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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I watched live as police belatedly decided to act, climbing over each other, fumbling for stun grenades in their pockets. It looked terrible, but why were police even there?

Because a stupid Magistrate allowed Man Monis out on bail when all indications were that he should never have been released under any circumstance. He had been raping women and was complicit in his wife’s murder... and now his current partner has been found guilty of that murder. 

                                      Monis and partner found guilty of murder 

The bloke was a classic, dangerous, Muslim nutcase.

Magistrates and judges clearly have never read the Koran, even the sanitised English version, otherwise they would understand that someone who doesn’t fear death makes for an extremely dangerous foe.

And this bloke was about as dangerous as mad Muslims get.



What are They Plotting in Poland



ATTENTION ALL Posters…and Larry. I have been thinking for days now about how the senate enquiry on Halal was shelved and nothing has emerged from our useless Government concerning any action that will see it either declared illegal, restricted or banned outright. I want to make a suggestion that will start the ball rolling. This can be achieved by all of us writing to any and all polititions (both State and Federal) and demanding they take it out of the basket and act on it. We can’t stop the Mosques, or the immigration, or the hate preachers but a win by us on getting Halal finished in this country as we have it at present (with noted exceptions on some export goods so not to effect our exports). A win on this would just be the start I feel. People power is the only thing that will get through to these sleepwalkers in Canberra. Halal today, Mosques tomorrow. Can someone publish email addresses for all Federal Polititions?

NSW Police TRG are trained to storm buildings guns blazing until they kill their target and in this process one person fired over 20 rounds of ammo into the room with hostages present ?

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No truer words saddler !!

Yes Larry but its unfortunate that we call on a member of that same judiciary to run the inquest into the debacle. Of course he's nt going to go for the jugular of that moronic judge to stand trial for his dereliction of duty in protecting the community.

Stop them from coming here!
There is a poem that relates precisely to this situation: The Ambulance Down in the Valley by Joseph Malins
It says that it is better to put a fence at the top of a cliff rather than an ambulance at the bottom.
Last verse:
To rescue the fallen is good, but ’tis best
To prevent other people from falling."
Better close up the source of temptation and crime
Than deliver from dungeon or galley;
Better put a strong fence ’round the top of the cliff
Than an ambulance down in the valley.

The JUDGES and MAGISTRATES are responsible .

They should be made accountable ..

well appears our judiciary is even more dangerous...happy to even see their own shot down..hmmm...meanwhile ASIO and Govt remain unaccountable for their actions in facilitating the madmans ongoing stay in Australia...and the Commish didnt even recommend any future courses of action ...hmm

Lets not forget Lindt chocolate is halal free.....and who just happened to be there supporting a non halal outlet.....was anything said to the manager....we will never know.

First rule of problem solving. Look for the root cause, and the answer is, that the soft cock Magistrate let this prick out on bail. It's this Magistrate that this inquiry should have put under the microscope, but no, these Judiciary types stick together and cunningly look to apportion blame in other areas. Another big dose of bureaucratic whitewash.

The result of the enquiry demonstrated the Courts intention of shifting any blame or responsibility away from themselves and onto the Police which they did effectively but the Police Force acceptance of all the blame without any hesitation is a sign of weakness and poor leadership. This is typical of today's products of a left wing education system who because of political correctness lack the balls to stand up for themselves and fellow members.

Right on Larry.....we fight for our lives and that of others. Muslims fight for their death and the death of others.

Kill the bloody lot of them, give them their wish.

And as one SAS sniper said privately, "They don't suffer".

Why didn't they tie up a young virgin goat to a lamp post outside the café and Monis would have ran out with lust in his eyes and his pants around hi ankles

These are University trained , they are following procedure taught in a class room by another University trained Xspurt like that physco bloke who is fully qualified to advice the cops even thogh he had no personal hostage experience ; an old school bush copper would have done it differently, straight in and fix the problem face to face .

We have all been hearing since 9/11 that there are moderate Muslims. I no longer subscribe to that theory. I think you, Mr. Pickering, have hit the nail on the head but you may have spread the description too thinly. I think they are ALL classic, dangerous, Muslim nutcases...

Did the inquest happen to address the early reports of this Lindt Café thingy. Firstly Monis was with two, which quickly became one other man. Or did the inquest people just keep it all nice and tidy and ignore that because it's easier to clean a house that's already tidy. AND another thing I heard a bloke on the radio who was in the SAS he said the Australian public can ask the military to help when no one else can and those boys would have taken out Monis out in the first shot.

It all sounds like the sterilised version of events of round 1 of the WTC bombing to me....................very suspect.

The Lindt siege happened in the middle of Sydney, where it would be reasonably expected that the highest standard of policing would be applied a lot different than if it happened in say Bathurst, so why were the only ones who were in some way competent , the actual cops who conducted this operation , let down so badly by incompetent leaders, a negotiator who didn't negotiate, Ms Burn who obviously had no idea whatsoever what was going on, information that was hours out of date, two way radios that failed and in 16 hours no other radios could be sourced, the wrong type of weapons for a siege in a bank building, it just goes on and on, hopefully this debacle should be used as a training aid as to what NOT to do in a siege.

I recommend that people read the Coroner's report carefully and think about it.

The magistrates in NSW no longer have the right to provide bail for people charged with crimes like Monis was charged with. After the Lindt Cafe siege the NSW Coalition government acted quickly to change bail law.

The self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” Monis, called “damaged” and “unstable”, as well as “isolated” and “unhinged” by several Australian Islamic organizations and even his former attorney, was well-known to Australian police (5). He became further acquainted with the authorities – which had launched a quasi-crackdown on ISIS supporters back in September (6) – when he declared his allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on November 18th, 2014 in a public statement (7), which raises a blatantly obvious question: Considering how intimately aware the Australian authorities were of his violently felonious misbehavior and publicly proclaimed Takfirism, what was he doing running around free at all, let alone with guns?
In addition to this egregious anomaly, another question arises: What was he doing on Australian soil to begin with? Monis’s bogus “political asylum” story aside, Iran had been requesting his extradition for 14 years (8) and had provided the Australian security services with proof of Monis’s criminality to no avail due to the lack of an Iranian-Australian extradition treaty. Iranian Police Chief Brigadier General Esmayeel Ahmadi Moqaddam noted that, “It seems that there are some hands at work behind the scenes; the incident seems to be playing out exactly like a drama, of course we don’t blame Australia for it but anyway the Zionists and Westerners want to project the blame on others for their negligence in fighting terrorism and they want to involve the Islamic Republic of Iran in it, but Iran’s positions are clear in this regard (9).” Negligence is definitely an appropriate word to use, as Australia’s Shi’a Muslim community had also had asked the security services to investigate Monis in 2008 for masquerading as an Ayatollah (10), but the request fell on deaf ears. As the Iranian Police Chief pointed out however, there were undoubtedly other hands in the mix, and this went beyond mere negligence right into the realm of outright subterfuge.