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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Well, no. “I stand by my decision, I take full responsibility and I will be more consultative in the decision making process in future”, he said. Crumbs, if he stands by his decision then what would have been the point in any consultation? With Tony Abbott, what you see is what you get and he will not change. People don’t change at the age of 57.

If consultation was ever a part of Abbott’s MO then he wouldn’t still be hanging on to the PPL. He would have consulted the cross benches and the AMA prior to announcing a stupid $20 rehash of the co-payment.

Abbott is stunned by the reaction to his method of rule, but he shouldn’t be, Australia is not yet a republic and he is not an elected President, he is a lowly Prime Minister. His Party, not he, was elected and his Party elected him... and it can un-elect him.

But here is what’s interesting. Conservative voters have realised there is a problem with Abbott’s leadership and they are saying so in droves. Yet during the depths of the Gillard and Rudd disasters the Left refused to admit there was even a problem. The Left is not the slightest bit devastated that Annastacia Palaszczuk doesn’t even know what the GST rate is.

What has been most noticeable in this fracas, at least to me, is the Right’s ability to judge politics objectively and the Left’s inability to do so.

And as for Uncle Rupert, he should zip it. Peta Credlin is Abbott’s Chief of Staff and would have a very minor, if any, influence on policy decisions and certainly not on the knighthood business. The problem with Credlin is that she isolates her boss from Ministerial influence... and he allows her to do that.

His brilliant efforts in Opposition have not translated to Government... and I doubt they ever will.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




It's no big deal to me. As usual the MSM have blown it out of all proportion. My problem is with Credlin, if she's advising him I think it's bad advice.

Hermes have you noticed a few lefoids have been feeling a little Horse? lol

go jo piss off

I see that the HS is pushing Malcontent Turncoat - I could never vote for him, and seriously doubt that I could for Abbott again either. I think he is seriously ill with one of early dementia, frontal cerebrovascular disease or (hopefully not) a brain tumor. A true lady, Julie Bishop would hopefully lead a far more moderate Liberal Party back to sanity, and would GE a very difficult target for Labor to attack, especially with a leader with Shorten's misigynistic history. She is the country's only chance and I sincerely hope that she foes her duty soon and taps Tony on the shoulder.

Rubylove - I can just see your feet hanging out! Wriggle your toes for us darl!

Don't forget "Sir Georgie (I can't find the cheque book!) Pell!"
That's where Abbott is!

It is a malevolent creature with an entire country in it's claws!



Level 1.

These are the swinging voters. They are easily persuaded by “offerings” and catch-cry. They are non-thinkers. Many feel-good types fall into this bracket. They tend to be the whiners – the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

Level 2.

These are the rusted-on voters. They vote Labor because Dad did. They vote Labor because they think “Oh ! I'm a worker so I must vote Labor”. No thinking needed here. They just get on with life obvious to the changing world around them. Too late they'll wake up.

Level 3.

These are the ideological driven. The people that don't like money. They see the environment as more important than humans. These are the street marches – protest at the drop of a hat. They invent the spin and spit the malice. Tolerance is unknown to them. They mutter quietly in dark corners about the time ahead when they will have the power.

Level 4.

These are the drivers of the ideology. The Fabians, The Emily List and the The Frankfurt School types. The have the very long term plans of the NWO and the OWG. They are quiet and never make a show of their secret aims. The see all the other levels of voters as their footsoldiers and cannon fodder.

Sadly it's the dumb shits on Level 1 that have landed us in the mess we have today.

Responsible first term governments always goes down the polls in the first two years. People want the budget fixed, but don't want pay for it and still want handouts. It is called a teenage society.

In regards those who wish to change the Australian flag it appears Abbott has come up with a new flag being a white background only. Nothing he has done is protecting Australia

Your sarcastic comments do not to this blog lefties!

Not if Labor say they are not. Sheesh!

Slipper and Thomson are dis-honourable.

Bishop to Afghanistan - to support Islamic government against Taliban terrorists. Abbott: Knight to Prince: Check. White House holds press conference (see infowars) where Taliban is declared no longer a terrorist group - instead just 'armed insurgents' (so much for 13 years and counting of occupation): Bishop approaches King (Rupert); Abbott advised by Queen Credlin that 'the peasants are revolting 'sire'': Abbott, nodding in disgust,responds with 'Let them East Cake' - doubling down for the umpteenth time. Check mate - game over. Next stooges please, for another lap around the Mulberry bush. Meanwhile 'Democracy' become the beard for white genocide of Australia - by our own govt with mass immigraiton

You nailed it ardeotis. Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson come to mind.

Abbotts PPS scheme has finally been put on hold until the Budget improves. Blind Freddy could have seen the sense in that over a year ago.

When they were teaching the Rhodes Scholars Integrity at Oxford, Abbott must have taken the day off.

ASIO should do a sweep of the Lodge, I think there may be an idiot ray secreted in the premises.

The Prime Ministers of the last 40 years have so used the office of Prime Minister for self indulgent reasons, is the office still relevant to the country?

Horse, Shorten continually refers to our PM as Toxic Tony and I always refer to him as Shifty Shorten. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.