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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The Manus Island debacle is yet another Rudd stuff-up that was predicted on these pages 18 months ago. It's regrettable the current government was unable to reverse it.

It’s unthinkable that genuine refugees could survive in a P-NG community... within a week they will be killed, and they know it. There are no more opposed cultures in the world than Islam and P-NG voodoo.

There are no jobs and even if there were, Muslims will not work for 90c a day because the welfare paid to them by Australia is far in excess of that. Therefore the hatred between the two cultures is white hot.

PN-G currency is in pigs and, if that’s not ominous enough, native tribesmen make their own rules with bush knives. They wait with bated breath to exact payback on any refugee released because the only jobs on Manus Island were at the detention centre where inmates taunted their PN-G minders.

PM Peter O’Neill has already pocketed the millions in bribes Kevin Rudd had showered on him, so he couldn’t give a stuff. The ridiculous Rudd deal was a patch to get both him and O’Neill past their looming elections.

What’s happening now on Manus Island was as predictable as Kevin’s demise. 

What a hell of a mess this despicable man left behind.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


A few weeks ago a couple of Manus detainee's received PNG refugee status and were released into the community with PNG visa's, they shit themselves when they found out that their was no welfare and that the going hourly working rate was 60 toea (45cents/hr) that's if you could ever find a job in a country with a high unemployment rate and a resentment against foreigners. Also they were totally rooted to find out that the staple diet, ceremonial and means of status were the owning and exchange of pigs. So shortly after the PNG Gov't granting these detainees’s refugee status all have returned to their homelands. No sugar on the table must be a lesson there.

abc saying more attempts at suicide on Manus by another group swallowing razorblades, though they are disposable razors they said. Do they pull them apart to find the blade? I was picturing from what they aid trying to swallow the whole disposable shaver. When they said this, and announced that Peter Dutton had suggested there were unnamed helpers advising the inmates, they then had two interviews with Rintoul and SHY, both denouncing Dutton as cruel and harsh, not a psychopath yet but well on the way.

krudd, the greatest un-natural disaster in Australia's history. (gillard close second)

Muslims won't work for 90 cents /day - but they will work for nothing to destroy democratic societies. However in order to support them, the do-gooders, with the support of the PR Agency (the Australian Bullshit Corporation), other terrorists and hypocrites in society such as religious groups of all denominations except the Jews (God Bless Them) will ensure that they go without nothing - unlike the genuine needy people in AUSTRALIA who are either denied access to basic entitlements such as medical/mental health treatment, housing - and the list goes on that the ILLEGALS get immediate access to. THE GOVERNMENT MUST STAND FIRM ON THEIR DECISION TO REALEASE THESE 'GENUNIE - HA HA) to FREEDOM IN PNG

This page look interesting

Muslims won

Then I am sure that a bullet would help their dietary deficiencies

Little kevvie has always wanted a seat on the Useless Nations. His seat would be a blown up round ring with a hole in the middle that goes "whoopee". Stupid idiot would think that it was praise. Okay - seat on the UN - send him out to PNG with the Useless Nations troops who haven't been able to achieve any resolution due to the mandates of this useless organisation. Put him in the middle of the compound at Mannus and assure these ILLEGALS of their safety if released to freedom in PNG and let him take the consequences of HIS egotistical decision to put them there in the first place. However, I did laugh about his choice when it was done because I knew that these arseholes were going to get their JUST rewards.

It was also reported by the Labor Party and Greens PR Agency (ABC) that these poor bastards were also swallowing razor blades and nail clippers. I thought that they were on a hunger strike!


I want to know where and how the ABC cretins got "their" video footage of the Manus Island Terrorists from?

Frederick brings up a good point. Why is Mohammed called a prophet? Did he ever make a prophetic statement? Or is it because loosely he "heard from Allah", which happened to be favourable to him getting his rocks off? The Koran was supposed to have been written in heaven in Perfect Arabic for all perpetuity, hence why not one stroke can be altered, and Mo simply made it known to his followers. Yet, it's largely all about him and contains many grammatical inconsistencies, which have been covered ad nauseum, in the Arabic language, including using non-Arabic words. If Muslims can convince themselves that it's perfect Arabic, then they've brainwashed themselves and will defend the indefensible behaviour and edicts of it's adherents. Morning rant over.

