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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Greste in for the long haul

Peter Greste’s decision to appeal a seven year sentence gives legitimacy to a corrupt Egyptian judiciary, and allows for endless periods of delays in an appellate court.

Every bugger and his dog knows the judiciary is under orders to punish Al Jazeera for stories unfavourable to the current regime of Al-sisi. Egypt still doesn’t understand this democracy thing and the judiciary remains a political arm of the military General.

The first elected government in Egyptian history resulted in the Muslim Brotherhood gaining legitimate power. However, as with all things Muslim, skill at making car bombs and committing murders eclipses that of competent administration and the hapless Morsi was quickly overthrown in a military  coup d'état.

General Al-sisi is as corrupt as Morsi was hopeless and there remains little hope for Peter Greste as long as the General remains in power. Unfortunately Greste and his legal counsel will now need to pay undue homage to an appeals process mired in nepotism and fraud.

An appeal gives Al-sisi the perfect excuse to keep Greste in jail ad infinitum, certainly for as long as seven years. The General in the meantime can wallow in Greste’s false claims of faith in the Egyptian judiciary.

Greste’s best hope is that the General calls a fresh election and the Muslim Brotherhood regains power.

Hmmm, I’m afraid there’s a better chance of me being sprung in the cot with Christine Milne.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


First we had the "furry magnet"
Add in "Christine Mildew" Yetch!
I'm with you LBL

I was enjoying the article until the last sentence conjured up vomit-material images.

Maybe your dog can do Prune face :)

Some of you clowns aught to be deported to countries Geste reported on ; These peoples don't see themselves as terrorists more so they are fighting for their freedom that they and their like can live as they want to and not by someone else who dictates their lives ;Our own blackfellas are a bloody good example of how their traditional life was terminated and various tribes were forced into concentration camps even though they hated each others guts and were expected to live comfy with each other or they got flogged ; Al Jazeera is reporting what these peoples want heard because nobody else will and the biggest complainers of Al Jazeera are those who need reporting on the most for their crimes against humanity .

As for Greste, he was so biased, I thought he worked for the ABC.

Democracy has never worked and never will in this part of the world, strong leader/rulers they understand, but when everyone has equal right's then guess what, "everyone has equal right's to kill, maim, torture, for their cause. The only way an "elected" govt is going to stay in power is by brute force. I have no idea why the USA cannot see this, a fairly brutal dictator like Saddam is far better than whatever follows.

If you are a kafir and mix with MahumMADist watchj out.

there seems to be a sentiment around that employees of Al Jazeera possess innocence and objectivity and are not aware of the views of their employer.

Agree 100% Bill.

I have no sympathy for Greste, he knew what he was doing just like the ABC and Al jazeera proper gander that supports hamas. Greste was doing the same with the terrorist group “The Muslim Brotherhood”. It seems he may spend even longer in goal if his appeal fails. It’s typical of the left and MSM to cry fowl when punished for doing something they were told not to do. He could have saved himself by apologizing and promising never to do it again, but no, he takes the leftist view “I can do whatever I want and never have to answer for anything” I hope his 7 year sentence turns into 14 years.

"Hamas and Qatar are now on their own - no one supports them" Except the ABC, SBS and Foxtel who're all busily broadcasting Al Jazeera's terrorist propaganda.

Some terrorists take up arms for Jihad while others contribute with intelligence and propaganda. David Hicks preferred the former and Greste chose the latter. Don't sympathise with those who sympathise with Islamist killers. Of all the fucking dumb media organisations to work for this clown jumped on board the Muslim Brotherhood train with OBL and other evil bastards. If Adolf was still wielding power he could no doubt rely on the loyalty of this idiot to spread his BS. Same applies to the fools pretending to supply news and info at RT. If Greste wrote anti-Putin articles in Russia he'd mysteriously fall from a tall building, so at least he remains breathing, unfortunately for those who detest terrorist sympathisers.

Let the prick rot! What was he thinking! Who does he think Aljazeera is? They are the ABC for Terrorists and their sympathisers, the same network that continually gets fed propoganda by Alqaeda and the Talliban and now ISIS. Little wonder that Egypt would be suspicious! Yet Australians seem to think they can go anywhere in the world and be impervious to any laws over seas, and that our Givernment will do a High Altitude Low Openning type insertion to get them out of any trouble.! There comes a time when you are responsible for your own predicaments and the lack of Risk Analysis on your part does not warrant an emergency or criticism of the Government of Australia, no matter who is IN! Chances are if in Australia Mr Greste would be working for the ABC and bagging TA and co unmercilessly!

Now Larry just remember that now Milne is not in favor you lose another one in Lambie as you certainly wouldn't qualify.

OK Greste reported what he saw so we could see the same on our TV screen so why should he be held accountable for the actions of others who he reported on so we could get to understand what they were protesting about concerning their treatment as citizens of Egypt under the rule of General Al-sisi ,so it seems the General has a lot to hide so far as his public relations skills are concerned and it may not be a wise move for him to leave his country anytime into the future as any Egyptian may wish to serve him with an invitation to explain himself in the World Court in the Hague .

Capt Keith - be that as it may the fact remains Shorten has managed to pull some the nations most desirable women.....Bill has "something".......know what it is ? Perhaps technique or can it be bedroom "charisma" because it sure isn't his looks or personality.

What I can't quite equate is the main players in Egypt's judiciary are doing porridge with Greste so where did General Al-sisi drag this travesty of justice from to become judge seeing his devil worshiping opinion is more akin to that of a kangaroo court with cattle ticks that have sucked out his grey matter .

Shorten is short because he continues to shoot himself in the foot

And so, will Shorten's pathetic attempted ridicule of Hockey backfire?

As for Christine Milne you have taste.