “corrupt Obeid family”.

The Herald and Age were forced to apologise to Mr Hockey after an earlier report that incorrectly claimed the Treasurer personally had to pay back money to Australian Water Holdings. AWH was being examined by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption and was connected to corrupt former NSW Labor MP Eddie Obeid’s family. NSW Liberal figures, including senator Arthur Sinodinos, were also connected to the company.

Mr Hockey’s barrister Bruce McClintock SC told the court when Mr Hockey contacted Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood after the first story Mr Hywood told him to be “thankful”.

“Be thankful you are getting what you are ... Be careful if an issue like this gets to court you are not another Craig Thomson.”

In 2011, Mr Thomson, the then federal Labor MP, dropped a defamation case against Fairfax over articles that claimed he had misused his union credit card, including paying for prostitutes. The allegations were later found to be accurate.

Mr McClintock went through emails between Mr Goodsir, Mr Holden and political correspondent Mark Kenny.

The court heard that Mr Kenny was told to rewrite an analysis piece to go with the story because Mr McClintock claims it did “not put the boot in” hard enough to Mr Hockey.

Mr McClintock also told the court the “Treasurer for Sale” story was all but finished by the end of March but was released a week before the federal budget to do “maximum damage” to Mr Hockey.

Mr McClintock said the the North Sydney Forum was ostensibly a small business forum and was not unlike any political party event where members paid money to attend events with politicians.

Documents reveal that Mr Hockey’s office was furious about the March story written by Fairfax political correspondent Mark Kenny, with Mr Hockey’s press secretary calling Goodsir’s home at 2am the day it was published demanding an apology.

According to Goodsir’s affidavit, Mr Hockey personally contacted Fairfax chief executive Greg Hywood about the story. He in turn contacted Goodsir.

“I have had a call personally from Joe Hockey about an article in today’s paper. He was insistent there be a correction, an apology. He was very upset,” Mr Hywood told Goodsir.

“Greg, the matter is in hand,” Goodsir replied.

“Thanks Darren, I’ll leave it to you,” Mr Hywood said.

After being forced into running an apology, Goodsir urged Holden not to run a follow-up story immediately but rather “have a red-hot go at this issue next week, and really go for it”.

On March 21, Goodsir told NSW political reporter Sean Nicholls to “drop all other work and be full-time on digging into NSF”, describing it as a “slush fund”.

After being updated by Nicholls of his progress on the story several days later, Goodsir wrote in an email to Holden and senior Fairfax reporters: “Given what Andrew and I endured last week with Hockey, I want to have this nailed to the cross in more ways than one ... I have long dreamed (well, actually only since last Friday), of a headline that screams: Sloppy Joe! I think we are not far off, but perhaps even more serious than that.”

Holden also discussed a news story in text messages the day after the initial controversial story ran. “In that story you can run Hockey’s claim he knew nothing though as members of the forum entitled to meet him he must have seen membership list. Beyond that f..k him,” Holden texted Goodsir.

Holden also complained about the government “freezing us out”.

“Amazing they freeze us out and then think they have a relationship that allows them to call in the middle of the night.”

The case continues.

just like you hadenuff, living in your own little box safe and secure from any truths that may upset your version of reality.

Hey Larry , can you fix the website ?

another reason that NEWMAN lost the election was pure fkn ARROGANCE, I called a mate from up rocky last night and his NEWMANS name came up , he was working on a site in Gladstone on that port development and as he was erecting safety banners when the LITTLE man arrived he spoke to him on the safety issue and newman ignored him completely ,turn his back and walked away ,IMO, newman did not WANT to win because he had a better paying job lined up with the C S G miners , where I think he is now.

You know you are in Queensland........the Bikers are back on the road. Murderers, Rapists, Child Abusers, Drug Dealers etc will now NOT go to jail, but live at their mansions bought with the proceeds of crime, complete with a free Meals on Wheels service provided. Every bright idea and cutting edge technology started by the LNP will be scrapped. Mzzz Piggy has spoken, sorry I mean grunted! NEW ELECTION NEEDED!!!!!

both the vindictive Allan Jones and Clive Palmer did there bit for electing this lack lustre Union stooge and should be made accountable for their actions.

About 80% of voters are either LNP or labor voters and will never change . I'm OK with that , you need a mix of smart and dumb people to make up the world . But it's the 20% (or less) of "swing" voters that always decide every election . They are the one's I can't understand ! There should be a study into how the think and what they want . This is where TA and the LNP have to aim their improved policies at if they want to win the next election .

As a born and bred proud Queenslander, it was painful to hear the constant lies Palletshed filled the airwaves with during the election run-up. What was more painful was that we Queenslanders were too stupid to see through her lies and distortions, and believed that Labor was better for Queensland. What short memories we have. The next 3 years will see this State go backwards at a rapid rate until we once again have an overflowing incompetent Public Service and a mountain of debt that we will be unable to service, all the while having to listen to a bunch on incompetent Politicians telling us how lucky we are. Voters sure are easily swayed.