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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Keep Them Airborne, All of the Time

Yesterday Flora went down the road for a chat with our deep-green neighbour, Professor Percival. She hoped this would earn green points for her in the Leafy-green Ladies Circle.

She came back agog: “Our Professor is flying business class to Canberra hoping to get on the climate cavalcade going to a conference in Paris soon. He says they have this important job to prepare the secret first draft of a new international treaty to save the world from your wicked coal-mining mates.”

I said they should put them all to work underground.

Later, I had a whinge about such travel rorts to our sensible neighbour, Fred McNally.

But Fred had a totally different view.

“It was not a bunch of airborne academics who concocted the Kyoto land grab that stopped me from feeding mulga to starving sheep – it was climate industry busybodies at their desks. Better if the whole green industry is kept in the air flying, or sipping champagne in Paris, rather than modelling carbon ration plans for us, or tramping over every proposed development site looking for skinks, toads and butterflies.”

“We should keep the whole lot, in the air, all the time – it would cost the country a lot less.”


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


19/08/15 Alan Jones talks with the "lock the gate vandals" that Viv and his international mining mates hate.–-drew-hutton

Viv. No doubt you saw this crock from Your comments and thoughts?

Listening to the lies and miss-information these money grabbing con men are still chasing is so angering and frustrating. It is agonising trying to find a radio station and a show host not peddling this bullshit !

Victorian climate legislation doesn't impress MCA

Thursday, 13 August 2015
THE Victorian government should not seek to shutter or impose emissions standards on power generating facilities, nor to use the EPA to slash industry emissions, according to the Victorian division of the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA).

These assertions were made in a submission to Victoria’s review of the Climate Change Act.

“The Minerals Council of Australia (Victorian Division) does not support the reintroduction of an emissions target or specific emission standards in state law,” reads the submission.

“If adopted, these measures will inevitably result in Victorians and Victorian businesses being disadvantaged through increased cost pressures without an overall dividend in the form of lower national emissions.”

It was also firm in its disapproval of the state’s approach: “The MCA does not support state-based climate change policies and legislative regimes because they are at best inefficient and at worst ineffective and counterproductive.”

The MCA feels a more holistic, national view needs to be taken.

“The achievement of substantial emissions reductions, without damaging the economy, jobs and living standards, will require finding the lowest cost emissions abatement initiatives across the national economy.

“The abatement initiatives may not necessarily be achieved at uniform levels across respective states and territories.

“Accordingly, a policy approach that seeks to produce emissions reductions in one jurisdiction without reference to broader nation-wide approaches the makes it inevitable that the abatement will come at a much higher cost.

“Over time the impact of such measures will be counterproductive not least because they will weaken public support for genuine climate change mitigation measures.”

Lastly – and perhaps unsurprisingly – the council also called for balance with regards to the mining industry.

“The Australian mining industry has a vital role in enhancing Australia’s prosperity as well as in the global challenge of energy security and sustainable development.
“The MCA is therefore committed to supporting an international response to managing climate change that will deliver effective greenhouse gas emissions abatement, promote business opportunities and not undermine the Australian industry’s competitiveness.”

Viv, thank you for keeping us real on climate you know what the expected outcome from Julie bishop et entourage is to be? Are we ratifying? Are we donating? or promising recurring funds?

Better still, how about sending the lot on a mission to Mars? I am hoping the snow in Canberra yesterday makes the greenies realise that we are more at risk from global cooling than global warming. Colder = less food production. Warmer = time for two or three crops in the Spring, Summer and Autumn months, or for those living in the fabulous Northern Rivers, winter crops too.

Al Gore is your classic global warming hypocrite. Travels around the world in a private jet, stretch limos everywhere, mansions, 5 star hotels.........and then tells you to make sacrifices (like no heating/aircon) to save the planet from global warming! What the.......

As I understand it, when there is a heavy frost there is no wind. After all the vineyards have wind turbines to keep the frost off the vines. That means that on a frosty morning when the city wakes up households are relying on coal and maybe a little hydro. The wind turbines have double windings so they draw current from the grid to keep turning when there's no wind. I doubt if all those rooftop solar panels contribute anything in a southern winter. I know I can't keep an electric fence charged from solar in winter. So to my point of view, if we go to the level of renewables Labor wants we will have brown outs.

My regret is hat I'm too old to be around when this bullshit is exposed. I hope humanity is able to survive the useless waste of time, funds and effort but I doubt it.

Fred is a smart man!

From Tim Blair's blog @ The Telegraph


In 2013, academics at Concordia University set out to determine the exact levels of global warming achieved by individual countries since the industrial revolution. Last year their results were published. Australia’s contribution to global warming turned out to be just six thousandths of a single degree, ranking us merely nineteenth out of twenty industrialised nations:

See Image of top 20 Total Warming [degree] Rank @ link below

This and other inconvenient truths are why the ABC and their climate alarmist chums so frequently resort to the per capita deceit, as the ABC again did yesterday:

Of the top 15 emitters, Australia is the largest emitter per capita.

Note the qualifier. Back in the day, Australia was routinely described as a straight-up per capita emissions monster. Now, following mockery of our per capita brutality, climate child-frighteners are forced to refine their deception. Soon they’ll be reduced to claiming that Australia is the largest emitter per capita of nations whose names contain at least five vowels.Greens leader Richard Di Natale isn’t bothered by such fine distinctions, and the ABC is happy to push his wildly inaccurate view:

Meanwhile, in Canberra:

Australia will adopt an “economically responsible” target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 26 and 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030 ...

Tony Abbott said the government was striving for “jobs and growth” in every sector of government and “climate change is no different” …

Bill Shorten told his Labor caucus: “Mr Abbott’s Liberals are arguing about the best way to drag Australia backwards on climate change.”

The Greens party room also discussed the government’s target. The party’s MPs agreed it was “an all-around science fail” and they “all nodded vigorously”, a senior source said.

These ridiculous people are wasting massive amounts of time and money over literally nothing.

Evil emitters of plant food.

He says they have this important job to prepare the secret first draft of a new international treaty to save the world from your wicked coal-mining mates.”

Again Viv is less than factual, Paris has all the attendees already sorted out their target reductions, No secret deals, is he suggesting Julie B can not be trusted,

Three Green warriors
Sorry the great Powerpoint show was a treat

They are an insidious mob of thieves. It has nothing to do with global warming and they know it. It is all about creating their own industry and jobs because quite frankly, they are incapable of holding down any productive employment with a practical use for man kind. The jobs will be funded by the ever suffering tax payer who are declining in numbers, due to their job stifling policies.

If we were an Islam nation , the whole insidious gang would have been beheaded !

Interesting parable as to where Australia is heading due to lack of planning in coal fired power infrastructure. Lots of learnings to be had studying South Africa ......... more within.

Fly them over the Ukraine and let Putin deal with the lot of them.

Would be better to fly all the planes into a mountain!

This Government isn't going to penalize the coal industry for their pollution, instead their going to 'green the land' and it doesn't really matter who's land they will lock up.