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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


GREENS STILL DON'T GET IT... trees are a renewable resource

A tree that is felled before it dies of old age will be replaced naturally by another, even grander, tree. A felled younger tree will make way for more, even younger, trees. That’s the way forests work. 

They may take 300 years to reach maturity but unfortunately that expanse of time is beyond Green comprehension. They can think only in terms of their own short life spans, anything beyond that doesn’t count.

A Green’s brain lacks a neuron that computes the timelessness of nature as it applies to future generations of trees, frogs, butterflies and people. 

It’s an arrogance that defies logic.

If Christine Milne has no concept of 300 years, what chance does she have of comprehending three million years. Because, given that expanse of time, her precious old growth tree would have become her hated coal.

So if Milne could cope with the squeals of pain and take an axe to an old growth tree she will have just avoided a future coal deposit.

Everything, including trees and water, is renewable... it’s just a matter of time.






I was in Pennsylvania a few years ago and some people showed me some photos of the hills taken in the early 1900's. They were completely devoid of trees as the steel mills had cut them down for fuel. But there I was looking at the same landscape on the 1990's and it was very well forested with solid wood trees so much so you couldn't see far except from the high points. Same in NQ when a road is cut through the rain forest the biggest problem is keeping it clear. The rain forest grows back that quickly. I'm not worried about natures ability to recover. Brown, Milne Gore n co. need scare tactics to survive. Its the only thing they know.

Found a note in my letterbox from our greenie council. "SMOKE WAS SEEN COMING OUT OF YOUR CHIMNEY @ 8.03 AM THIS MORNING". First thought, I didn't know we were living in Nazi Germany, 2nd thought, what would normally be coming out of my chimney - Smarties perhaps. Give me strength.

I think July 27 is National Tree day :))

Tony Eastly on 24 looks to have aged 20 years overnight. Just dawned on him how CP played the ABC like a violin and labor/greens done like a dinner!! Been interesting watching him work. Even took the worlds biggest dope for a ride. Thanks Tony Jones and Mrs. for your part in the ruse.

We are talking Milne here aren’t we she doesn’t have anything, anything that is except hate and in that she has in great abundance so much so its made her the most ugly troll on this planet. Every thought, every action, every word that comes out of her mouth is vile, veracious and full of hate and malice.

The forestry industry always replants where they log. The Greens forget that when a tree goes over the 20 to 30 year mark they are not putting oxygen into the air they are dying and putting carbon dioxide back as well as rotting in the middle of the tree just take an axe and listen to the ring up the tree.

Prune Face don't know diddly squat about nothin?

Does anybody at all on this planet recognise at all the terrain in which we live? Sydney is guttered with rivers, ravines and creeks for example. These deep cuts and plains were forged over the millennia by water was it not. So what do you expect? Of course those waterways are going to come alive at times. Even the Uni students of Sydney have found animals etc. well above the water line that should live under water. So it says that water was higher at some stage. All the focus is on prescious Real Estate. Oh I am losing my house Oh shit what do I do. DONT BUY IN AN AREA THAT WILL FLOOD

It was old Joh who is responsible for the commencement of the timber industry in Qld .

I had a chat with the Green movement a few years ago in Nth Qld concerning logging and they wanted it stopped altogether so I put it to them that they consider selective logging that doesn't need heavy machinery so extract the trees by using airships as used in the US since about the 1950's to lift the cut tree out of the bush ; Interesting that they said no way even to removing trees that cyclones have felled instead leaving them on the ground to add fuel for the next fire season .

The real joke here is that they protested against the logging on the grounds that it was native. I'm sure it is, but not to Australia. Wankers!!!

Let's hope she's not renewable. Never has there been a greater waste of taxpayer money supporting the likes of Milne Bandt and Dumbass. These people could not possibly believe the garbge they sprout and are obviously feigning lunacy for the dollar.

So BR, you advocate for ALP government in perpetuity. Labor in power in consultation with Pauline. If One Nation consistently received 10% of the vote the LNP may as well go home and just surrender control to the Socialists. Pauline's a good, honest Aussie with a heap of courage but just look at what the Greens have done to modern Labor. They have shifted to the fringe and still reach record low primaries. Best to keep the hard heads in the main party and agitate from within.

But they DO have a concept of 300 years Larry!!

300 years is enough time for Milne to have a run at being PM
300 years is enough time for Sarah Two-Names to finish Primary School
300 years is enough time for Bandt to work out how he got into Spring street
300 years is enough time for them to work out why Julia doesn't talk to them anymore
.....and in 300 years they should have just about finished their eco-friendly shrine to Bob Brown!

It just requires the use of that which is called "grey matter", or "brains" Larry. And that lot ain't got none.

What a farce, Palmer appears with the snake oil salesman Gore. He backs the abolition of the carbon tax yet wants an emissions trading scheme put in place set at zero just in case the UN and Gore can spin their fear campaign enough to get a carbon dioxide trading scheme going. Is this not the same thing? I want another election, this country deserves better.

I weep for this country sometimes

Mista Palmer sneeky as a Arab,tell Mista Abbott dat he get rid of carbon tax if he buy what Mista Gore has to sell.Mista Gore another fat mans who says everyones be skinny.Is Citigroup got fat chekbook help Mista Palmer wit his problems wit da Chins?

Christine Milne ---is just an ugly old whinger that's making a damn good income out of the tax-payer,she doesn't know her head from her arse[reckon they would look similar].-----Its time----we pissed these types of people off for good.----Go Tony Go.

The fat lying prick that's Clive Palmer, should hang his head in shame, not only did he deceive the Aussie voters but also the fools that followed him into the Senate. You will pay dearly for this collusion on so called "Climate Change".