Most of rud's popularity was msm bullshit . It all came to naught .

I have never understood Rudds charisma and appeal he had for millions of voters who decided he was a better man than John Howard nor how PC socialism run by former union thugs and shonky leftwing lawyers was preferable to the proven and brilliant Howard conservative government. Didn't get it then don;t get it now.

Many of us laugh about the idiotic performances of Krudd, but he is laughing at us now. How many of us can engineer a 2 year job then retire on a pension worth about $600,000 for the rest of his life, not forgetting that his personal asserts would not even go close to qualifying for the smallest pension available. He's no fool and we, who pay for this racket have no chance in putting a stop to it. Who are the the fools here

All they need is another donga for that fucken cockhead Rintoul and his band of fukwits namely SHY, Milne, Ludlam & Shorten.

The friction between the locals and the detainees is caused by the Muslim attitude towards non-Muslims, and who, after the manner of their ‘prophet’ (who actually prophesied nothing anyway), like to insult, abuse and stir up non-Muslims and call them pagans, pigs, dogs, Kaffirs etc. in order to cause a fight. But in doing this to the people of PNG (who love a good battle) they bit off more than they could chew.

Now in Muslim eyes the culture of the people of PNG would be pretty much at the bottom of the barrel, e.g. with its high regard to (monetary value and prestige), and consumption of pigs.

But that the Muslim should call anyone a pagan is very hypocritical, since Islam is itself nothing more than a pagan religion originally cobbled together from all kinds of old pagan superstitions, beliefs, rituals, idolatry (kissing the Black Stone, venerating the Kabba etc.), false gnostic gospels and misinterpreted bits and pieces of the Old and New Testaments – the Law and the Gospel – all mixed together in confusion.

Even Islam’s Crescent Moon and Star symbol (on top of every Mosque) can be traced back to the idolatrous Babylonians, where the star actually represents the fallen angel known as Lucifer, literally ‘Day Star’ (“How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning.” Isaiah 14:12). His name since he fell into sin is of course Satan, the father of lies (“He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him… he is a liar and the Father of it.” John 8:44). The god of the Quran and of Islam is none other than Satan himself. This can also easily be seen in Islam’s tactics and the fruit that it has borne over the centuries through lying, deceit, killing, stealing, rape, murder, slavery etc. (“For a tree is known by its fruit” Matt 12:33; 7:15-20)

So for Muslims to call anyone pagan, as if they were any better, is a joke.

The whole purpose of Islam was really to oppose Christianity, which had free and full course in most of the Middle East from the time of the Apostles until Muhammad (about 6oo years A.D.). Islam is just a conglomeration of the old pagan religions fighting back against Christianity which had exposed and defeated them in the first place.

better still send them back to where they came from and tell them to sort out the problems in their own country. It wouldn't matter if we took 10, 1,000, or a million of them. It is not solving the problem back at it's source and they will continue to come.

I haven't seen the ABC interview any person who says that most, or indeed any, of the so-called refugees are frauds. A relative of mine, a nurse, met another nurse in South America, who said that she left her job in the detention centre on Christmas Island because she could no longer stomach the treatment dished out to her, and the disdain meted out to her, by 'refugees', some of whom had relatives living in Australia keeping in touch and waiting for them to 'come on over'...these people were nowhere near being genuine refugees, just genuine country shoppers, specifically shopping in Australia. We are such drips to ignore or put up with this!!

What is the issue? Most are economic country hoppers, who could have stayed in Malaysia or Indonesia when they were en route. They chose to leave those free countries to move on. So, now they are in a free democratic country called PNG. They have created their own problem. Don't worry about them. Better to worry about how we support the government to stop the ones in Australia from getting a hold of weaponry and wasting real Aussies.