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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The religion I was brought up in baptised their children at the age of 14. Beyond that age, if not baptised, you were unable to live with your family. Of course I was never going to get involved in that occult stuff anyway, I had far too much to do.

Catholicism and other religious orders baptise their children soon after birth. Now, I was asked to be the godfather to a little boy and I implored his parents not to baptise him at the age of six weeks. “You are making him a Catholic when he may not want to be a Catholic”, I said. Needless to say I did not win that argument.

Muslims are much smarter, they don’t baptise their children. Instead, they slaughter two lambs or kids (baby goats, not other children) if the child is a boy, and one if the child is a girl. Okay we’re off to a bad start here, but then all the child’s hair must be shaved off and weighed to reflect its weight in gold or money the parents must give to charity.

The Islamic imperative is that every person on earth is already a Muslim simply by virtue of being born (the Koran has a number of passages emphasising this). Now this beats the hell out of Christianity in the occult stakes and if uncle John and Jesus had thought of this idea first, the Pope’s flock might have remained, well, a little more intact.

Of course the Christians did a lot of stoning and head chopping themselves but never with the fervour Muslims still do today, and there’s a reason why.

A respectable religious cult would say, “Okay if you don’t like the way we do things just piss off and don’t annoy us!” But with Islam it’s very different because you’re already a Muslim and have forsaken the faith, and apostates must be beheaded as an example to others who might be thinking of pissing off. Pretty clever this Mohammed bloke eh?

It’s like you denounced Catholicism but you were never in fact a Catholic. So it’s important to understand why a Muslim needs to kill you... the poor bastard is simply keeping the faith.

To him every person on earth is a damned Muslim and you will have either denounced Islam, lost your head and booked a spot in hell or you will have maintained the faith and booked a spot in heaven. Of course you can always blow yourself up and take some infidels with you and book yourself 72 virgins.

So if you remain a Muslim it’s all win win, unless of course you’re a Shia and the bloke next door is a Sunni.

I can’t find written anywhere in the Koran what happens when you kill each other... maybe you get 36 virgins each.

Whatever the case, Islam doesn’t appear to be a walk up start for successful assimilation.  






If you liken our society to a computer system, First we had the Anglo 1.0 after the war we went to the Euro 2.0 this worked well & was stable. Then we installed the add-ons the Asian one ( had a few bugs initially) but works well & the whole system is stable. then they applied the Mid-East/Muslim "upgrade" full of bugs the whole system is unstable. They have attempted to apply patches but just introduce more bugs. The solution is to un-install the faulty "upgrade" to restore stablilty

Well deary me, Jack Richards doesn't like to have his opinions challenged in any way does he? He is such a pseudo intellectual that truely believes that he is the only one that is right and the rest of us are fools. Just goes to prove that some have hides so thick that their own ignorance escapes them. You really should try to quell your superiority Richards otherwise it will eventually tip you right over the edge. Oops, to late.

Put a burr under your saddle did I? Your ignorance is only exceeded by your arrogant stupidity.

The BBC is reporting that this year local councils have had to cancel the pantomime 'Jack & the Beanstalk' in Birmingham , Bristol , Oldham , Bradford , Burnley, Leicester , Luton and London.

Apparently the giant couldn't smell any Englishmen.

Well said AR, GS & A.

Picture prehistoric man before any religion mysteriously popped up. The religion of those days was survival. Find, catch and collect what you can to feed yourself. Safety in numbers led to small tribes. Kill or be killed when tribes encroached in each other's territory. After the agricultural revolution tribes increased and became villages fortresses. That is when folk tales and fire time stories first created religion. The older and experienced men discovered a way to control their tribes. Some chose their religious stories for the purpose of harmony and cooperation (aka good), some for fear and domination (bad). Any of the "gods" cannot take credit for the universe and nature. So, regardless of the lack of evidence of "God", I prefer the good rules of Christianity, Buddhism. Not Islam!

Jack doesn't understand the bible, its purpose or the lessons embedded in he stories. He believes it was written by bong-suckers who live at the bottom of the garden in fairyland. But, let us not forget that he had the bible, father christmas, the easter bunny et al all worked out when he was 6. A good religious scholar would rip him up for arse paper in ten seconds flat.

What about Frunobulax? But seriously, never admitted this in public before, but it left me with the wonderful side effect of getting in a panic if there was too much spaghetti served up, even as an adult. Some people panic in confined spaces, or heights, etc. I have the distinction of panicking when confronted with above average serves of spaghetti.

*** Here we go again:

Penrith [NSW] will get its first Islamic mosque, despite claims it will bring an “irreversible change to the fabric of life in Penrith”.

A new prayer hall has been approved for a rural site at Mamre Rd and Kemps Creek by Penrith Council over controversial objections from an outspoken councillor.

Independent Liberal councillor Marcus Cornish said it would will bring more crime to Penrith, a suggestion that was condemned by fellow councillors.

“Penrith is a very good place to live now and you can walk down the streets with no worries,” Cr Cornish said at last night’s council meeting.

“I grew up in Auburn and their first mosque in 1979 and now they have three and it is not a safe place to walk around at all.”

>>> The region is home to one of Sydney’s fastest growing Shi’ite populations

Right! Any crimes committed in the name of Christianity were and are just that; crimes.

Since masturbation is regarded with disfavour in Islam, one of the attractions of martyrdom for frustrated young male Muslims is its promise of 72 virgins. This myth depends on the Islamic belief that there is a life after death, a belief shared of course with many other religions. The belief in a life after death is therefore a not insignificant factor in the conversion of some young Muslim men to becoming suicide bombers. Just a little rational thinking amongst young Muslims would lead them to ask their Imams what evidence there is of this life after death, but Islamic teaching, as with a lot of other religious teaching, is not compatible with rationality. If other religions would use their beliefs to preach just a way of life, as Buddha and Confucius did, instead of wrapping it in the trappings of magic and promising the fantasy of a life after death, some of this common sense might just flow into the Muslim community.

Yeah but not as scary as the Illinois enema bandit but eh...!? ;)

You are right Flysa. ONE big church is the aim -- The Church of Satan.

One of the scariest things I experienced as a child was a spaghetti monster during extreme fever. Spaghetti monsters are not good.

The only thing I believe in is the Tooth Fairy. When I was a kid she would leave me sixpence for a small tooth and a shilling for a big tooth. No religion could ever do anything like that.

It's a good indication of how Mohammed invented Islam purely for his own personal power and wealth during his lifetime, that he didn't bother to provide a definite succession plan for after his death. Mohammed left the question of who should succeed him open to dispute, and that has been the basis for the war between Sunni and Shia ever since. Of course, both are dupes, because Mohammed didn't care a whit for their spiritual well-being. Everything he said that he claimed was the word of Allah was simply what he wanted his followers to do to satisfy his current political or material needs. He was nothing more than a con-man, and every muslim is his dupe. He must be laughing his head off in his grave. I believe many secretly know this, and it's what makes many so angry. Dupes one and all.

Christianity has been (mostly) tarnished by both the Catholic and Anglican's predeliction for torturing and rapling little children. That and many other crimes against humanity. Church of the flying spaghetti monster has got my vote! ;)

People believe this rubbish? There should be more exposure to open it up to common sense. Thank you Larry.

Buddah trumps Jesus and Mohammad anyday... ;) Then there's Ganesh... only around 1500 years before Jesus and a whopping 2100 before good old Mo popped out.

If Islam was a child its report card would say "Disruptive" and "Doesn't play well with others".