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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I heard Andrew Bolt describe the use of Mr Funny Shirts to promote a multi-million dollar ad. campaign on the Intergenerational Report as a mistake. I must disagree with Andrew. The man now looks like the disingenuous, self-promoting ABC fool he is.

The Rudd Gillard Government paid this idiot a fortune to personally lie to young impressionable schoolchildren about the global warming hoax. He talks the sort of ABC garbage the Left loves.

"I shouldnt have done it", he now tearily admits.

The campaign now has more publicity than it deserves. In the process Mr Funny Shirts has angered his Left following and the Right always ignored his ill-informed rants anyway.

Regardless, both sides made sure they watched the ad. and voiced an opinion.

Imagine if the Libs had used Andrew Bolt to promote the cause! It would have been a non event with viewers switching off saying, “Well, Bolt WOULD say that wouldn’t he?”

But the ABC’s Mr Funny Shirts would never agree with anything the Libs said, thus the storm of protest from the Left and the resultant exposure for the ad. and the justified vilification of Mr Funny Shirts as a traitor to the ABC cause.

Congratulations to Christopher Pyne who realised the Left will always sell its soul... but only when the money's right. $250 k I hear.



I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits

Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?


The Libs were had by that ludicrous charlatan. He shafted them of course, he naturally always intended to take the money and then use the issue to slam them. When are those naive Libs going to realise they can't trust a shonk liar like Funny Shirts not to turn on them and attack them at the first opportunity? The trouble with this current lot of Libs is that they seem to want to be liked by all the wrong people. If a Lib likes the idea of getting a nice article about them in the Fairfax press or on the ABC, they're either fools or too lefty themselves. The Left ALWAYS fights dirty. It's time the Libs quit the Queensberry Rules rubbish and got down and dirty like their opponents. NEVER trust a lefty.

that our money being spent of troglodytes....

Poor lot the bunch of them and to think we pay them for their viciousness and left winged opinions - they all make me sick - time to shut the ABC down

The bloke is nothing but a prostitute ...... with just a little less street cred than a real prostitute.

I don't get out of bed for less than $ 250,000 a day.

Sadly, there's a cigarette paper between Labor and Liberal, that is why neither get any real traction, evidence by hiring the same tosser for policy planks. We urgently need a political party which represents the majority.

OT but my Mum's country of birth is just about to have the last laugh. Piggy Muldoon will be pissing himself! Not only has the NZ exportation of non-producers raised the IQ of both countries, it has finally brought our currencies to PARITY!!! Took a while but a bit of NZ is beckoning.

You can always put you beliefs and morals aside when there is 250k on the line. After all he is an ABC goon.

… but the biggest hypocrisy is that these women already enjoy the benefits of the paid parental leave that they vilified Tony Abbott for advocating it to the REAL working women.

I thought Dempster was retrenched due to the piddly funding cuts

'Funny Shirts' is good because you really can't say arsehole.

sheltered workshop welfare.

250,000 K that's a f2;)&?g ripoff

O/T, has anyone discovered why Bob Brown resigned so suddenly? Seemed so out of the blue.

What a freaking SCAM, taxpayers copping it up the kyber from the leftards again!

I have a question about the new pickeringpost page. Is it functional? The last article that seems to be posted there is "SHORTEN MAY BE ABBOTT’S BEST HOPE OF WINNING AN ELECTION". Is that right? Or should I be able to see more recent articles like this one?

there can be no pity for anyone who allows himself to be used by leftoids.

So was the move to employ this Drongo (of the flexible moral, ethica!, political and climate change values) a calculated really smart move to identify a member of the left for what he is thus discrediting their cause? Or was it just a dumb move that worked out half OK for the LNP.

It's said that there is only a micro-measurement between genius and lunatic. Funny Shirts lost!

Agree he is a goose. But the Intergenerational Report is just nonsensical, aiming to predict the shape of Australia decades ahead in a very volatile world. Just as absurd is the John Howard endorsed 'Force 2030' vision for defence. The 4 year Budget Forward Estimates process seldom works out and how long can Australia continue to import around 300,000 people per year?