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Monday, 18th February 2019

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Party Time for Climateers

The climate warriors are holding yet another Global Warming Jamboree in Bonn. We can expect an orchestrated flood of frightening forecasts to support their alarmist agenda.

Naturally they will not use carbon energy to get there.

For 23 years they have maintained these shindigs with no effect on the climate but causing great harm to many ordinary people - soaring costs for unreliable subsidised green electricity, loss of manufacturing and mining jobs, and increased food costs caused by high power prices and using food for ethanol/biodiesel.

Climate alarm is just a cover story. The glittering goal they seek is world government directed by unelected officials and funded by a global carbon tax.

What has kept these unproductive conferences alive for so long?

The money is great, the parties are fun, and the prize is power.

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Intensive farm operators in Victoria are being offered incentives by power companies to go off grid at times of peak load this summer. Producers are not impressed - their back up generators are for emergency use only and if they fail large scale stock deaths will happen.

Plans for two large-scale batteries to help secure Victoria’s power supplies this summer are in disarray.

Victorian consumers could foot the bill for a summer energy plan using diesel generators as a stopgap.

Who doesn't know that in Australia less than 5% of electricity comes from wind and solar? And globally less than 1%?

Who can't understand 2,500 wind turbines or some more in Oz cannot produce, even if they could generate at the same time, as much as Bayswater Power Station, Hunter Valley, NSW can produce 24/7?

Diesel-gas generators the Weatherill government is buying to prevent blackouts have been connected to SA’s wind-reliant grid.

Unusually warm in Nth East Siberia. You might think the locals welcome a temp of only -20 but it's making life difficult because the rivers aren't hard frozen. Too much ice for boats, too soft for cars, they've been using fan powered skimmers. The rivers are used as roads in the region and it's easier to move in the cold than in the warm.

The first signs of an early good wet season for northern Australia over the weekend have fuelled optimism in drought-parched western Queensland that its long dry spell may be coming finally to an end. OH WE REALLY SHOULD FEEL FOR THAT POOR LYING BASTARD TIM FLANNERY AT TIMES LIKE THIS.

The money' s great - in the mining industry.

No mention of that ever in any of Viv's articles.

No mention of mining's vested interest in promoting the lie that CO2 is doing no damage.

When someone harps on about money being made by climate scientists, chances are they're trying to deflect attention away from their own sins.

Is this whole climate lie fostered by the renewable energy industry? For it certainly appears it isn’t predicated on facts or commonsense.

I suspect that it also helped sell lots of solar panels, batteries and generators

Planet warming have been recorded in other planets ... Aliens and their inter planetary SUV's, perhaps?

...yes Viv...Global Warming being humans fault is the biggest con of all time...its all about "Cultural Marxism"...disguised Communism to bring about totalitarianism on the Western World that the Socialists hate...distribution of wealth on a Grand Scale...the Earth climate changes all the time...we go through Warm periods and Cold periods...we all depend on our Sun that controls everything...look at the filth that perpetuate this hoax...all getting rich...thats all you need to know about the Global Warming credibility when you look at the flea ridden ring though their noses Greenies...Marxists are getting rich and the narrative pushed by the Socialist/ Australia we are rushing to destroy our industrial base all in the name of Global Warming and Renewable Energy policies...

Check this out in the latest Science Daily, Viv: "Although China and India remain the world's largest consumers of coal, a new University of Maryland-led study found that China's sulfur dioxide emissions fell by 75 percent since 2007, while India's emissions increased by 50 percent. The results suggest that India is becoming, if it is not already, the world's top sulfur dioxide emitter.

"The rapid decrease of sulfur dioxide emissions in China far exceeds expectations and projections," said Can Li, an associate research scientist in UMD's Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center and first author on the study. "This suggests that China is implementing sulfur dioxide controls beyond what climate modelers have taken into account."

I read somewhere that with the influx or growing influence of the "communist" element in the Greens, some are now being called "watermelon". Green on the outside but red on the inside. Something akin to "Lamington". Changing colour to suit themselves.

Dinosaurs would have survived an asteroid impact 66 million years ago if it had hit 'almost anywhere else' than Mexico and produced a less deadly cloud of soot.

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Renewables? Coal very naughty as not renewable. How is Lithium renewable for the batteries needed for the world's population to power their everyday needs from phones, PCs to powering houses and all their vehicles???

Global cooling is coming look it up on you tube ,no joke