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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Parasitic Power Producers

The green energy twins, wind and solar, are parasitic power producers. They cannot produce continuous predictable electricity without sucking backup from their hosts - real power plants using coal, gas, nuclear, hydro or geothermal energy.

They start their freeloading life by attaching themselves to an electricity network built and paid for by their hosts. They seldom contribute to the capital or maintenance cost of the transmission network, and they force consumers to subsidise the feed-in price received for their unreliable output.

From day one, the green energy parasites force their hosts to support them with electricity during the frequent periods when they produce no power. At times, in cold still weather, wind farms drain power from the network to keep the turbines from freezing.

All green energy plants in a region tend to produce either peak power or zero power at the same times. This surging creates serious network instability and forces fluctuating output in backup facilities.

Because of this continuous need for backup, not one unit of real power can be closed. This causes periodic overcapacity in the network. All plants generate lower revenue and profits and both producers and consumers bear the cost of supporting the parasites.

Problems already loom in Europe where coal, gas and nuclear plants face closure because their revenue stream is weakened by overcapacity and interrupted by solar/wind surges.

Green energy has a low capacity factor, intermittent operation, more access and transmission costs and creates operational inefficiencies in back-up plants. It is a destructive and stunningly expensive way to achieve a miniscule overall reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, even if that were a sensible aim. It is a system designed by delirious politicians not prudent power engineers, and its main achievement is to harvest subsidies not energy.

If all green energy welfare was removed, the parasite power producers would die. And unless it is removed, the hosts and the customers will be continuously weakened.



What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Spot On VIV *

There's enough hot air coming from the greens mouths to send ballons around the world several times over

Milne on GayBC 24 blathering on about unleashing renewable power. To that I can only say "save gas fart in a jar"

Part of Spain's economic woes came about as a result of overinvesting in solar energy

Thank you for the articles you write, Viv. There is no commonsense from any of our so-called leaders in Australia - not even enough nous to look at what has happened in other countries. I do know that great anger is surging through the older members of our community and I so wish we could do something positive to stop this madness.

Agree Mate!

None of the short term power mechanisms make sense without storage. Our research should be basd on storage. Unfortunately all anyone is trying to do is buy a solution from China in a box. There is no real research going on.

None of the short term power mechanisms make sense without storage. Our research should be basd on storage. Unfortunately all anyone is trying to do is buy a solution from China in a box. There is no real research going on.

Best written summary I've seen...

Thank goodness we can read Vivs sensible take on all this crock of do do about wind farms. Opposition to Labors stupid climate change and renewable energy tirade was heavily censured. Bit like the referendum that now is not on, there was no money allotted nor any case considered for a NO vote.

The green energy welfare wagon..............
I hate fucking wind farms they shit me beyond belief they are so inefficient its scary.
Yet the fuckwit greens think that they are marvellous...what a crock 'o shit!!!

The Greens and what are laughingly declared as their policies are fast becoming irrelevant. Problem is they've done so much damage and brainwashed so many chldren. We will live with their idiocies for years, and pay the price in many ways.

Nice analysis Viv, showing that the term "parasite" is well applied. Like all parasites they weaken the host. Obviously the term is equally applicable to "green" politicians and many of their hangers-on.

Green energy sounds just like its creators, in other words a shit tree usually bears shit fruit.

Despite the fact that I have solar panels on my roof and am one of the contributors to the parasitic effect (knowingly), I accept and endorse Viv's article above. I know how electricity works, how it is generated, distributed and how the grids are maintained. I also knew with eyes wide open that if I didn't jump on to this Green windfall, I'd be paying through the hip pocket for my future electricity. As it is now, I just pay through my fob pocket. Loopy labor were (and still are) tricked by the stupid Greens, and while that tricking is going on (Labor -- like deer's eyes in the headlights) I'll keep taking advantage of the recurring stupidity. Its amazing how engineers (and sound advice) have become irrelevant to the Green argument ......