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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



A wealthy Islamic country like Indonesia clearly has no respect for life when it comes to spending a little extra on rebar that would resist most tsunamis.

Regardless, Indonesia has its hand out again to Australia for more cash that has little chance of getting to those who need it. Marise Payne (in the arse) is only too happy to dip further into our grandkids' pockets for more millions to comply with the request.

Funny, but I can't recall any reciprocal generosity emanting from Joko Bonobo when Australia suffers floods and droughts.

And how about as a grateful gesture Indonesia agrees to stop killing the people of West Papua and agrees to GTF out of there? Already over 500,000 have been brutally murdered. Many more are being raped and totured.

Oops, I forgot, that won't work because Australia takes part in this genocide with its supply of helicopters to shoot fleeing natives like fish in a bowl and still refuses to complain about anything a sick and corrupt Indonesia does. The UN justifies this genocide. 

So too does Tony Abbott.   



What are They Plotting in Poland



Whitlam was the one who suggested that the Indo`s be the Administrator of West Irian when Australia gave Papua New Guinea back their Independence.

Britain and Australia are accusing Russian military intelligence of being behind a host of recent cyberattacks seeking to undermine critical Western institutions from sports and transportation authorities to election processes.

A British national security report released late on October 3 concludes that the Russian military intelligence agency, or GRU, is "a pernicious cyber-aggressor" that has used a network of hackers to spread discord and confusion across the world.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on October 4 described the accusations as "fantasy," as British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson condemned Russia as a "pariah state" whose "reckless and indiscriminate" attacks had left it isolated in the international community.

The GRU, the British report said, was almost certainly behind the "BadRabbit" ransomware attack last year that targeted a Ukrainian international airport and Russian media outlets, as well as the hacking of the World Anti-Doping Agency in Switzerland.

It also concluded that the GRU was behind hacks and leaks of U.S. Democratic National Committee e-mails that embarrassed President Donald Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton in the weeks before the 2016 election, among other high-profile and damaging attacks.

"The GRU's actions are reckless and indiscriminate: they try to undermine and interfere in elections" in a clear assault on Western democracy, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said in releasing the report.

But some of the GRU's cyberattacks "serve no legitimate national security interest, instead impacting the ability of people around the world to go about their daily lives free from interference, and even their ability to enjoy sport," Hunt said.
Comment: Amazing how one source conveniently fits all accusations.

More from RT:
"If anyone had questions in their mind about Russian military involvement in the Salisbury attacks this will put to rest those doubts," Hunt said to the BBC.

"Russian government needs to know that if they flout international law in this way there will be consequences, they will be exposed and people will see the Russian government for what they are - which is an organisation that is trying to foster instability throughout the world."
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US charges 7 Russian intel officers with hacking OPCW and World Anti-Doping Agency

The substitute for "rebar" in so many countries is three or four mm fencing wire. Out of sight, out of mind.

Seeing Indonesia was controlled by the Dutch for 400 years why didn't they claim Australia as being part of Indonesia ?

The domes I build, like the one in my avatar, have ZERO steel rebar. What they have is Basalt Rebar, made from basalt that comes out of volcanoes. It has a HIGHER tensile strength than steel, but it's best point is it doesn't rust. It also has the same expansion rate as concrete, thus minimizing the chance of hairline cracks.. It is a little more expensive than steel, but that will change when more factories come into production, because the raw material is a lot cheaper than iron ore and there is far more of it spread all around the planet. A single staple has more steel in it than steel in concrete for all the 5 domes we have built altogether.

Australia can thank Whitlam for the West Papua genocide, he signed off and approved Australia's agreement to it.

Jump ahaed to the 60s and our floorkissers moved the bordermarkers apporx 25miles east,and aussie trooops were there by the hundreds did you hear of this down south NO all hush hush Iwas there ,look at thier maps west Irian,, East irian TPNG South irian Australia,trust not these millions of floor kissing mongrels as one intent head south brother mohamad and we give millions WHY if giving then bein in kind food water tents medical BUT NO money

So next way convince the srtuoid yanks the coomos would take over ,forghet the Dutch were preapreing to hand over to the trained Papuans self governmenet with help from them,when they did leave so many went with them,trained teachers,doctors and thelike back to holland .

The west just does not seem to get it.
It has been documented over the years that nations that receive foreign aid invariably hate the donor.
They feel their pride is being stepped on and we/who ever, are being condescending to them.
That's one of the reasons the funds rarely filter to the ones that need it. The elite exact revenge for their embarrassment by keeping the greater percentage for them selves,thus justifying to them selves that they are paying back for the embarrassment.

The indonesiian Army tried to infikltrate and stir up the Papuans while the Dutch were still in control,dropped in Paras from ther Army ,they caught by the locals trussed like pigs and after a bit of a woodfing and passed over to the Dutch fact

West Papua should never have been passed intot he hnads of these mongrels, 2 different races, and you can thank the following, the united nations or its predesor, the American Government becuase of their fear of the Communists in Malaysia and our gutless Auastralian Governemt ,and greddy yankee mining companies.

