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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',

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Learning Islam

Last week was a great week for the Government's successful attempts to combat and contain violent Hindu extremism. Not a single violent incident involving Hindus occurred during the entire week. 

This follows a string of successes going back pretty much to the time when Hindus first came to Australia. 

That is not to say that no Hindus committed crimes or acts of violence. None however was recorded as yelling “THIS ONE’S FOR YOU VISHNU!” whilst carrying out an act of senseless slaughter. 

In short, there have been no religiously motivated violent crimes by Hindus in Australia that I am aware of. 

It wasn’t just Hindus where the Government had success. The Sikhs, Buddhists, Baha’is Copts, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Amish, Jains and all other religious groups once more had a clean slate.

This is testament to the success of the Australian approach which was explained to me as, “Mate, whatever [email protected]#t you had in the old country, leave it at the bloody airport”.

There was unfortunately one stand out failure. Once again, a Muslim fanatic let loose, murdering an innocent mild mannered accountant whilst yelling something about Allah. This is becoming depressingly familiar, so where did we go wrong in our approach to Islam?

That last question is what is known as a “loaded question”. It assumes that “we” did something wrong. It is typical of the sort of slippery semantics which are constantly played with the purpose of exonerating Islam from any blame.

If a family had eight kids and they all turned to crime, you could legitimately ask, “Where did the parents go wrong?” When only one of those children goes bad however, it is a bit unfair to blame the parents. 

The only difference in treatment between Muslims and other religious groups is that Muslims have received far more.

Public money has been spent to make airports, schools, universities and even sporting venues Islamically compliant. Much of our food chain has been islamised and in some cases public venues such as swimming pools have been turned over to Muslims. 

Every time there is an Islamic attack, millions of dollars are given to Muslim groups to help them combat “violent extremism”. Why don’t Hindu groups get money to combat “violent extremism”? 

Again, perhaps it is because there isn’t any.

Some people seem to think that this is simply a racist media unfairly targeting Muslims. If that was the case then why aren’t they unfairly targeting Hindus? 

Why aren’t they reporting on all the Hindu murders and wars going on around the world? Could it be because there aren’t many? In the most part Hindus are far darker skinned than Muslims so racism is clearly not the issue here.

So why are we having so much trouble with Muslims? Is it possible that the religion of Islam actually does inspire horrific violence more successfully than any other religion? 

If you are convinced that the answer to that question is no, then I’m guessing you probably don’t know very much about the Islamic religion. I don’t blame anyone for that. Not many people know much about any religion these days, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

If you don’t know much about this religion however, then please don’t go around insisting that you know what Islam is, what it isn’t or what it couldn’t possibly be. Especially please don’t accuse those who disagree with you of being ignorant, uneducated bigots.

A bigot is not a racist. A bigot is someone who argues from a position of ignorance and refuses to consider evidence or facts. So before you start throwing accusations like that around, have a think about your own position.

Let me give an example of bigotry. The following comment was left on my blogsite where my book can be read for free:

"I hesitate to read this book, especially after the 15 year old boy killed Curtis Cheng in Parramatta, because everyone is bending over backwards to stop the hatred of Muslims escalating into another Cronulla. And books like this one isn't helping."

How does “Anonymous” know that this book is promoting hatred and adding fuel to the next anti-Muslim riot when he/she hasn’t even read it!

Nowhere in my book do I advocate hatred for Muslims. I would argue (in fact, in my book I do argue) that the people who have the most to gain from this information are the Muslims themselves. You can never argue with a bigot however, because they just won’t listen to you.

If you want to participate in a discussion on Islam, take the time to educate yourself. There are excellent websites such as Religion of Peace and good books by myself, Bill Warner or Robert Spencer. 

If you are one of those people who don’t trust white men (which would make you racist and sexist) you could try Ayaan Hirshi Ali (African former Muslim), Bridgette Gabriel (Arab), Daniel Scot of Ibrahim Ministries International (Pakistani), or Ali Sina (Iranian former Muslim). 

For “balance” you can read books by pro-Islamic authors such as John Esposito or Karen Armstrong and compare the different messages. Please feel free to disagree with us, but please do so from a position of knowledge and not one of ignorance.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




Seeing our deposed PM, Tony Abbott, on The Bolt Report last Sunday convinced me that whilst having an opinion and attempting to wriggle around on questions concerning the destructive nature of Islam he was largely ignorant of the teachings of the Koran and the history of Mohammed's violent promulgation of Islam. This kind of foolish ignorance is one of the major reasons we are all paying an ever costly price for our politically correct tolerance of the totalitarian, evil ideology of Islam.

Why aren't they learning ENGLISH? Especially their so-called mOslim representative who couldn't even attend the funeral of Mr Cheng.

"You can never argue with a bigot however, because they just won’t listen to you." That aligns with what I say, "Don't argue with a Muslim about Islam: its a waste of time. And while I'm at it don't trust them either for they lie, obfuscate, deflect, reframe, blame, justify, use circular logic, speak jibberish avoid along with any other form of misleading deceptive manners and violence in no particular order". I guess they are the bigots. Well they are because they just wont hear of any criticism about what they have had brainwashed into them. Brainwashed, ha must be a cult!

