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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The Age and the SMH are finished as influential media as Fairfax prepares to kill off its daily tabloids (or “compacts”, as they prefer to call them) and save face with weekend editions only.

The days are gone when you could wander up to the corner store to flick through a serious daily newspaper over a coffee. But the effect is much greater than that... just ask what’s left of their dishonest staff who realise they no longer have full-time jobs and have fled to join the feline dominated Left blogs in order to keep spinning their biased crap.   

 Julia Gillard was their hero and they were responsible for getting her inane misogyny speech to go viral. “The Guardian” and “The Conversation” are hard Left and support women commentators like Michelle Grattan, Gillian Triggs and Ann Summers and a few others who are well past their “use by date”.

Their tolerance of Turnbull is equal only to what was their intolerance of Abbott.

At least these man-hating women with a predilection for destruction all have one thing in common... they are determined to “Destroy the Joint” and all are decidedly unshaggable.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


With most of them especially Gillard If they didnt have that thing between their legs you would'nt talk to them

These poisons in our society are really no different from the unhappy minorities that try sooo hard to get into positions of influence to wit, the LGBGTIQ wierdos. They have endured centuries of ridicule and oppression and NOW they have a chance to wreak revenge. Unfortunately, they will go too far and even quiet tolerant types such as I will react in the end. It won't be pretty; there will be many many tanties and tears

OT..apologies, but Shortens outburst about being raided by the AFP. Couldn't happen to s nicer bloke....Steven Conroy is about the lowest sort of socialist slime you are likely to ever meet....and... his an immigrant! So, by definition illiterate and innumerate. He proved that with his woeful "management ' of the original NBN. What a jerk! I only hope he has met his Waterloo,

Jews Celebrate Obama's Latest Transgender Policy
As has been well documented, the organized Jewish community has played a leading role in promoting and elevating both transgenderism and homosexuality. The Jews even admit as much.
The Jewish Daily Forward
(JTA) — Amid controversy over new protections President Barack Obama has extended to transgender people, a number of Jewish groups have welcomed them.
A statement Friday from the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center praised the guidance issued the same day by the Justice and Education departments requiring that schools receiving federal funds end discrimination based on sexual identification.
“We urge all public schools to swiftly and fully comply with this directive so that transgender and gender non-conforming individuals are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve,” the RAC statement said.
The guidance, which warns that failure to comply could cost schools federal money, says students must access restrooms, shower facilities and other sex-segregated areas based on their gender identity, not on their gender as recorded at birth.
A number of states and local authorities have said they will ignore the guidance; some have threatened to sue the federal government over it.
The National Council for Jewish Women said the guidance “provides needed clarity and best practices for public school districts and institutions of higher learning.”
Also praising the guidance was Rabbi Jack Moline, who directs Interfaith Alliance, a coalition that includes major Jewish national groups.
“No matter whether antipathy toward transgender Americans is motivated by ignorance or a particular – misguided, I believe – theological understanding of gender, neither has a place in our public schools,” he said in a statement.
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Actually Old Bean
I Couldn't Give A Fig.

And unashamedly unshaggable

spot on Larry..destroy the joint is right..and unshaggable indeed...

Feminism is their answer to a lack of sex. Bet those who managed to jag a bloke has one who is a faggot or is screwing everyone but her.

Progressive women = brainless fuglies. No other way to describe them.

True dat''

Does the red shag pile carpet have some significance to the handbag hitsquad alongside the unusual handclasp mirroring image ?

Germaine Greer is appearing more moderate along side these types.

Well one can say that neither of those two uglies would slip off those chairs ;-)

As Mark Twain stated,“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed.”

Hard to add anything to that Larry.

with the demise of Fairfax I suspect Kerry Packer will be cheering and applauding in his grave. After all Keating blocked him from having a controlling interest in it and then had him smeared to warn him off. It's been some time coming I was hoping that Gina Rheinhart would have dealt the fatal blow, but seems it's themselves, the likes of Hartcher, Mike Carlton and Bandanna Man just for starters.

Really? Yes...really.
Ohh, big bad Murdock v gaybc/Fairfax.....oohh Murdock bogie man, deluded BS
I only buy the Sun for the X word, BULLSHIT , lying bastard.

Go back to your deflatable woman.

I wonder when they will get their 'just rewards' Not in my life-time I fear. When will we get a true Patriot to rid us of Socialist Scum , Islamist Murderers, Indigenous Industrialists, etc.

We also have Joan Kirmer, Carmen Lawrence, Anna Bligh, Helen Clarke all unshaggable but shagged every state and nation they were "leaders" of through their hatred of the conventional order.

This is a repeat of a post I just made on the current lead article by Larry: " I'm inclined to think that political correctness is running out of steam because more recent attempts to change language, culture and history are looking more and more stupid and ridiculous. Perhaps, we should revert to the "Perfectly Correct" movement whereby we state the bleeding obvious and call a spade a spade. Nigella Lawson was wearing a "black dress" which the PC controlled media called "colourless dress" so as not to offend "black" people. When I saw the photo, it was quite black and white in my eyes - Nigella was white, the dress black as the ace of spades!!."