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Friday, 14th December 2018

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David De Vere

David is a forty-six year old financial trusts manager and avid follower all things political. He articulates his opinions regularly to the editors of major dailies.



"The naïveté of President Obama in his deal with China on carbon emission reductions is jaw dropping. He has been played the fool by the wily Chinese who won't adhere to limiting any of their emissions despite saying all along that they are.  

China has never had any intention of being a party to any reductions.

There will be no checks and balances and no regulation. It's an agreement that cannot be policed.
It is beyond belief that Obama has trusted the Chinese. 

Of course Obama in his socialist rose colored glasses will abide by the agreement. Industries and the economy of the United States will ultimately be crippled whilst China, without limitations and their US main economic rival, will thrive and leave them in their dust. 

China will become the world superpower by a country mile and the US will become just another bit player. The balance of power of the globe will change and there will be a new world order, one that isn't necessarily to the benefit of freedom or democracy. 

This may have long-lasting implications for Australia. Our great ally and protector will be cut off at the knees and suddenly we may have new masters. One that we might not be overly keen to serve. Our future and lifestyles may be altered greatly. 

All this because of Obama being sucked into a deal that was never really to be and his Administration too inexperienced to see it coming.

Incompetence like this is hard to fathom.  With all that has been said about Obama and he in his own words saying he wants to bring America down to the level of the rest of the world you almost have to wonder if this is deliberate.

Obama may have just given America his parting shot. 

And the reduction in degrees in the world's temperature from this shonky deal? "zero". 


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


HAS OBAMA BEEN PLAYED LIKE A FIDDLE"? It's called 'pizzicato'. This hollow instrument should be 'plucked'.

iceman2, he practices fellatio on Phil Latio

Is Obama a Muslim? If you have any doubts simply look at this:

The debate over China / USA agreement is irrelevant....The time projections are such that it will be long forgotten and overtaken by events....In addition,. Obama is powerless having lost both houses and soon to be forgotten as the ' failed black equality experiment '..Same applies with China...It will say what's convenient at the time but do whatever is necessary in the future to appease and control growing population and their economic expectations / imperitives.

Our Pm Could become a HERO if he promised" to do the same as the Chinese "Xi Jinping’s promise to start reducing China’s emissions by 2030 (did he really say, “start to” and "by 2030?") leaving the golliwog to stand alone and stuff his country. After all our lefty bastards made a hero out of China for acting so promptly.

Looks like a bit of ABC inbreeding here .....

This is deliberate to stick it up the Republicans who now control the two houses, and telling them that anything to do with the EPA he can control without their permission. i.e. he can set emission levels America wide.

Obama is quite capable. He can walk and chew gum at the same time. That's really astonishing for a nigger.

The American people are being played like fiddles. Obama just reads the teleprompter, plays golf and not much else it seems. His masters want the US to be a 3rd world nation. Divide and conquer...

If he wants to fiddle, come up and see me.

Has Obama been played like a fiddle??? Yes

Sailor are you and Phil Latio related, perchance?

Obama is certainly as dense as lead and of all the stupid things he has done this one will damage the US the most... (potentially terminally as the preeminent global power) He is proving more powerful in his destruction of US global standing and presence, that has kept the world free of major conflicts since WW ll, than the Gemans, Japanese, North Koreans, Chinese, North Vietnamese and Chinese combined... Just imagine it "single handed destruction of the USA"... Some legacy this so called "first African American President" has foisted on the free world... Similar to our own experiment "first female Prime Minister" - But far more damaging globally...

Obama is the ultimate Trojan Horse, deliberately placed there to destroy the USA, and the plan appears to be bearing fruit. I still think that he is a Muslim.

I don't know about playing the fiddle, but Obama could play with my organ! I hope its true what they say about black men.

You've 'got it'!

One could but wonder.. not in the physical sense perhaps but mentally??? Both so damn stupid to the extent that they've each brought disaster upon both the US and Australia... shame on them!

Obama is the biggest tosser President ever, beats dumbo Bush Jr and peanut brain Carter by about - 50 IQ points - which puts him on par with a lizard. WTF did the yanks think when they voted this dumb arse in? What's worse is they will probably vote the double adapter Clinton in next. That bitch is super dangerous.

Antonia dear.... are you serious?

Well,,the short answer is ,,yes.