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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Obama's Leftist leftovers leak all over Trump

Many of them he cannot sack because he has no Administration yet... the Senate won’t ratify his appointments. The Hillary lovers still on his staff are determined to kill him, and the failing New York Times (a macro version of Australia’s failed SMH) published material it knew was likely to destroy the Brits’ MI5 ability to break the network behind the Manchester bomber. 

                     Obama staffers show how they feel about Trump moving in

Sure the classified UK information, including photographs, was leaked by someone within the National Security Agency, the CIA or even from within the White House itself. But the New York Times had to know it would be tantamount to treason to publish such sensitive classified material. 

But the NYT’s hatred of Trump is so intense that it published it anyway.

                         Soros discusses tactics with a duplicitous McCain

Billionaire, George Soros has maintained his tentacles in the expired Obama Administration that still remains and has many anti-Trump staffers still on his payroll behind every curtain in the West Wing. 

A new FBI Director, and newly appointed special counsel Robert Mueller, will have to be blind not to see behind Hillary, her foundation, Obama and Soros in their hardly covert attempts to sully Trump all the way to impeachment.

The names in the treasonous net should, but likely won’t, rattle Washington. 


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Trump is being Abbotted!!! So is Pauline Hansen at the moment. Will they lock her up because she has a plane?

the Schapelle Corby industry is up and running with the media following and guessing her every move. Looks like they have been wrong footed ? with the Courier Mail reporting that a inconspicuous ute left Brisbane airport while they were chasing large black vans..!!! Stay tuned for the next exciting episode... Or better still wait for her family to write there version of her events for her... so they can finally cash in...

Another Trump Lieutenant quits
Michael Dubke Communications Director resigns
Rumors of a bigger shakeup of the chaotic Trump Cabinet, further instability
And the last joke this morning Trump admits he does not understand the Senate rules for deciding Trump Care attempt 2. Likely to also crash and burn
Happy little Snowflake

So what happens after all these Soros Satan inspired anarchists and bought politicians have completely destroyed the joint? Civil war? Survival of the fittest? Tribalism and gangsterism until the death of humankind? The liberals are ensuring their own demise.

Breaking news. In preparation for the annual end of Ramitin bash at Kirribilli House, Turd has replaced all toilet bowls with squat holes in the floor with an arrow on the floor indicating the direction of Mecca (Qu'n 44:13 He who bogs within 5 degrees of the direction of Mecca shall have both balls removed). Also there are hand scrapers to remove most of the shit after the mandatory hand wipe (Qu'n 46.34 He who uses dunny paper shall boil in hot shit in hell forever).

Well said Larry. The great majority of those in the media today, are prisoners of the Marxist/Left agenda and are incapable of thinking outside of the spiteful, dangerous, politically incorrect, lying Marxist/Left square.

OT Sam Stosur has joined the rainbow fascists. Compared to Margaret Court her tennis is shithouse. So are her values. Pedantic, ignorant bitch suggesting International,tennis players boycott Margaret Court Arena. How dumb. Has she played a set on Casey Delaqua's grass court. What's gay marriage got to do with tennis. Bitch. Kia should pull the sponsorship of the Australian Open.

It's quite obvious that what Mr P has outlined here is exactly what is going on! Same as in Canberra, Politicians come and go but the Public Servants and those behind the scenes remain, but their loyalties are never questioned? We wonder why Trump stays at Trump Tower. How is it that Obumma is permitted to build a bunker within striking distance of the White House and how come he was allowed at the much fancied shing sing in Europe ( I note Michael was not there). These things would never be tolerated by a Republican.

I believe Mueller is a bit suss.

Cloudfare is back

How can the LNP get any thing through the Public Service when it is run by Labor's Unions ,the same mob who delivered Kevin Rudds pink batt rollout and we all know how well that went .

Soros the dark lord .

...well we have the same problem here Lazza....we have an election and vote in the Liberals and what happens...we change the horses...but the fucking jockeys are still the same...i.e. the Civil Service Workers...and they are fully entrenched and hard line Labor/Green voters...look at the election result for Washington D.C....98% voted for "the Slag" and the Democrat Party...I bet Canberra would have a similar result....I say that well virtually all Civil Service workers especially in high and decision making levels, their contracts should terminate and these people can reapply for their previous positions if their political affiliations would not work to the detriment of the government...just look at the pathetic looking leftist slime above...fuck they look the same here in Australia....

How many Pickering Posters have tried to get a blog past the biased Left moderators over on the Daily Telegraph today? I have tried 3 times to get a blog past the moderators but they were all culled. The following is a very good article by Andrew Bolt, but many posters over there are rubbishing what he has said.

"The ASIO boss should quit or say sorry"
by Andrew Bolt, 29.5.2017

What's the latest on the US Carrier Fleet steaming toward N.Korea? Haven't seen any news about that for a while now. Have they got there yet?

Taking the old but very true axiom "Winners can be grinners" it is safe to imply that the top two photo's do not portray many winners...

Multiculturalism is as dangerous to the people as Cancer.

The Manchester bombing leak was a bonus for Trump as he can now investigate the left over staff and the leaking intelligence agencies on behalf of the British PM and people will be jailed.

McCain, McDickhead, McDevious, McTraitor, McFinished...

The integrity of Mueller is now the single biggest factor in the survival of Trump... and the western world as we know it. It doesn't matter what Trump or his family or political appointees have done, it is all down to the integrity and underlying pre-conceived prejudices of Mueller and the spin he puts on any information (or evidence) he gathers to determine what road we are on. The future success or failure of the western world's direction is now in the hands of one man...