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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



It’s strange but when Indonesian youths who had captained people smuggler vessels to Australia were apprehended, the Indonesian Government demanded their return. The Gillard Government dutifully obeyed and bought air tickets for them and returned them to the waiting arms of the Indonesian military who were desperately short of captains for embarking boats.

As has been proved time and again a sum of between $US25,000 and $US50,000 is sufficient to keep any drug mule away from an Indonesian praetorian court system and death row. But the sum of $A600 million in aid carries no weight at all because Australia refuses to use it as leverage.

Those poor Australians who are now facing a firing squad must have indeed been poor because there’s a man of Indian descent in Bali who wears gold chains and drives a Roller who would have been happy to “do the deal”.

The AFP could have apprehended the two here but chose to inform the Indonesians they were on their way. Had they been apprehended this end they would have been down the pub a week later on bail.

It appears corrupt Islamic law once again supersedes Australian fluffy law.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




The grub lawyer of this scum says the AFP will have blood on their hands if they are executed. Perhaps he would like to sit down and talk to the families of the 5 young people killed in a car crash in Vic the other day and defend his stance. He would be rude enough to interrupt them while they are planning their funerals. This FILTH are the ones with BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.

When Air Asia went down Australia was amongst the first to search for any survivors that included Indonesians, we parted with cash and also searched for the ''black box'', an Australian invention. Don't count on Indonesia for any favours, they just use us and the favours are 'one way' only

They must have payed to stop the boats.

Australia has totally weak laws concerning drugs. I know of one hotel near me where the carpark is used every night for drug deals - my back fence adjoins it.
The carpark is littered with needles. I have a special pair of tongs to pick up the needles and small plastic bags thrown over my back fence.
This hotel has the used needle containers in the toilets and from the staff working there I have heard that on some days they have to be cleaned out 3 times.
The police no longer turn up, only the ambulances.

I reckon the way to go is to put penalties on the money that goes to Indonesia. Anything they don't do that causes us problems or costs us money, the foreign aid gets reduced.

Of course, NO bloody money should be going to them anyway. That money should go into industry in this country and, if they need assistance, they get sent goods that are made here by Aussies in Australian-owned factories - and nothing else.

Of course, many forget that as an ex-Dutch colony, Indonesia gets many, many millions from the Netherlands every year as well.

I wouldn't be surprised if the upper echelon in Indo are doing far better than many over here from their corrupt ways.

We have to be nice to the crooked bastards, because the US told us to.

Stiff fuck for the gooks and jigs who use Australia as a badge to commit crimes overseas. Indonesia has the death penalty for drug smugglers and they enforce that penalty. These dirty drug dealers knew that. They have ruined the lives of thousands of unfortunate people, addicted to illegal drugs. The Government is acting in a racist way by trying to get convicted drug smugglers freed because they are Australian citizens. Indonesian law prevails.

Nice picture. He could have done the chocker hold - would have saved a bullet.

Don't forget that that low-life Beattie held a minutes' silence in Parliament when this happened. The ego-maniac will have media watchers reading everything so to Beattie - you piece of scum - I also remind you that we have not forgotten Merri-Rose!. I bet Heather hasn't also.

Where is the outcry about the decent families destroyed because their children are addicts? The poor innocent children born addicts because of their druggie mothers. What about the victims of crime who are traumatised to feed the habits of druggies. All of the Bali 9 should be executed. None of their parents cried for this scums victims.The champagne is in the fridge.

These two ain't nothing like the prick who organised the Bali nightclub bombings . He gets realised soon is that correct ?

Does anyone see the irony that the bali bombers (who actually killed people) are now free yet these unsuccessful drug runners and getting hit by the firing squad? And as I said before - we actually pay these f*ckers $600 mill per year. WTF?

Revealed: Obama’s secret, fast-tracked “trade” treaty to consolidate a global corporate government and his multi-pronged attack on internet liberty.


Be Warned! A Court case in Germany has ruled that men, can after all, piss while standing up in the Dunny. A landlord was claiming 3000 dollars against a tenant for letting his Piss splash onto the floor. If it wasn't true you would think the whole thing was a joke.

Strange how all these Criminals have a change of heart after being convicted. "Please believe me, Tony, I am a changed person and regret being caught". Perhaps if we knew just how many people died because of their dealing in drugs etc.

At least the Indonesians don't send a Bill to the families for the bullets used like the Chinese Communists do. "We shot your son, that will be 10 yuan. Cash Only!"

Remember Gillard called for a minute's silence in Parliament when an Australian smuggler was execured in Singapore..WTF ?

How come Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam, and source of limitless petro dollars, doesn't financially and physically support struggling muslim countries? Indonesia, the largest muslim country, suffered enormous physical and human devastation in the '04 tsunami. Who was the first and largest aid supplier? Kaffir Australia ... to the tune of $1B !!


Can we assume you won't pause and reflect in respect for the fallen, Gaz? Will the loud bangs not cause your heart to skip just a little? A palpitation? A murmur? Small jolt? No? Me neither.