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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Have you noticed the difference....

Have you noticed when the Conservatives have a moral problem in their ranks like Bronwyn Bishop’s spending? Have you noticed that they admit it, resolve it, show contrition and take steps to ensure it’s not repeated?

Have you noticed when Labor has a moral problem in its ranks like Julia Gillard’s fraudulent theft of union members’ dues, outrageous uncontrolled spending and total incompetence in Office? Have you noticed that they refuse to admit it, resolve it, show contrition or take steps to ensure it’s not repeated?

Hmmmm, maybe it’s just me.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


When you are a little commie socialist parasite, you only feel bad when you run out of other peoples money ,until that happens ,keep your snout in the trough and your arse in the air !

Yes, I've noticed the difference - I can't believe that so many have not noticed - it can only be caused by mass hypnotism or something in the water that causes blindness to the left.

Why the f---ck are we worried about global warming . Every 600 million years there is a super volcanoe in yellow stone national park and the last one wax 620 million years ago

ALP's pattern of behaviour is flagrant and pervasive, ... most likely, all or most of them must have Personality Disorders, ... seriously.

The islamic Green Liebor Party has a criminal mentality.

I think if they look deeper they will uncover a failed system that all pollititions use for there own good and the sooner one or a few get put in the slammer for steeling from us people the better, They should look realy hard at Shortens mob,

Hard not to notice that really.

I have noticed.

How about when our illustrious Leader who was going to stop the waste as one of his Election Commitments and forgot about these entitlements gives us a look at the new "guidelines". Lets's see if someone like Bronnie can spend $1,000 a week on Limos, go overseas and refuse to drive the Embassy BMW's and hired Limos, take these extravagant Luxury Jet jaunts, Military people drink $200 bottles of wine for lunch engagements..Tony Burke shout his kids Business Class travel,..etc. etc.

Saw this fun two liner yesterday in the Australian's letter column. To paraphrase: Malcolm Turnball is Bill Shorton only in a better postcode!' That would hurt little billy shorton-brains ego.

And I noticed in the Telegraph today that Greens Senator Stupid Hansen Young also took advantage of $2700 taxpayer funded junket to the Mardi Gras....

Poabur you are an air head. Gillard used her body to sleep her way into a position of power. She was a political prostitute, and lived of union members contributions while warming the beds of the power brokers. I think slut is the word I am looking for.

Notice that Liberals stand down during a scandal. Labor people refuse to stand down, no matter what. Note Liar to Parliament Craig Thomson, GilLard, the jailbird Michael Williamson, Bill Shorten being investigated by TURC. None of the Labor luminaries have even thought of standing down.

Poabur you must be still asleep. Open your eyes.

Poabur, surely you jest ...?

You guys! This is no scandal! It's constructive job creation. Work for pilots, hosties, limo drivers, housekeeping staff, chefs, waiters, bell boys, concierges and not a few journalists...

I see another labor freeloader has been caught out taking his family to north Qld in winter since 2011 at taxpayer expense. His excuse is he is so busy he needs quality family time. No doubt aw ay from the southern cold. Good one son.

when confronting moral problems etc. Labour have a history of stonewalling, attempting to or shutting inquiries, investigations, creating diversions and generally closing ranks..

If you install Windows 10 you can end up in jail

Burke is a thieving, bullshitter and should be sacked.