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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



There appears to be some confusion over the settlement between Q Society, Kirralie Smith and Mohamed el-Mouelhy who has been operating in league with the Sydney Morning Herald. The SMH used a false email address to book tickets and gain entry to the private fund raising function at which Ross Cameron and I spoke.  

The SMH was determined to exaggerate, misquote,and conflate what was said to a private audience. 

It was Mouelhy who brought the action not KirralieSmith or the Q Society. Therefore if the action was to be discontinued it was at the sole discretion of Mouelhy. If he wished to continue with the action there was nothing the defenders could do to stop him. 

 It’s difficult to suggest that Kirralie/Q Society had capitulated when they were never in a position to do so.

Okay, my report may have been coloured in favour of the defenders, I accept that, but only because I knew of the close association between the SMH and Mouelhy. Therefore an unbalanced Fairfax report was certain to be falsely in favour of Mouelhy. I took the opportunity to pre-balance a predictable Fairfax report.

I also understand that no order was made in relation to costs and that it was mutually agreed that each party pay their own costs.

El-Mouelhy withdrew because he was certain to be in a pile of Arab shit if he didn’t, only he could withdraw! The other party was relieved because they couldn’t withdraw and they couldn't rely on halal certification receipts to pay a legal team the million or so bucks it was about to cost each party.

El Mouelhy says he is the CEO of the Halal Certification Authority. That’s an Authority of ONE.... namely the lonely super grub, el-Mouelhy!



What are They Plotting in Poland



Problem is, johnno7, Saddler and his self-loathing socialist ilk, are a symptom of our green left infested education system - from Prep through to Tertiary level - the Marxists are in charge of the institution. When our children and grandchildren are no longer taught history, but are instead indoctrinated into the SSM, LGBTIQWERTY, non binary gender, sexual role playing social engineering game of the green left, we have a massive problem unfolding that will inevitably impact our society for decades to come. To these would-be totalitarian cretins, traditions, Judeo-Christian values, laws and democracy, are to be trashed at every opportunity as they welcome the 'new' Marxism that, under them, will this time be 'done' properly and usher in their Utopian dream world.

Wen, it makes me so sad...we are pensioners too but luckily ,can manage.If you own your home outright, and have a car which is in reasonabe condition and paid for, you can scrape by.I feel so sorry for single pensioners having to is disgusting on the part of the government.

Racism is caused by bad multiculturalism . How come foreign darkies who come here are such experts on racism in our country ,we afforded them a new life in our world and this is how they repay our kindness and generosity . Some darkie sheila on the TV the other night was complaining that she felt out of place in our white society because she is a darkie and she is accusing us of racism because she can't fit in .

The trick would be for the Q Society to upset this bloke by requesting a public examination of his ledgers in the Courts where the publicly funded government prosecutors will tear this person to shreds until they get what they think is an honest answer going on how they treat us .

Bloody hell, it's not even close to ANZAC day, and the wackos are coming out of the woodwork. Idiots claim to be 'shocked' to see a sword on a monument that's older than most of them. I suppose, being Catholics in name, they'd prefer to see a tortured body on it instead... Nice to see the archdiocese disowning them.

Kirralie it appears would not have needed to hire a lawyer if she had not identified herself by the all CAPITAL letter name found on her driving licence.
[ Re your all capital letter corporate name [strawman]
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert: ADillon replied 5 years ago.
I will double-check those rules.
What is the nature of the dispute?
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Expert: ADillon replied 5 years ago.
I have double-checked the California rules on this.
California would prohibit such an action without an attorney. One case stated, "A corporation may not appear in propria persona. While a natural person who is not an attorney may appear in propria persona, a corporation is not a natural person and "can neither practice law nor appear or act in person."
In court, a corporation can act only through licensed attorneys. "A corporation cannot appear in court by an officer who is not an attorney."" (This case is Indyway Inv. v. Cooper (2007), which I think you can find with Google and setting up a free account.)
So, they would each need an attorney.]

SMH not fit even for substitute shit paper anymore!

How good is this??!!! This pos went to water when the heat was put on him. I hope the authorities take note and go after the bit of excrement with vigour. Thanks Kirralie, well done. What happens with the funds raised now? Do we have a huge pi$$ up? Joking of course. There will be another fight to fight with this scum called islam, and no doubt it will be put to good use.

Govt does what the wests controllers(globalists/,Zionists) tell them.

i don't believe for one minute that he donates to charities. Being a muslim the money will go to funding mosques or else back to various islamic groups overseas.

Unless he is a muslim, Wen, he will be kicked to the kerb. Fucking disgraceful.

I have just perused the Bolt lad's comment column, and it has left me wishing we had a Government in this Country. By God we need one!

The Q-Society is up for half a million in court costs. If the case continued, the cost would have been astronomical with no end in sight. It could have dragged on for many years, and in case of a win ElMo would have declared himself penniless and scrambled. In that case, Q would have been stuck with paying his costs as well. Those who scream the loudest now are those who made $10 and $15 dollar contributions, or nothing at all. There was just not enough in the till to continue the fight. Sometimes its better to lose a battle than lose the war.

Turdball is too weak. We will have to wait until Shortarse is in power. Then Dystari can implement his recommendations.

Kick Islam out of Australia it just does not belong here full stop.

The only winners would be lawyers. El Mouelhy probably got orders from the Saudi Halal Franchise administrator not to rock the boat as there was too much at stake with other certifiers in Australia and around the world. Hansen needs to push for the Feds to do a forensic audit on all certifiers as a follow up to the Senate findings and get some action going.

A muslim will not offer an infidel an olive branch unless there is something in it for them. In this case he was going to lose heaps big time. DT spot on. I can confirm it is a crap hole.

A good lawyer will cost you a bundle. Our Son is always fighting for payments in his business. Does have to engage a Commercial Lawyer on occasions. This is due to the fact that Main Contractors are so competitive against one another for projects that they rely on screwing the Subbies on their last payment to make up their profit. Have to be very sharp on your paperwork. I am so pleased for Kirralie, she has stood by her values. Goodness prevailed in the end with the help of good people. These muslim grubs are following their usual path, aided and abetted by our laws. This drop kick won't admit he is wrong. Got to save face. I cannot understand why the Gov just does not follow the money trail on this scam.

Being sued is extremely distressing. It affects your health and sanity. When you win, as in my case, you then have to fight to have your legal costs paid. Again, your health and sanity are put through the wringer. If you do ever finally get financially recompensed it is a pittance of what you have paid. Kirralie and Co are victims of bullshit laws and the legal trade and I know this having had first hand experience.

My guess is that QS and the Smith woman ran out of cash. We all know how parasitic, grubby and greedy solicitors are, well, 95% are and I'm erring on the side of caution here, but I'll lay odds I'm right. As an example, how many of you contributed to her costs? If each and every single one of you here on PP didn't donate at least $150.00 to QS to defend this action (many could afford twice, three and more times that amount) you are lousey, un-Australian, arseholes no better than the slimy, Islamic amoeba pictured above. And while I'm on the subject of lousey arseholes, take a look at those PP's below and count the blue ribbons. You select mob are full of things to say, much of it copied and of dubious quality, but too lousey to contribute lousey fucking $25 to PP...(And yes, I did.)