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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


KEEP SAYING THE EARTH IS FLAT...sooner or later the odd bogan will believe you!

Labor's continued insistence that Tony Abbott has cut health and education by $80 billion is entirely wrong. What happened was that Julia Gillard, with the assistance of her dodgy little ANU mate Gonsky, had promised $80 billion of funds that were never there and there was never any hope of her or Abbott achieving them, even via borrowed funds. Well not at that stage.

Abbott agreed to meet funding up to and including the forward estimates which covered four years. Gillard's funding dreams extended to ten and twelve years in the future and were an exercise in imaginative futility.

But Gillard knew her re-election was near impossible so she left some ammo in the clip for the Opposition to fire at Abbott.

Just another of her land mines. 




What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


One of our loony posters says the earth is flat and his followers are bogans. How about that?

Tell us something we don't know. How on earth anyone can call a two and a half percent increase a CUT is beyond my comprehension. The only genuine cut was to the ABC, where huge salaries and overstaffing is rife. And then it was only a 5% cut, but the ABC are screaming like it's going to put them on the bread line. Wankers!

i wonder how much 'she's courtesy of our taxes paid beyond blue to bribe them into that position as well

Adelaide is a great place. But the State based Labour Governments have f#cked the joint. Institutions (Great Restaurants/Pub's etc... al closed due to inept Government. Unfortunately the SA State Liberal Party is also as week as...

The only news organisation that asked, and keeps asking, questions is News Ltd. No wonder Labor hate them.

I listened to the Parliament broadcast of the Education bill that went through in the dying days (last day?). Pyne and the others kept asking some very detailed questions, saying that the schools didn't know what they were getting. After 1.5 hours (yes, 1.5 hours or thereabouts), Rob Oakeshott stood up and gagged the debate. Passed.

I heard that thing in red was ill. Didn't it die? If not, hope it's still in agony and in the grip of karma.

The public will believe what ever is dished up if there is nothing to show any alternative view. Team Abbott need to be putting the other side to the swill dished up by Labor/Greens as soon as they post or release anything and show it for the Lies that they are. I know it is hard when the Public broadcaster is on the other side, but they can only fool the people when not challenged. TA has the right ideas but has to counter the crap immediately.

Mate they were a shit awful band wern't they. Made my ears bleed. And fronted by a bald headed, talentless prick. I remember when the a'hole washed taxis for a living in Brookvale. That was about the limit of the dickheads ability.

Gillard left the Liberals with some beaut time bombs. I can not believe that the so called Press of this country do not ask Labor, where the hell was the money going to come from. Something is so wrong in this country and the people. I am surprised that my poor head has not fallen off, as I walk around the house shaking it in disbelief at what is happening. I really do feel so sorry for Hockey & Abbott as they have to find this money, but I do like the way he keeps throwing back at them, and they never answer, because they can't.

I thought Bronny sorted them out brilliantly in QT yesterday, simply ignoring the question and moving on, the circus moves on. I don't think the Aussie public believe any of that crap anymore, regardless of how many times it is said. But their ABC will keep it up in the headlines.

The money is all Gonsky

Beds are Burning could also be prophetic.

Why don't the majority of voting-punters understand this fact. Gillard left fisical hand grenades everywhere for the incoming LNP government, from Gronski, Health, and the Disability funding, it was a burnt-earth policy, the fact is, and was that their was never ever any money in the till to pay for this. Her and Swan were totally reprehensible in these actions with the current swill on the opposition benches maintaining this mirth.

This bloke might be their adviser

Curly on the left...Mo in the middle....and Larry on the right. Nup..Nup...nup.

Let's not forget the salary she would be pulling from "Beyond Belief". Sorry, Beyond Blue. I often wonder why when a country sacks a PM that they should receive a pension for life with all the perks. I wouldn't get one, would you? Plus you can still work and earn money without it affecting your pension. Something very rotten in Denmark.

Quote " If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." Joseph Gobells. The Labor party has made this an art form.

Yep NSW hi hip has a Budget surplus -- By Bludging off W A 's diminished GST take as are the other States - it was good enough to take from W A when they had the Mining $$$$ income and helped out the other States by having a big cut in GST ------- Hey now No One wants to be part of a Common Wealth and give back some to Western Australia who are now doing it tough ... ( ! ) RSSoles

So if they ALP won the next election, will Short Willy put the 80 billion back on the table.

Today's Labor = criminal organisation !!