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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and has returned from three Iraq deployments. He blogs at


Gaying the Army

It’s embarrassing.

It’s divisive.

It’s a disgrace.

And it’s a complete waste of your tax dollars.

The Department of Defence has today shown exactly how hypocritical it is. On the one hand it’s complaining that it doesn’t get its hands on enough of the taxpayer dollar. And on the other, it’s producing rainbow-encrusted cuff-links for homosexual soldiers.

And they are issued free of charge, even though they are not part of any uniform (yet).

It’s all part of the process of gaying the Army, unleashed by the former Labor Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith.

In fact, the Army is so interested in homosexuality that its latest tri-annual journal was devoted to analysing the role of homosexual culture in Australia’s military. In contrast, over the last decade this periodical has featured well over 300 articles but just a single one has explored the influence of Islamic thought on the adversaries Aussie Diggers have faced in two wars.

And that, right there, highlights the fundamental problem within the Department of Defence: it is more interested in social change than waging war.

The dearth of Islamic discussion in the Army Journal might be little short of criminal oversight, especially as it was written in this journal way back in 2005 that Western post-modern education prefers to study Islam without the sword and that “Middle Eastern religious networks are not well understood in Western culture.”

But its recent focus on promoting homosexuality within the ranks is purely and simply nothing more than radical, socially-progressive military propaganda.

Defence has been hijacked by activists who are not interested in fighting and defeating an enemy. Instead, they are focused on using Defence to promote their grotesque social agenda. That’s why the Army can’t tell you who the enemy is in Afghanistan and places Islam above criticism. But it can tell you that it encourages homosexual political activism and uniformed support of those who mock Christianity in Australia.

The Army’s decision to issue gay cuff-links and lapel pins to homosexual soldiers is the latest manifestation of this. And it’s occurring even though Defence’s own policy documents state that inappropriate advocacy of a particular sexual orientation is sexual harassment.

If there is one thing that inappropriately advocates a particular sexual orientation, it’s issuing jewellery to promote homosexuality – a concept that makes normal Australians shudder.



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As a former reservist I find the ADF POINT ON THIS A DISGRACE.

Can someone tell these wankers that Labor has actually been thrown out and that bullshit is no longer in fashion?

Can someone tell these wankers that Labor has actually been thrown out and that bullshit is no longer in fashion?

I AGREE 100% -
In just ONE generation the army has done a complete about face.
We wouldn't have stood for Poofter soldiers in my day.
Now it's practically COMPULSORY.

Bernard Gaynor was obviously bullied at school having a name like that and he carried it over into Defence. This bloke is a loose cannon for any Defence Force; one reads about these bitter types about the world who end up committing atrocities against their own people. Leave this piece alone to fester, nothing positive ever comes from his flapping mouth, he's had too many knock backs I guess so he puts shit on every hting ?defence, just another evil, see you en tea!

Guys, some of you get off on anything. There is NO gay trinkets available in Defence clothing stores. FFS, these are probably being made by the Franklin Mint and available in disposal stores. Any one can make anything for a price. Stop showing your stupidity please.

There are so many pretty girls in the City, I want an "I'm Available" Badge

They are Hook up badges aren't they ?

Thanks B.G. for your expert commentaries and highlighting an incomprehensible / bizarre stuff up. Did our Defense Force chiefs think up this crap or was it foisted upon them by the limp wristed Greens/Labor dirtbags ? Any service person willing to wear gay a badge must be crazy. It broadcasts the fact they are gay and it might help them to meet up with other gays but it makes them very vulnerable to those who seek to infiltrate ( dare I say penetrate ) our security .

I would really like a pair of those cufflinks.... not to wear of course, but to put away for later so as I can say..."Yep the Australian Defence Force really did do this" Should keep me in the dinner party chat for eva!

A former Australian soldier i knew said ,when they were training with Indonesian soldiers out in the bush, one Indonesian soldier would be picked out to ''put out '' for the other indos and be the bum boy for all of them ! he said ''we made the bastard walk back to camp ,we were not taking that bastard back in our truck ''.What next for the the Dumb country ?

Agree. As long as they can do the job with no changes of rules that affect other people it's ok with me. What I can't understand is why anyone wants to wear cufflinks, & etc, which says "I have sex with blokes". I'm hetro and I really don't feel the need to advertise. I still think that the old "Don't ask, Don't tell" is still the best way to go.

My wife has just reminded me how the 'rainbow' has help us in the last 3 years. We've had the good fortune to travel to Europe 4 times. On each arrival our bags were the first out onto the carousel. What good luck we thought. Then on our last trip 5 months ago we found out the 'rainbow' secret. Our flight was delayed and we had to overnight in Abu Dhabi. When we came to check in the following days our baggage had gone missing. Of course black bags are all the go and the clerk asked are there any distinctive marking? Oh yes, they have 'rainbow coloured ID straps, I said. The reply, no problem duckie, the 'boys' will find them in no time. And they did. The two 'boys' that brought them to the counter were most upset to find I had a wife of many summers along side me.

What I meant by sending all the 'gays' to Afghanistan is the fact they will be welcome by open arms by the Taliban. Who will F them to death!!

Send all the 'gays' to Afghanistan. The War will be over in a week! Extra colours of kitbag available. Room for their handbags and makeup? Holy F. What next?

TA must stop this bullshit, once and for all. All the crap started by the Labor lefties is now defunct. Gillard and her left ideology needs to be crushed and those that don't like can move elsewhere, like Cuba, North Korea or some other commo shit hole. I said it on more than one occasion " Australia is not and never will be a communist country"

Gassius, who said trinkets are "being issued"? Please look for some facts. Next you'll be "imagining" that gay women are being fitted with strap ons...and running with that line

Well now, I cannot see why it matters. As long as the gays can fight and kill if needed, why does it matter?

Political correctness has taken over this country.

Wow, I have worn the uniform of both Army and RAAF, I have worked in the APS with Navy, Army and the RAAF. The comments I am seeing here are the most childish I've ever seen. I have never seen a mincing gay member in any of these services. Except there has always been blokey women, and some are and some aint. In fact the ones that have "come out" simply get on with life as everyone else does. Some are high ranking, a few whispers go out, but no one treats any one any different, please move on fellas, you're all looking like stupid red necks, and I know a few of them also who are secretly gay, so get over it and stop showing your utter ignorance.
Where the hell this story came from, god only knows, never heard of it; good beat up! These guys are doing the service proud, and laying their lives on the line that most if you would fear!