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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and has returned from three Iraq deployments. He blogs at



The Gold Coast is set to become an Islamic friendly destination, thanks to the rolled-gold goose running the joint, Mayor Tom Tate.

That means more mosques, more halal food, more prayer rooms and more burkas.

Great for Muslims.

Not so great for anyone else.

Because it means less of everything that is Australian.

Just in case you don’t get my drift, pretty much everything good about Australia is unIslamic. Like having a beer. Or giving women the same legal status as men. Or even just acknowledging that it is paedophilia for old men to have sex with nine year old girls. Like Mohammad, the example for all Muslims, did.

And those Islamic things that have crept in recently are a bit hard to put in the ‘good’ basket. Things like riots through the streets of Australia’s largest city, Australians detonating themselves at Syrian airports and Australian imams being the spiritual guide for blokes who like blowing up marathons.

We don’t need more of it, and we don’t want more of it.

Unfortunately, Mayor Tate has a plan that will see Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach ‘convert to Islam’.

That’s not really a plan. It’s a disaster.


UPDATE: A petition has been launched against this craziness. It can be found here:

Furthermore, if I ran a tourism business on the Gold Coast, I would be fairly miffed at Mayor Tate’s decision to strap a suicide vest onto the industry. There are many reasons people visit the Gold Coast. All of them have to do with the fact it is not an Islamic destination. If you want to experience Islamic culture, you head over to the Middle East. You don’t go to the Gold Coast.

In fact, the thought of an Islamic Gold Coast is pretty much a great reason why anyone who goes there will find a new holiday destination.



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The one on the left looks ok

I note that the NSW Premier attended Muslim Ramadan festival. what a fool

Reminds me of the old TV shows Fantom Agents and the Ninjas!!

It's very well known that lot's of Muslims own apartments and make their holiday destination to the Gold Coast and Broadbeach, its like La Perouse in Sydney where they come with their hotted up cars, their hijab, niqab and burkas soon they will have a mosque there. This has been happening in that area for years and I presume that it's probably been taken over by now by the muslims because I was there last in 2004 and there were more muslims then Christians or anyone else then. It's a pity, that use to be my favourite holiday destination, and I go back to the late 60's when there were only surfers and free loving people "make love not war" and the favourite song at the pub was The Beatle's Come Together, things have surely changed not for the better I presume.

If we had Citizen Initiated Referendums and they had to be acted upon immediately, we could avoid many absolute "whacko's" like TATE, the Mayor of the Gold Coast, from doing too much damage. We'll never be without idiots, but the likes of Tate could be quickly discarded, without the need to have that idiot there for another election.

They certainly get on yer goat.

So you're glad they're forbidden from sporting a two piece, Horr. Lucky, the world's wax supplies would deplete in 24 hours. Is this why they envy our men and rape our women?

Gold Coast residents will be thrilled when their houses halve in value, drive-by shootings escalate, girls in bathing suits are pack-raped and sections of the beach are Muslim-only. And what is a modern city without honour killings, arranged marriages of children and violent riots. Install this perverse culture at your peril. Have we not learnt anything? Gold Coast is a fun place but will become miserable like all Muslim infested hell-holes.

I will have to reconsider listening to 2 gb.

I can forgive them for the be headings in the street, for the suicide bombing, for their sheer hatred of women, for trying to take over Australia, BUt I cannot forgive them for their vile ugliness, their swarthy hairiness , and their fat hideous bodies - thank heavens they wear burkas as th wearing of these garments gives us a little protection from viewing them. Long live the Burka!!

This is more about the destruction of this country as we know icon of our great land turned over to the islamists without even a whimper, what have we become?

Do numbscull pollies read this site for intelligent public opinions?

I have worked in the muslim countries, Libya, Algeria, and the Middle East, Yemen, Bahrain, UAE etc and have seen these people first hand. I am not prejudiced, I simply know first hand what these people would like Australia to become where women are second class citizens, the religious freaks are bully boys and we, in our own country are told how to live.

Premier Baird of NSW publicly proclaims he is a friend of the moslems .

I wonder if it true that women who wear burkas have been circumcised?

Somebody send Mayor Tate a copy of Harry Richardson's book, "The Story of Mohammed". Then, if he reads it he will forget his enthusiasm for embracing Muslims, as will anyone who takes the time to read the history of Islam. A great book that I feel will soon be banned because it tells the unbiased truth of what has happened in the past and what we can expect to occur in the future.

on the black list

It seems like Australia is headed for the same Muslim problems as the EU countries. I don't think our leftie bleeding hearts ever read the news.

A.moslem compromise would be - wear the black tent-hijab over a gold lame' bomb vest.....make no mistake,.. the day will come when they'll give Aus a bang and a blast for our bucks given them via S.Security.

Send in the camels!