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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



We all know that the galah with a red bandana has had his head stuck in too many scrums but that bloke on SKY who, along with Ray Martin, socked millions into numbered Swiss accounts after Offset Alpine mysteriously went up in flames has had his head stuck in too many bottoms.

You can safely ignore the red bandana but why SKY persists with the other bloke is extraordinary. And how he has managed to stay out of jail is even more extraordinary.

You wouldn’t mind if the self-proclaimed numbers man, who is purposefully fed bullshit by his own Party because they detest him and see him as a traitor, got one prediction right once every couple of years or so, but this bloke is so consistently wrong you could make a fortune betting against everything he declares a certainty.

In February this year, “Abbott will be gone by Tuesday”. 

Last week, “Dyson Heydon has no choice but to resign on Monday”. 

“Andrew Wilkie will demolish Labor over poker-machine legislation”, (the opposite happened). 

In October 2011 he said, “In ten months Labor’s gone”.

He also forecast Labor's downfall in December of the same year, February 2012, May 2012, August 2012, December 2012 and March 2013. 

And of course none of his crazy global warming predictions have eventuated either. 

It’s endless, and comical... his predilection for poll-chasing is proving a catastrophe because all the polls have also been wrong. 

If this abusive little unhealthy bundle of blood pressure predicted the sun would rise tomorrow, I’d get up early to check.

I wish him well with treatment for an unusual form of cancer... but seriously, forget the chemo Richo, the best chance of a full recovery is to predict your imminent death.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


It's even balance between them and the Dodger. There was some talk that was the only reason the 3rd runway was built.

Trade union royal commission: 10 things to know after Dyson Heydon's ruling

A bit like the East River in Manhattan.

It seems SkyNewsAust is populating more and more airtime with leftist and union thug hosts and presenters. SkyNewsAust is 33% owned by Channel 7 and 33% by Channel 9, the last 33% by Newscorp. The 7 and 9 influence is pushing the climate change, gay marriage and socialist politics into people's faces through the TV. Richo and PVO are two of their key propagandists.

He was also the reason Eddie Obeid was shoehorned in to an upper-house seat and became, along with Richardson, the most corrupt politician since the old rum-rebellion. These two corrupted everything they could get their hands on, from Housing Commission properties, insurance-fire rorts, circular-quay restaurants leases, branch-stacking, bashings, mining leases etc, the list goes on. Totally corrupt, unethical shit-bags.
Graham Richardson, what a piece of work, why is this bloke still shown some credibility and listened too. He been at the forefront and involved with most of the dirty / corrupt dealings in the union and Labor politics for the last thirty years. The bloke is a rouge-crook who should have been locked up years ago.

Wot Kevin said

Here's a view of Europe's problems with refugees that rings true:

I've met Mr. Richardson and a more avuncular and charming man you'd be hard pressed to meet. I've been told things about what he's done from people involved either during or after the events.

But all I'll say is that he is human. And humans are finite. Nothing else need matter.

OT...Re the 55 million for just four refugees held in Thailand.... Could the payment to the Thai's be a sweetener over the damaging allegations recycled from Reuter's relating to their Navy and the Australian Journo being prosecuted under it? Just a thought...

He of the Rene Rivkin love boat scandal and subsequent shonky delings involving places going up in smoke! Can't stand him.

OT. Just watching Richo and Jones and Richo is at his belligerent worst. He, however, is no match for Alan as he is able to blind Richo with facts and logic. Richo is totally out of control and needs to be sedated. Where is a tranquiliser gun when you need it!

A few skeletons in the concrete, Drac ?

Wasn't he known as labor's 'Mr Fixit'? Another labor Teflon coated survivor. Does anybody out there remember the prostitute boat scandal?

I have often wondered the same thing with some of the stuff he comes out with, but one must accept the fact that he's telling the truth and can back it up with evidence; That's what's so interesting about this site, you get the dirt which otherwise one would never hear about; What is incredible is that Larry hasn't been bumped off as yet, so one has to accept as well that he has dirt on influential individuals not many are aware of; It's akin to a guy publicly revealing secret hand shakes and oaths of the local mafia group living across the road.

If you have never seen the image of a rat cornered in a sewer pipe have a look at the ACTU National Secretary, Dave Oliver being grilled by Emma Alberichi ABC Lateline last night ...........

CS. Leave it alone mate. Please. Why don't we ALL stick to the topic. Richo is a larger than life character but as stated by Larry. He gets as wrong as the IPCC and Tim Flannery. OK perhaps not as often but darn near.

Yep.. Ross Martin. Very hard to beat the classic bloody goon.

I think another leftie buffoon Bob Ellis would give Richo a run for the most incompetent tipster

NO-ONE GETS THINGS WRONG LIKE RICHO Tim Flannery?? He'd have to be a contender wouldn't he?

Chopper V's Alan Jones