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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Junk all Junkets

The climate catastrophists in the UN and Australia’s Climate Council claim that man-made global warming will hurt tourism.

However tourists in planes, ships, buses, trains and cars all contribute mightily to man-made CO2.

If the catastrophists believed their own scare-stories they would advocate bans on all government promotion and advertising of tourism expos and games, abandon the multitude of tax-funded climate conferences in exotic locations, and veto all government-funded “study tours” by academics, politicians and bureaucrats.



What are They Plotting in Poland




You would think that with all their Well Paid Professional Staff they could work out how to do a TeleConference.....

I read elsewhere that in the early 1900s the UK explored the Australian coastline, a scientific expedition, and large rocks were marked that were still exposed at high tide. All of them today remain visible, that is the high tide mark remains accurate.

Hypocrites, liars and criminals are these GW catastrophists. May they all choke on their own vomit.

They will ban cows soon. The average cow farts 5.3 kg of methane per day.

The old Snake Oil salesman were choir boys, compared to the likes of Gore the Climate Change Whore.

!700 private jets went to Davos so thatshows how much the elite globalists care

Just like to know When will Germany close down their Motor Vehicle Industry? Cars give off so much pollution. Is that why they are the Head of the E.U. so all monies will support them. It also seems that Europe has now realized they cannot live by WINDMILLS alone they are all building Coal Fired Power Stations.Is this another case of "Do as I tell you not as I do". Have Germany paid their bills to America as yet or are they still awaiting a loan from the E.U. for that.Certainly onto England to pay up and shut up when you leave.$50billion by England but last count Germany owed in the $400 billions to America.

Well it would be good if they realized that the planes and ships cause Global Warming. Then that alone should put a stop to all the FREELOADERS coming to our shores.Maybe have a quiet talk in the ear of 2 Daddies and Adam Bendover Brandit have them stationed at Airport and the wharves. Give them a Fancy title no more money Just the Title Shadow Minister of Travel Equal Opportunities Male and Female.They could then conduct that it is only food bought into our Country.Head Taster could be 2Daddies she is BIG enough.

The biggest junket of all is the Olympics. I note that there seems to be plenty of snow and ice etc in Korea, they must be lucky as they seem to have escaped the effects of warmer temperatures. Wasn't it MINUS 7 there the other day. WOW.

I have noticed the old Ozone layer depletion popping up again. More green recycling in desperation.

They know it's not true, it all for the SHEEPLE.

new post up

OT Be careful ordering a "free sample" of anything offered over the net. They "only" charge postage to get your credit card number and then "full" price for subsequent deliveries, which have not been ordered. I have fallen for it but I think the bank has been able to stop payment to them, so I've got the goods and hopefully, they haven't got the money.

Going along to the post-conference cocktail party's is the only way some people can get a root eg. SHY, as only a dedicated and drunk 'catastropharian' would consider having a go with her.

Indeed Viv, especially the taxpayer funded junkets to Paris (a favoured location) when ministers can leave their wives at home and instead opt to be accompanied by a female staffer (a la Tony Burke) for a trial run at playing happy families or even checking out the mile high club.

The artificially intellectually Gangrenes will be in turmoil in their toilet cubicles as they live Barnaby's love life strip them of their media attention of their phoney coral doom and gloom scenario.

Don't forget all those nasty polluting fireworks.

It's part of the venacular in ABC and Lefty programmes, to throw in 'climate change' as a modern day problem and all the connotations attached thereto. It's been around forever and is not new and is not catastrophic. Trouble is the children are being brainwashed by stealth.

The Gravy Trains will not be abandoned. Indeed, the UN chose an Indian railway engineer as head of the IPCC, the perfect driver for their gravy train.