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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at

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Fraser fought with inner doubts

News just through that former Liberal PM Malcolm Fraser has died - a sad, confused man famed for engineering the downfall of the Whitlam government.

Perhaps the only person more reviled in Australia was his co-assassin, John Kerr.

After he was turfed as PM, bottom lip quivering, Fraser spent too much time introspectively wrestling with his conscience, yearning to be loved.

Consequently he over-reached to the far left desperate to be embraced by those who once hated him. Newfound friends include Sarah Hanson Young, exemplifying the sorry state he found himself in. No old friends left as his guilt became his driving force.

Hopefully you're now resting, Malcolm.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




`Paul' - I think you are way out of line with your very bad comments of Mr. Fraser. give credit where it is due - if nothing else and there were many creditable actions he implemented, at least he got rid of `THATCOOMUNIST WHITLAM' and saved Australia from near melt down in financial Mess. - Sure he sided with that idiot SHY but that was well after he left office - I think you have bad taste with your comments after the Man has passed away.

SO Labour has hated the guts of anyone NOT Left or simple, FOREVER AFTER, because Whitlam had 'supply' blocked. ie THAT Budget could not be approved. SO!! Now they are getting even with the RIGHT by blocking 'supply' / the better budget to save Australia from Insolvency and Bankruptcy and Re-possession, Silly Billy!? NOT really hurting TA or JH or JB et el as they will retire with the Golden Handshake. WHO pays ! We working taxpaying Ossies.

Wonder how come these supposed Iconic Leaders and extraordinary dismal failures, who did NOT help Aussie to be a better place for real Aussies, live so damned long and bleed us taxpayers for about a $million per year. Whitlam about a million an year for about 40 years from being booted out!!!

On another wedsite, an ex-RAAF technician told a story about servicing a very inaccessible area on one of the RAAF 707s that were purchased during Fraser's time as PM. He found, written on the bulkhead in marker pen: "Tammy has one and Malcolm is one."
That unknown RAAF graffito pretty well summed up the feelings of most, I think.

Whitlam was fxxxing Australia. Along came Frazer and fxxxed Whitlam. Then Frazer took over and continued Whitlam's disastrous plans. Result between the two of them Australia was well and truly fxxxed!

My thoughts exactly Michel Lasouris.He done nothing for white Australians,another betraying poly.

s-o-b, it possibly brought on his premature death...god knows what you'd turn up there...

Correction : Replace conservation with compassion .

Have a think that Malcolm might have thought that the Liberal were not who they are supposed to be ,not close enough to the Liberal view that included conservation .

Had tickets on himself Bits as did Gruff Witless.

ONYA bruce. Subscriber&utm_campaign=84746efb76-21st Century Wire Daily&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1dfb7233cb-84746efb76-72527217

Frazer’s dead. Good. He came and went before I was old enough to notice, but his
eulogisers say similar things; his wife was his puppeteer, he helped end Smithy’s Rhodesia,
and White South Africa, championed aboriginal land rights, and a multi- cultural society
Well, that all went pretty well, didn’t it?

‘Zimbabwe’ and the “Rainbow Nation” are in abject poverty, lawless, no longer food producers, and ruled by ignorant black popinjays. Aboriginal Rights has descended into living in squalor and abusing alcohol and children AND they’re paid $84,000 EACH for this. Multi-cultural rights brings us …..Muslim Terrorists. Well done Mr Frazer. You may leave…ignominiously… and join the other idiot, Brough Witless. What a pair of tossers. The current two aren’t much better either. Australians aren’t hard enough on media, politics and religion.
Perhaps now we will learn the truth about Frazer’s trews?

No wonder Gough and Malcolm became friends in later life, Gough must have realised that Malcolm had carried on Goughs' great work, destroying this great nation.

RIP for sure. And the legacy? A man who exhibited himself to be a Constitutional Monarchist, a Capitalist, a Small Business Advocate, a low tax advocate, an Ayn Rand admirer and a hetrosexual. And then symptomatically proved himself to be the opposite in every aspect . The socialist voice of malfunction is not a voice for reason. Fraser was a voice for enslavement. A lefty can never have National Pride as a Lefty does not value the dignity and sovereignty of independent Nations and the culture and custom therein. James Darby

Fraser has open the gates of hell and now we will have to fight these animals and remove them from our great land. What a fool and to support SHY is the last foist thing he did

Back in about '76 so a bit cobwebby.....Were looking at taxing free work boots, clothing/overalls etc

Blackwater Qld, the mining companies provided generous deals for accommodation, housing etc. So they decided to impose a tax on them. Not sure if Fraser actually went to Blackwater, Howard certainly did and discussed it with the miners and I think someone had Treasurer Howard in a headlock at some stage.

yep backstabbed Gorton, Snedden and much later Hewson. In a round about way he also backstabbed Whitlam, who certainly deserved it. With a huge mandate, he achieved little. No far reaching reforms etc... Just someone who wanted to be PM. On an international level he made a series of blunders, mugabi, east timor Lebanese immigration etc