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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Renny Carter

Renny Carter, 53, is an old journo and one of the Liberal Party's faceless men, who has opinions on anything and everything in contemporary life.


Killing Kevin - 3

Last night I had mixed emotions. Having watched this final episode of the train wreck that was the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd “Gumments”, one wonders how the Labor Party could resurrect anything remotely believable or usable from the upturned bodies, the disengaged axels and the spinning wheels at the bottom of the deepest canyon the ALP has ever descended into.

The British MP that Gillard brought in to assist with her campaign summed it up when he said he had never seen (and I paraphrase) such carnage from such promise. "How could they trash the permission in just 6 years?" he asked. He had never witnessed such a thing occurring in any country anywhere in the world.

The vision was comical in that we were watching the endless marches of solidarity to and from the caucus voting room with the rearranging Labor heavies, one minute with Rudd, then with Gillard, then back to Rudd. Those who put their money on the wrong horse of the day were voted out. Except Kevin.

And therein lies the root cause of Gillard's problem - the problem that would destroy her tenure and ambition. Like a reoccurring cancer which, despite bouts of good health, just won't stop showing up on the X-ray. Kevin bloody Rudd. The black shadow that heralds the ultimate doom. In fact last night's episode was called 'The long shadow.' Very apt.

Gillard had the opportunity to remove Rudd from the Cabinet table but decided that showing him some leeway might shore up a few votes and make her look motherly and soft. Had she been a harder-nosed bitch at the time - the very word that started the misogyny rant - she could have thrown Rudd into the urban wilderness, unable to campaign and feed people like Laurie Oakes with juicy snippets to get his pulse racing. He didn't even bother denying it.

The bottom line was that Rudd was never going to languish on the back bench for long. He wanted the Foreign Ministry because it gave him the two things he needed. 1) A stage to campaign from and, 2) the opportunity to spend loads of time out of Australia and away from the shit fight that the Gumment had become.

Remember that on top of all the crap concerning boat people and “there will be no carbon tax under....” - Julia now had a Judas of a speaker whose sexual proclivities were all over the media and were the vilest imaginable and a minister in Thompson, bending the truth on spending his heart out in the arms of whores and any other hedonistic whim he fancied. (Funny - we see in the news today another Union which demanded money from a major company for strippers. They don't aim very high this lot. So much for the free opera tickets.)

Kevin got the gig of Foreign Minister because Gillard stupidly thought that if she gave him what he wanted he would stop leaking to the media. The leaks stopped but Kevin was in full campaign mode each and every day. While he was in Australia - which wasn't often - he would campaign through the old Labor heartlands looking for photo ops and the opportunity for a Churchill salute. And the people turned on Gillard like a pack of dogs. As one Labor minister put it - he felt like Jesus in Jerusalem in Western Sydney.

Given that the Labor heartlands have a fair share of bogan saturation, the banners got more pointed and downright nasty until one rally where "Ditch the Witch” and “Down with the Bitch” were pretty well the standard fare. Stupidly Tony stuck his head up next to one at a rally and got soundly reminded of it in Parliament by a Gillard desperate for point-making. It deflected the heat for a moment or two. Angry Anderson even turned up to one and proclaimed Julia to be “Bob Brown's female dog”.

But the Labor heavies were busier than a hoard of field mice running into each other's offices looking for solutions, wondering who to back in the Titanic of a Gumment they were part of.

I won't labour over the chain of events here now - God knows we lived through them long enough. But when Julia won the Prime Ministership they said the Convention Centre was like a morgue. Like a badly attended funeral. A stark contrast to the Labor luvies at Kevin's victorious 2007 election win. Sure, she lost 13 seats and had to get into bed with the loathsome Bob Brown who most thought had simply romanced Labor to further his own futile Green aims.

She then secured the independents and one (Oakeshott) predicted that the Gillard Government, “would be beautiful in its ugliness”.

Of course, Kevin's drive to vindicate himself was put by one of his Caucus as “immeasurable”. He took the Foreign Ministry because, he said, “I didn't want to get in the way domestically”. People will remember that his time overseas cost millions and rendered little benefit except to himself.

Kevin provoked Julia and her cabinet, constantly taunting from the sidelines, until he thought he had the numbers. And finally he did. Gillard said of him after his first dethroning that he would be grateful for having the burden of leadership lifted from his shoulders. But it was her in the end that was grateful.

Her final speech after her resounding defeat in the caucus room delivered without a hint of a tear or a whimper. Where Rudd had blubbered at his final concession, she was resigned to the fact that she couldn't kill the little bastard and they had shaken on a deal for the loser to walk away altogether. Which she did.

The remaining members of the cabinet shook their heads and either headed for the backbench or fell on their swords. Or took up employment at a casino. A point not lost on Rudd with Mister Abib.

All in all it was as disastrous a Gumment as you will ever see in two lifetimes. You will never see their like again. Oh, and one little thing that was profoundly evident in the last part of this series... Shorton Brains was behind, or implicated in, every single act of destabilisation. Always there.  Always whispering. Always behind the scenes. Along with Piggy Howes whose face appeared at the rallies and interviews more often than would seem appropriate.

A constant reminder that Labor is run by unions and always will be. Unless this Commission does its job and rules them out as profoundly damaging to the nation.

That is the biggest sin of these three governments, unionism has been allowed to rise again and rear its ugly, unbridled, unprincipled head. Sadly it might take a little longer to rid ourselves of this parasitic band of thugs and robbers who are currently clogging up our courts.

I don't feel sorry for Gillard. She was not elected cleanly by us and will benefit from the millions we will pay her for just three years of work ‘til she dies. I don't feel sorry for Rudd because he was and is some sort of political psychopath.

