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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



It was a defining 40 minutes, and gripping television, when the Israeli Prime Minister received a standing ovation addressing Congress early this morning (our time). Standing ovations are to be expected on these occasions, but no fewer than 20 of them?

Netanyahu came to bury Caesar and he showed the rift between both the Senate and Congress and Obama, who was hiding under a table back at the White House.

It was a brilliant landmark speech that won’t soon be forgotten.

It highlighted how Obama has deliberately set the Middle East on fire. “Deliberately” is a bit harsh you might say? Hmmm, well Obama’s statement that, “America will never be at war with Islam” brings into focus his disastrous foreign policy ambitions and his love affair with Islam itself.

His refusal to confront the ISIS on the ground has created a new vacuum Shia Iran could only have dreamt of. It is now sweeping west, supplanting useless Iraqi troops, combating the ISIS, cementing further its dangerous influence in the region and bringing it closer to the Israeli border with only Jordan as a buffer.

While Netanyahu was delivering his watershed speech to Congress, the US Administration was busily negotiating a deal in Switzerland with Teheran that would see it eventually increasing its 19,000 centrifuges to 190,000 and its uranium enrichment to nuclear grade.

Many Arab nations are dismayed at the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran and an isolated Israel will be forced to “go it alone” in destroying its nuclear capability.

Bloody hell, two more years of this lame duck President’s Executive Orders will see the Middle East, with its myriad terrorist organisations, heading West to join their mates.…/ooh-who-let-the-dogs-out-/4413


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




Has anybody thought of what happens if there is a nuke war in that region , there are no winners and grinners because there will be no one no more except radio active fallout seeing they will most probably throw the kitchen sink at each other and knowing that rocket guidance systems can be hacked we don't know where they may eventually land up elsewhere .

Netanyahu is desperate as there is nothing stopping the increasing power of Iran in the region as the US/Saudi Arabia ISIS, Syria and Yemen projects are collapsing like house of cards. Iran has progressed and grown leap and bounce during 50 years of sanctions. Iran has achieved outstanding status politically, socially, and scientifically. On the negotiating table, Iran addresses with the clout and strength.

Why should Iran accept illegal, bogus, politically motivated sanctions against it? It has an argument that has a universal appeal – The people that should be sanctioned are the occupiers illegally occupying Palestinian lands NOT Iran. It is a signatory and a full member of the NPT pact (Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons). If the NPT wants to move ahead, all sanctions against Iran must be lifted at once. Iran knows that US cannot continue hurt international economy by economic war that is ‘sanctions.’ Today, most of the countries around the globe praise Iran plank and appreciate as Iran resists longer and longer!

The latest round of the nuclear talks ended in Montreux, Switzerland, on Wednesday. The three-day negotiations were headed by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and US Secretary of State John Kerry. Representatives of Iran and the United States had also held three rounds of intense negotiations in the Swiss city of Geneva on February 22-23 to bridge their differences ahead of a July 1 deadline for Iran and the P5 1 group – Russia, China, France, Britain, the United States and Germany – to reach a comprehensive nuclear deal.

It seems that there is an agreement with Iran is on the cards as the Iranian top diplomat stated that a serious problem on the way of an agreement is the great deal of pressure exerted by scaremongers, who are trying to create impediments on the way of negotiators. And the scaremonger is none other than Israel. Referring to the latest round of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5 1 countries – the US, the UK, France, Germany, China and Russia – Zarif said the negotiating sides have made serious headway in this round of talks.

One thing "The Hate Squad" does well, is HATE! Whether PM Abbott, Campbell Newman and now PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The staggering attacks on him proves at least half the world's population are demented lunatics. And there are a fair few Demented Lunatics scribbling on this Blog. The one country who fights Terrorism on behalf of the rest of the world is Israel. At least we know if the Nutjobs in Iran try it on with Israel, the Israelis will turn Iran and any other Iran supporting country into a Wasteland.

The NRA should send for volunteers to end this madmans rule.

Regarding the instances recorded whereby numerous instances of allied forces dropping weapons to IS and not taking IS out despite the fact, apparently, that with their superior technology they could. The argument for why has been posited as so that the Allies can secure key bases in Iraq with Iraqui approval. As all are probably aware the allies were pretty much chucked out of Iraq on the last deployment. Mr Abbott himself in parliament on Monday, I think it was, mentions that our soldiers are there only to provide intel and to stop Iraqui soldiers "melting like snow in summer" and handing over their weapons and....basically plausible

This is why Obama is not doing anything about ISIS, the US and Saudis are arming them.

Israel has ‘stranglehold’ on all US institutions: Ex-Senate candidate

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress shows that Israel and its powerful lobby has a “stranglehold” on all institutions in the United States, says an analyst and former US Senate candidate.
“The entire situation with the speech that is coming up is designed to show the world that Israel has a stranglehold on the American banking system, the American congressional system, the American news media, (and) the American national security establishment,” Mark Dankof said in an interview with Press TV on Monday.

Was my comment removed? I can't find it now? Was it accidentally removed along with one of the trolls comments?

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Israel has nothing to negotiate. The "Palestinians" want what all Moslems want - the destruction of all Western nations including Israel. When Palestinians say they are willing to negotiate they are practicing the Moslem art of taquiyya or deception of the Infidel. They want Israel to be destroyed and it remains in the PLO charter. Israel has been way too nice to the Palestinians and should never have given away Gaza, or Sinai for that matter. Israel is at the very front line of Islam's war against the West and civilisation and we should support them 110%.

All the suck holes that did the standing ovations have springs on their arses. Find out who you are not allowed to criticise and you will find out whole rules you. Netanyahu is a pathological liar and was recently exposed for trying to make out He and his wife lived is a rundown house, it turns out it was the servants house not his multi-million dollar mansion. Yes Dis this is criticism of Israel, Netanyahu and all the Rothschild’s Zionists.

Plugger's gone down the plug hole. LOL

Sour grapes anyone?? LOL

Sour grapes anyone?? lol

Sour grapes anyone?? lol

Sour grapes anyone?? lol

Sour grapes anyone?? lol

What a joke, what a bunch of pandering pussies. 20 Standing ovations? Please.

It is inappropriate to refer to ISIS as a "death cult". Of course, that is true, but that somehow then implies that the rest of Islam is not. ISIS is the most pure expression of Islam that there is. ISIS is a death cult, just like ALL of Islam is a death cult.

Obama cannot see past his love affair with self...every day he looks in the mirror he sees a reflection of greatness not seen by anyone else. It would serve Obama and his crew right if Israel no longer shared security information with the White House.