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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Widodo petulantly refuses to answer his phone eh? Well, there is only one way that Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop can prevent the execution of the Bali two. They both must catch a regular flight to Jakarta and cab it to one of Joko’s six Presidential Palaces. He will be at this one (pictured). 

If he doesn’t answer the door bell, call in the world’s Press and photographers and allow all hell to break loose. 

Indonesia’s $600 million pa benefactors, Julie and Tony, sitting forlorn and neglected on the steps of the Merdeka Utara Palace would prove too much, even for Widodo to withstand. 

It would never happen of course.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




All we all have to do is tell whoever is in government in Aussie land that we will vote them out of office if they give any more capital (money) to those that do not help us as we help them. That will put a cat amongst the pigions

I have not listened to the TV news since the election as I cannot stand the crap they call news. It is all bad news and nothing positive.

Neville nobodies is a very apt description of these left wing luvvies. Put their movies on your list to not see. Don't mistake the Cowell guy for actor he looks like.

Apparently Joko won't return calls to Tony Abbott. How about him returning the $600,000,000.00. given to his corrupt country annually and we should be shining the spotlight brightly on their invasion of West Papua and their subsequent raping, murdering and illegal occupation of that poor unfortunate country.

Exactly Antonia it is all about their hatred of Australia and nothing else, hence the contemptuous theatricals. If there is another tsunami let the bastards rot. Widodo lizard can kiss my arse.

If I was Julie Bishop I would divert $200,000,000 from Indonesian foreign aid to Napal under the obvious fact that Napal's need is far greater than Indonesia. I don't support drug traffickers but I also don't support the corrupt regime of Indonesia. For them corruption is the norm.

Speaks volumes for the character of many bloggers here. Low lives, bogans and un-Australians who are happy so see their Muslim mates in Indonesia sight their AK 47's in on a red mark on the chest of Australian citizens squeeze the trigger when they get the call. Well, every one of you bogans who support this state sanctioned murder, enjoy your minute in the sun because you will never be any better than the Muslim murderers who pull that trigger to me and may you, like them, rot in hell.

As I said Ian, the solution to your problem is simple....
Whatsmore, you might be surprised what I actually do know about what is happening on this site, so kindly refrain from making assumptions.......


Interesting to see that the Frenchman, due to be executed with this pair, has had a two week reprieve because of pressure from France and Europe. Clearly they have no respect for Australia when they wont even speak to our leaders.

TAKE all of the sugar from the bird feeder to the INDO chimps , it will never happen because the U N will not allow it , some posters NEW to this site may ask what has the U N got to do with the Australian government , well the U N controls the government.

They have codsy. If you could call it an explanation. Because we are a "Lucky Country" and have all that extra wealth (yeh right), it is our "Moral Obligation'" according to our Politicians. We should be seen to be doing our bit to aid poorer countries. So I'm told.

Perhaps it would help us all if our gov. explained to us , the reasoning for giving other nations aid.

I'm a twinge surprised at the support for the death sentence here. They were caught. They did do 10 years jail. They do seem to be rehabilitated. I really doubt they would do it again. Here you are going to get 10 years for murder! They are idiots of the first order - but they have paid a fair bit for their idiocy too. Why kill 'em? If not to make a political point to Australia - i.e. don't fuck with us...we are powerful nation.

Is all this fuss just because Indonesia is enacting its well published laws ?

Same with that women president Larry in the Howard days. Would not talk to him. Pack of rude greedy bastards. I don't want my Tax $ going to Indo. So I am going to write to my Fed MP about the disgusting amount of $ we hand over to these people.

Joke O Weirdo, is nothing but a gutless upstart whose strings are being pulled by Megawatti. I have no argument with Indonesias laws and the Bali duo knew what they were before they set out to break those laws. However, the corruption and disrespectful conduct that has been the Indonesian handling of this case is an international disgrace. All the Indonesians taking part in this unparalleled spitting in the face of Australia and other nations concerned should be called out for their cruelty and their insensitivity toward the families of those condemned.

All Foreign Aid should be stopped immediately to Indonesia. If the President of Indonesia will not take a call from the Prime Minister of Australia then we should cease all diplomic agendas. We cannot allow Indonesia to disrespect our Prime Minister who represents the people of Australia. This has shown what Indonesia really thinks of all Australians. We are not Muslims so they think they can say to us Get Stuffed. I hope it will cost them in the long term.

Ian, are you in Qld???

Larry,with all your in your face writings this article seems out of place even for you. I thought you would be happy to hear the last of these convicted drug dealers.