This is is really worth your while to listen watch and listen to.

The sooner the better I think....

Harry, I have almost finished reading you book. I knew we had a Muslim problem, but your book even opened my eyes. Your book should be read by EVERY non muslim. Highly recommended, easy reading. Now if we could get every single one of our politicians to read it,,,,,,? Should also be compulsory reading in schools,,, as if that will happen!!

I just read with absolute disgust that Muslim allowed to exclude themselves from the school assembly when OUR National Anthem is sung lest it offend them. These are the pathetic cult followers who cry that we marginalized them bringing jihad on ourselves as a consequence. And the PC left support this. These people choose to exclude emselves, i.e. marginalize themselves, then throw it back on us. What a bloody nerve. And what a bloody nerve for the Victorian Government for condoning this divisiveness.

I tried to buy this book but no one answered my inquiry.

The LIES that were the foundation of the Islamic 'movement' originated in the 7 th Century by a War Lord who needed to make his bastardy a Godly Crusade. He started to use Mohammed as his Godly Disciple..( NOT a GOD of himslf !?) 50 to 90 years AFTER Mohammed ...a murdering murauder... was 'poisoned ?!. IF ANY THING is founded on lies and mis-infroamtion...and this is historically 'proven', then one must wonder HOW it has been perpetuated with such a cost to the world and humanity !? It is an indictment on the design of humans, societies, religions, spiritual Leaders, legislators, in as n much as it seems easier to choose to be a BAD person than to be a GOOD one. Take time to see the FACTS and let it help save many good people from being MURDERED. A Historical and Factual Explanation. Jay Smith. Historian and Theologian.

A Historical and Factual Explanation of Islam's Beginnings - Jay Smith
Very credible expansive research and summary of proven FACTS on the historical origins of Islam. Every Muslim who cares about the truth of their religion should watch this. Maybe your understanding can save the world from the destructive situations that prevails? Also may Life fro everyone on Earth a Peaceful, Harmonious, Abundant and Equitable ‘home’ from ALL OF ‘WE’ EARTHLINGS!?

Well said, all above in replying to Bruce Whiteside. Agree.

Another excellent article here too: It predicts an increasing tendency among Europe's elites to adopt pro-Muslim political positions, and in many cases convert to the religion. If that happens, then I suggest career women and gays enjoy their freedom and social acceptability now while they have the chance. When Lefties realise how wrong they've been to bring in Islamic 'migrants' by the hundreds of thousands, they won't be able to admit it. They'd rather convert than acknowledge they've destroyed secular humanism. And they'll be the first to turn gays in to the Islamic Morality Police, that'll be patrolling every street looking for gays to string up. Poor confused Lefties.

Jack, I know what you are saying is 'tongue in cheek' but, the one thing we can all be absolutey certain about is that islam is NOT a religion it is a barbaric 1400 year old CULT. So all Australian tax payer contributions to their islamic schools, mosques, charities must STOP.

Thanks, Harry. You keep on spreading the message and it IS appeciated by many of us. My first wake-up was reading Ayaan Hirshi Ali's book and have never forgotten it. I know there was a fatwa put out against her.

Samsung Defeats NWO Agents in South Korea
By Jonas E. Alexis on October 25, 2015
Heinrich Heine: "Money is the god of our time, and Rothschild is his prophet."
Last July, Samsung got into trouble because they published a number of controversial cartoons depicting “a Jewish hedge fund boss” by the name of Paul Singer “as a money-grabbing vulture.”[1] The Daily Mail said:
“Harvard-educated Mr Singer, 70, whose hedge fund Elliott Management owns a seven per cent stake in Samsung C&T fell out with the company after he objected to a merger deal.”[2]............
...........“In reporting on the proposed merger, at least two South Korean media outlets blamed Jews for attempting to block the deal. One publication wrote that Jewish power on Wall Street ‘has long been known to be ruthless and merciless.’.
“A columnist wrote that ‘Jews are known to wield enormous power on Wall Street and in global financial circles’ and ‘It is a well-known fact that the US government is swayed by Jewish capital.’”[10]
“Money is the god of our time, and Rothschild is his prophet.”[15]
...............Heine saw this as dangerous to the Jews. Marx saw it too. But the only people who are still wondering whether there is any problem at all are the Christian Judaizers, people who are always willing to prostrate before “The Chosen” because Premillennial Dispensationalism dictates what they can and cannot say and do.[16]
The fact is that no one can seriously say that Smith and Taibbi are anti-Semites. But Samsung officials are anti-Semitic because they had the audacity to say that their oppressors are of Jewish extraction.
This is probably a historic moment in Korea, since some companies are beginning to realize that there is more to NWO agents than meets the eye. They seem to be saying that the price for obeying NWO agents is way too high..............

Ok.............I'll give ya this one..........humble apologies


I've just been reading some of Vox Day's stuff on SJW's (Social Justice Warriors) - He has them nailed down pretty and describes them in ways I couldn't. I can see a lot of those from the left fitting his SJW profilr to a "T".

That was then - this is now!

Z..precisely....again, state that publicly and our govt will have you arrested...and you will be subject to ASIO is beyond insane