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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



According to the Bible, Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Palestine. A country where people are called Mohammed, Abdul, Mounir, Aziz, Ahmed, Farid, Omar, Youssef, Mouhoud, etc.

Yet he managed to find 12 friends called  Andy, Bart, Jim (two of them), John, Jude, Judas, Matt, Pete, Phil, Simon and Tom..... who all liked getting pissed on wine!

Now that's what I call a miracle!



What are They Plotting in Poland



Well I'm surprised Larry, you are doing what the proponents of Global Warming do, make bold statements with no facts, the alternative to God is the scientifically impossible "big bang" and the unsubstantiated evolution THEORY.

Yeah - and most of them couldn't read but somehow managed to write huge books

Wouldn't they have been more Jewish names rather than the Islam-like shit that cannot be spoken without great gobs of phlegm being spat around the place?

And again, why do people poo poo Jesus? He whipped money changers, feed the hungry, healed the sick, and taught love one another. Yeah, he sounds like an ass we should all hate on. Even if he wasn't real, I'd like a guy like that as the first Australian President. We'd have a balanced budget without usury, good clean food, a wonderful health care system and lots of weekends at Nimbin.

Great picture! So ! Jesus had some 'special mates'. The enjoyed getting together and male bonding and a few tipples?! Understand they did a bit of fishing and hiking together? Had regular parties at 'friend's houses? Respected HIS Mother and 'Step' Father!? Enforced HIS own 'Bikie Laws' in certain 'gathering places'? Sounds like a good 'Party' to me!! I'm in!!

Oh and the 'getting pissed on wine', that is an assumption but the wine spoken in reference to what the disciples drank, is most likely to have been pure non alcoholic wine. I can go to the shops and get non alcoholic wine, Jesus did not encourage drunkenness so it is highly unlikely that they drank alcohol.

A miracle? Not really Larry. The biblical record has been translated. For example, Ian, I have been told is scottish for John, maria is spanish for Mary, Iosepha is Joseph in Samoan. The names are the english equivalent for a name written in another language whether hebrew, greek or latin so no miracle to see here I'm afraid.

The only God I have is the "Sun".

Im going to leave Bank SA,-----they are owned by Bendigo Bank----will let them know im leaving their Bank because of the support for the Muslim society as I don't in any way shape or form support what their about---especially marrying little girls -----they are sick bastards

Why do we bow down to the Muslims-----we cant deny it-----cos we do,to let them into our country and let them build their hives[mosques]-----and let them stamp their authority in Australia----were just too bloody stupid and too bloody soft---

What about---Bazza,thommo,slugger,marge,snapper[cos his heads the same shape],dazza,flipper and rhino.---reckon they would fit well into the aussie bible----stuff the rest of the world,and their crap.

Odinism……….Our decentralized religious worldview expresses our love of freedom and, while we do have tenets, we do not have the dogma of many other systems of belief... There is no all-powerful spiritual leader, whose word is law; no `pope' of Odinism to dictate to us what truth is. Indeed, we wholly believe that each of us can re-learn how to listen to the voice of divine wisdom that dwells within us. No guru or priest has the one and only, direct line to the Gods & Goddesses. They live within us!

Our worldview values and cherishes the re-sanctification of the world around us, over materialism. We value and cherish our personal, traditional cultures, over ‘mass culture'. We value a natural social order, over an artificial hierarchy based upon wealth. We value the tribal community, over the nation-state. We value and cherish the stewardship of the earth around us, over the "maximization of resources". We value and cherish a harmony between men and women, over "the war between the sexes". And we value handicrafts and artisanship, over industrial mass production.

Odinism is a religion that recognizes the responsibility of each individual for his or her actions. The Nine Noble Virtues of Odinism, contained in the Poetic Edda, are an important part of the code of conduct for our adherents - Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-Reliance & Perseverance. By practicing these virtues, we bring ourselves closer to our Gods & Goddesses. We are all responsible to the Gods & Goddesses as our divine ancestors, each in our own way.

The picture looks like an ALP State conference .

AK...What I am trying to figure out is Where is Larry "attacking " "believers" in what he wrote.
Except for the historical inaccuracy in regard to Muslim names in Palestine in early Anno-domini and making a point about names...where is the attack???

Good Q !

The picture above indicates that there was not much food to be had at this meal as other than the sheep or goats head there are no lamb shank bones, rib bones etc. and that many blokes couldn't possibly get pissed on one cariffe of wine and one glass, over half empty shared between so many. Maybe they had been smoking something or other to leave them in the dazed state some appear to be in.

Woolworths pandering is sickening , When did other denominations demand PAYMENTfor blackmail as Muslims do for use of their LOGOs. Acceptance of paying for HALAL logo adds to customer costs AGREE with Jack French. AUSTRALIA SHOULD HEED the plight of ENGLAND. with the BLIGHT that is ISLAM.

Reading Islamic Q and A It is against their prophets teaching to live with of in the lands of non Muslims UNLESS they are unable to live in own lands because they are prevented from practicing their religion, BUT they CAN live in the lands of NON MUSLIMS in the FURTHERANCEof ISLAM, ALWAYS an OUT for everything THEYDO.

Have always shopped at Woolies but becoming increasingly disenchanted with their marketing strategy especially around their "own Brand " strategies.
I also find that the once high standards of presentation and uncluttered aisles also a thing of the past......Yes they are in fierce competition with Coles & Aldi for market share but does that mean you have to let your standards fall.????

Steak on the plate while you wait or pie in the sky when you die ?

Work hard without reward in this life, for your rewards shall be given in the next life !