He said in closing that he took no pleasure from the discomfort of others which, if true and he had a trace of dignity, he would not have participated in this series. But he too will benefit hugely from our largesse for the rest of his life... for placing Australia into its worst financial position in living memory.

Goodbye Kevin and Julia. Please for all our sakes, never return. We can't afford the excitement. Or the expense.



I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits

Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?


Doesn't LABOR stand for "Look After Brothers Or Resign". In other words, corruption is here to stay, as it has been historically, and god/allah or whatever man-made god you believe in had better protect you if you go against it. You only have to look at Labor Independent Labor people such as Paul Pissale, Mayor of Ipswich, who is one of the most respected Mayors who is only interested in his community and doesn't bring politics into it. What has the labor party done - they want to expel independent labor councillors. What has state/federal politics to do with local government which is Pissales and the other independents issue. NOTHING. Where there are honest labor party people - they HAVE TO GO because it doesn't fit into labor philosophy and practice. Coming from a LNP supporter!!!

I was assaulted by peter beattie who shook my hand at the opening of a government correctional facility. My hand has never gotten over it. Perhaps I could have used a worker's compensation union ploy and go for permanent disability.

Peter Beattie was the same .

Jack J Richards
With the ear wax, in mind, I reckon he would have licked the bugger of your hand, and said,
"Num Num"

What were those who resigned running away from ?

TW, that's right, but the reason he's in front is whilst lardarse is our worst PM ever, crudd is actually our 2 worst PMs ever

The very Mind Numming Labor Loving Knuckle Draggers are alive and well and thriving in the heart of every blogger in the Fairfax rags. It is so disturbing to think that these are really Aussies who lived through the Diabolical Rudd/Gillard era and still think that labor is the Saviour of all men. Obviously these ignorant simpletons are too stupid to even realise what is happening under their noses.

Renny Carter's piece says a lot about the disgraceful Rudd Gillard years. BUT his English is woeful, and I didn't know that Thom(p)son was a minister, did you? Having said that, it was nonetheless instructive. Well done Renny. 7/10

the outstanding feature displayed in the killing season is that the duplicitous, dysfunctional and despicable characteristics of krudd and Gillard live on and are manifest in Shorten.

My word! Surrounded by idiots! Harriet...Do you seriously believe that anybody believes you have anything of worth to say?..what does Horse mean? ..and Ozzie voter, that was my point; Renny spelt what I assume to be a reference to the unlamented Craig with a 'p' Silly boy!

I am disappointed that they did not show the school kid who threw his sandwich at Gillard...

Apparently Bill Shorten is now admitting that he lied to Sarah Ferguson about his role in the RGR affair. I'm not sure which part, as he seems to have been in it all from the beginning.

There is no (p) in Craig Thomson's name. Check your facts.

I saw on the ABC last night a shot of the TURC related transcript that Larry had posted on another the first shot "Trotter's" name was blanked a further shot later on it had "Michael" ......some one is being protected...

What twat you are Lasouris. I give you a big fat zero......Horse.

For what Gillard, Rudd & Shorten put this country through they should be hung by the neck till they are dead.

"A constant reminder that Labor is run by unions and always will be. Unless this Commission does its job and rules them out as profoundly damaging to the nation"

The unions will NEVER EVER release their grip on the ALP (Marxist-Leninist).

And the TURC will NEVER EVER fulfill its role and promise. NOBODY will go to the slammer, least of all komrade juLIAR.

Tanya Plibersek’s husband Michael Coutts-Trotter would forever have a criminal record. When he graduated with a degree in communications from UTS in 1995, he landed a job in the office of Brian Howe, then Labor deputy PM, but his new career in Canberra was quickly derailed when ASIO denied him a security clearance.
A few months later, his record initially meant he was passed over when he applied to be press secretary to Michael Egan, treasurer in the newly elected Carr Labor government in NSW
Egan tells me that the selection committee thought he was the standout candidate but that there was this problem. Egan had other objections. "I don't like the fact you have a hyphenated name or been educated by the Jesuits," he tells me he said to Coutts-Trotter. " if I give you the job, your background will come out."
The Sunday papers ran with the story that the treasurer's press secretary had been in prison for heroin, but by then Coutts-Trotter had made himself indispensable - and not just to Egan.
"Treasury just fell in love with him," Egan recalls. The treasurer mounted a strong defence of his staffer and the media went quiet. Coutts-Trotter stayed almost seven years, becoming Egan's chief of staff and a confidant of the state's leading bureaucrats before being headhunted for the position of director-general of the NSW Department of Commerce by his friend John Della Bosca.
in April 2007, then NSW education minister John Della Bosca appointed Coutts-Trotter director-general of the NSW Department of Education and Training and the whole question of his criminal past blew up again.
It was pointed out that someone with his record could not be employed as a teacher

The Killing season highlighted how devious and manipulative the Juliar is
Dyson Heydon and the team slugged away at the union governance and corruption commission, but not to any startling effect.
In his interim report the former High Court cadaver seemed to be livid that Julia Gillard was well-prepared and got the better of counsel assisting, Jeremy Stoljar:
"The key parts of her evidence were the product of many months, in a sense nearly 20 years, of thought about the issues – the product, too, of iron willpower which drove her very able mind into the most intense and thorough preparation.
All this - her intense degree of preparation, her familiarity with the materials, her acuteness, her powerful instinct for self-preservation – made it hard to judge her credibility. Normally cross-examination of a non-expert witness is a contest between a professional expert who is familiar with every detail of the case and a relatively unwary member of the public who is not.
But Julia Gillard had 20 years' knowledge of the case and immense determination to vindicate her position. She was, so to speak, a professional expert on her own case."

Killing being the operative word Mr Renny Carter, preferably a head shot from about 1000 metres!