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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



A Cabinet reshuffle is about to see the arse end of some non-performing LNP dead wood and the Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison’s arse is as safe as houses. A brand new “Ministry for Homeland Security”, or some other such title, is screaming for a no nonsense ABC-proof, boots-and-all Minister and remaining front benchers can forget jockeying for that position, it’s already as good as taken.

Morrison did what the Left claimed was impossible and re-established our sovereign borders in less than a year and he did it in the face of concerted resistance from Labor and the Greens.

What Abbott now needs is Morrison to tackle the Islamic scourge head on without pussy-footing around the PC nonsense of the Left.

The only trouble is that Morrison may well look a more appealing leader to the average voter than does Abbott.

I’m sure Tony will take that risk. 






I've been bagging politicians of all persuasions on this site for a while, and I'll continue to do so. However, Scott Morrison is one of two people in OUR government whose worth his salt. He made a commitment and he succeeded, which in political circles is something of a minor miracle and it must be aggravating the life out of the Leftist and compassion, deluded, Christians . Just to make people aware of how I feel, no Tony, Scott is a success in OUR government, the government answerable to the people. So Tony, John, Julia, etc and etc, they're not Your government, they're OUR government, we pay for the buggers so we are the employer, that's a fact that's often forgotten .

Gee.... It's a bit racist denying Cambodia the same cultural enricher we got an abundant of...

Well that should answer that question Bangers old chap, seems as if your friendly Muslims have tried to kill a couple of cops. You see it doesn't need 10 or 30 of these idiots to kill, one will do and it seems as if the policeman injured may be the one to die.

Counter-terrorism raids: Questions
800 police, 15 people detained, but only one terrorism charge. Was there really a plot to behead a member of the public? And if so, why haven’t more charges been laid? abeldanger/zWgH (Abel Danger)

So far the fanatics flushed out seem both stupid and ineffective but what worries me are the quiet, smart ones working alone.

Let's be honest, Lie-bor and the fairy greens were simply importing future welfare dependent voters they thought would vote for them, without working through the consequences of their actions, simply for power and the Treasury benches so tey can swim in taxpayer funded fantasies and their pensions. The same is happening in the USA, albeit not muslims, just very poor latinos, and in the UK where the Left opened up what they call "Asian" immigration just to piss off the right in politics. It's about ego, power and left wing stupidity. Funny how the Coalition, basically using the same resources available to Lei-bor, were ale to stop the boats. Funny that.

Pope Benedict XVI got it right in 2006. All politicians should read this:

Dead right. Why is it necessary to torture ANYONE, ANYWHERE ? Is the world just plain fucked , Larry ?

Homeland Security?????
Sounds like The Good Ol' U S of A ???

“Minister for Homeland Security”
The ONLY real choice.

The Quran does preach WAR or Terrorism other than that not a bad yarn.

Let me see the ISIS Sunni (Muslims) are fighting and killing Shiite (Muslims in Syria whilst other Sunni (Muslims) are fighting and killing their sworn enemies the Kurds (Muslims) in Iraq. Does anyone see a pattern here? So much for the Muslim Invasion. We are best staying out of it.
How to fix a budget emergency? Go to war!

"The only trouble is that Morrison may well look a more appealing leader to the average voter than does Abbott.
I’m sure Tony will take that risk."

At his political peril!

Hooray. Scott Morrison is honourable, straight-forward and strong. Wish we had another like him to clear out all the bludging Mecca-lovers from our over-burdened welfare system.

What happened to the Budget emergency when $500 million was suddenly found to fight yet another Iraq War? One moment we had empty Treasury Coffers, and then pronto, another half billion to repair what we destroyed in the first place. DUH

Mr S Morrison is a fine gent. It is so refreshing to see a man say.. in advance.. ``I will help`` and he has and did. That is so damn fine and builds respect.He earned it.

It's an Emergency!.
All Emergency, all the time©
Shit happening, wherever we look, whatever we touch.
How brilliant are we?

Brought to you by TeamFiction. The name you trust.

Taking a leaf out of the non-Honest John book of cheap tricks ramping up the fear factor to recover in the opinion polls. Will we be told that terrorists carry the Ebola virus and throw their children overboard??

I would hazard a guess that "The Man form Bangalla" is a feral from the Western suburbs, on welfare votes green and more than likely a towel head.

Larry, I think we have an emergency. The House of Reps is debating "streamlining" adoption of children from abroad. What ,if any, measures are included to prevent muslims here adopting many little muslims from France, Holland, UK etc. let alone Pakistan, and all the other little -stans