Where is their defence forces - Navy and Army? Too busy rounding up the West Papuans?

A Plague of Pakistanis: Goyophobes Import Kaffirophobes
"...............Britain is controlled by a hostile elite that hates Whites and wants to destroy them with diversity. For example, the New Labour government opened the flood-gates of Third-World immigration under the traitorous shabbos goy Tony Blair. The minister responsible was a Jewish SJW called Barbara Roche, who told the Guardian in 2001 that she “entered politics … to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia in general.”
Barbara Roche thinks that the way to “combat” hate is to import the most backward, illiberal and hate-filled groups on Earth, because those groups will undermine and attack Britain’s White majority and its traditional Christian culture. Other Jews in the hostile elite think the same as Roche. You’ll find them describing their political inspiration in very similar ways:
“Having grown up as a north London Jew, the fight against anti-Semitism is core to my political roots. Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust were what brought me to where I am politically.” — Jon Lansman, Jewish leader of the Corbyn-friendly Momentum movement (It’s not easy being a Corbynista Jew — just ask Jon Lansman, The Spectator, 4th August 2018)
“And for me, fighting racism has always been at the heart of everything I’ve done.” — Jewish Labour MP Margaret Hodge (Dame Margaret Hodge: Labour investigation made me think about ‘being a Jew in Germany’, The Jewish Chronicle, 17th August 2018 / 6h Elul 5778)
“I grew up listening to my dad telling me about the Holocaust and about the evils of racism. That motivated me to join the Labour party when I was a teenager, and the first thing I did when I became an MP was to lead a campaign to drive out the BNP [British National Party] from Dudley.” — Jewish Labour MP Ian Austin (I’m angry about Labour antisemitism. But I didn’t scream abuse, The Guardian, 29th July 2018)
“I, like my parents before me, am Labour through and through. To me, it was the party that represented the marginalised, the downtrodden and the persecuted. … But if Jeremy Corbyn ever becomes Prime Minister, I would have to leave this country — me, and many thousands of other Jews. I would be the fourth generation on my father’s side forced to flee the country of his birth because of persecution due to the way we worship our God.” — Jewish Labour donor Michael Foster (Michael Foster: I’m a Jewish Labour donor and stood to be an MP. But if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, I’ll have to leave Britain, The Daily Mail, 15th August 2018)
These Jews are all goyophobes or haters of White Christian goyim, as non-Jews are called in Hebrew. That’s why Jews in Western nations overwhelmingly support mass immigration by non-Whites and by Muslims in particular. These Muslims are kaffirophobes or haters of kaffirs, as non-Muslims are called in Arabic. Brown-skinned Pakistani Muslims are the antithesis of White British Christians, so what’s not to like for a goyophobic Jew? And one excellent example of a goyophobic Jew is Dr Richard Stone, the cold and calculating Jewish intellect behind the martyr-cult of the Black teenager Stephen Lawrence...................."

The time has come for our government to stop giving aid to countries that continually put their hands out - what about our Farmers Morrison and Payne - they had to go thru hell just to get a few lousy dollars - and Payne, since becoming Foreign Minister has been having a wow of a time splashing money here, there and everywhere - no wonder Bishop recommended her for the job! Get a grip Canberra - let's start looking after our debt and our own Australians - you are all a disgrace.

So Morrison rewards that grub Turnbull with more free travel benefits, Scomo hasn't learnt!

Tens of thousands of homes destroyed, but no doubt the first priority for the foreign aid will be to rebuild their effing mosques.

IF any better proof of Morrison's undying support of Turnbull could be obtained I would be surprised. This sleezy deal to fund his overseas travel is outrageous. Why did he have to go to the UN anyway. He doesn't represent Australia and Australia doesn't want him to represent us.
Morrison is a useless con artist and has now been found out trying to get this scam through the back door under cover. The sooner steps are taken to remove him the better off we will all be. The next election is lost anyway so why prolong the pain.

I have what I consider a novel idea ... How about the Indo's and all muslim countries instead of holding out a begging bowl to the West go cap in hand to the wealthy cashed up muslim countries flush with petro dollars. Muslims helping muslims, what a great idea. Get that woman with "Gods little acre" away from our cheque book.

This whole scenario makes me sick. The Indonesians openly hate Australia. The loss of life in Palu is directly the result of their own failure to maintain the warning system. Its very sad at any time to see innocent people smitten with these natural events but we can't save the world. The Indonesians do nothing to help their own people except those that live in Jakarta or on Java generally. They are a thankless conniving parasite nation that has been raised in the deceit of the Dutch, the genetic weakness of the Malay race and the pestilence of Islam. A terrible combination that puts them at the bottom of the barrel. An arsehole of the planet.

Indonesia, is without a shadow of doubt the possessor of the most corrupt Politicians on earth. In fact the whole service industry there is rife with corruption. You can not do business there without paying off police, public servants and politicians (not necessarily in that order). Why we continue to gift them foreign aid is a mystery to me. They hate our guts.