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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Polling can be misleading

The Post's poll asking, "Could you pull the trigger that kills two Australians?" is interesting in that it originally showed Yes 64%, No 18% with "I agree to others doing it" at 18%.

After almost a week there has been a significant shift to Yes 42%, No 42% and "I agree to others doing it" at 16%.

You can only vote once, so the number of people who voted late have swamped the original figures and indicates the publicity surrounding the fate of the Bali two has seen a softening of many hardliners in relation to capital punishment.

It's funny but a poll can be distorted by how a question is framed. So I'll put up another poll with the question "Should the Bali two pay the ultimate penalty for dealing in narcotics?".... without the third option, let's see what happens.    



I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits

Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?


The only mistake the Indonesian government has done is that it did not execute them ten years ago.

Larry, so what is your "considered opinion" about the two polls, I would have thought both were the same?????

There's no excuse for such barbaric treatment in today's society!

Make the question about "two Australian pollsters".

Maybe if our INjustice system became a justice system and prisoners were not living in airconditioned comfort, TV's, swimming pools, special diets and all the medications that they need, and getting paid amenities for being there etc - at the tax payer expense I might have some sympathy. They live in 'luxury' while honest people struggle to pay their own bills and keep a roof over their heads. No just SHOOT them

Yes.But why limit it to the 2 Australians. All of them are scum regardless of their nationality. Look what drugs are doing globally.

There seems to be a lot of focus and sympathy being expressed for the "poor" end user sufferers... Well from my perspective, as a non user, I can say that I feel no sympathy and I believe the blame for the illegal drug industry even being in existence lays squarely on their shoulders. Stop the weak, feeble minded chemically dependent losers from using and the importers have no business...

The pre election Victorian and Queensland telephone polls seemed to be pretty well on the money.

I still believe your first question in the original poll could have been worded better... Instead of "could you pull the trigger" a subtle but more telling question would be "would you pull the trigger"... I will never agree to capital punishment, far too many proven mistakes in the US has seen innocent people sent to the gallows.

Shoot them.

Don't see many tears and sorrow for all the victims of the drug industry, albeit that many commenced use willingly. The problem of addiction contributes much to our crime rate and the heartache experienced by an addict's family, compounds the sadness by a factor of ten. I feel for these two's family members but for them....they richly deserve their fate and I could assist in that regard having a niece as a victim.

They were happy for death and destruction to befall the users, their family and friends - so, being caught out, they deserve no leniency.
The ONLY reason one of them is now a "talented artist" and both are said to be decent people is because someone made the decision about their lives to be along the straight and narrow. Decisions they were unwilling to make themselves.

HORSE ASSessment…..I suspect that Horse probably likens himself to the “Trojan Horse”,...identifying with a malicious Trojan virus. This nom de plume could explain reasons behind current attack onto the PP including the theft of the identities commencing with “alpinist” and “mav-t” and continuing with IE and probably a host of others as well as frequent breakdowns experienced by users. That vermin also hacked into Larry’s e-mail borrowing name of one of the correspondents, hence the “Regards Milo” sign-offs in numerous posts. That was directed at Larry letting him know that nothing is safe and the PP as well as Larry’s site are being accessed at will. The question now is why all that happened at a particular time. In the past numerous leftwing contributors accessed the PP site, however they had at least the decency to air their opinions under own name and avatars. The attack roughly coincides with publication of the Halal Scam story and it strongly suggests that current hacker’s sole aim is to bring down the PP site. Therefore the only conclusion to be made is that it is one or more Muslim attackers who practice an electronic form of jihad. My hope is that that particular alien life form is indeed vegetating at ABC and thus can be dealt with sooner than later as this is clearly a criminal activity under Australian law. However, there is also the likelihood that this criminal act was initiated from outside Australia using the Face Book as access tool. UAE University has a quite potent IT department and their students are spreading their peaceful opinions all over the web.

Drugs - if NO demand, NO supply. If there were NO illegal drug dealers, users would get their fix from legal drugs (obtained legally or illegally) or start sniffing or shooting up anything that gave them a high. Personal choices; personal responsibility.

The point is, each country has it's own laws and Australia must respect the laws of other country, we may not agree. We enter those countries and abide by their laws. We are aware that Indonesia has the death penalty for drug smugglers.

They say they have reformed - I wonder if they would have reformed if they hadn't been caught???


Last poll yes, this one no. Lock them away for life. They've been mucked about with for 10 years, I have no sympathy with them other than what the last 10 years has been like for them, that's just inhuman, and from a government. They should have executed them day 1.

Nobody laid a "finger" The copper was shot on Bentleys orders by the other one

Given that no-one agrees with me that the families should shoulder much of the fate of these two reprobates, I have another suggestion. If the Families were to offer to pay the costs of imprisoning their "boys" would they mind the "boys' being behind bars for their natural lives? The Indonesians might go for that. But let's be clear here NO taxpayer funding.