The Pickering Post
Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Numerous cartoons and articles have continued to be deleted by Facebook. A concerted group of Labor supporters has been active in having my Facebook account, which has followers of over 22,000, banned. I am now unable to post anything but I would have liked to have apologised to those who followed me on Facebook, but I didn’t get that chance.

This is just one of  the numerous articles and cartoons the Left has had deleted:






Oh Really...I wrote toFacebook asking why Larry's site was answer, as I expected!What a rotten lot..all part of Agenda 21.The only posts showing on Larry's site are those up to 18th July.

Shame on Facebook to give in to socialist pressure. This should not happen in FREE COUNTRY. Looks we are not as free as we think.

Larry you were blocked by Facebook & I live in a country where Facebook is blocked! (China) And I thought control of free speech was bad here. When the time comes to return home to live in Melbourne I certainly hope leftist socialist loonies haven't completely squashed everything. I have a very good mate in melbs on my Facebook who has lost the plot a bit since Abbott came to power with leftist rants about global warming, asylum seekers rights etc etc 'sharing' almost fucking daily now. Do I report him as 'offensive' to see what happens? Thanks for keeping it real Larry, keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your page from behind the bamboo curtain

I was worried about you when there were no new posts on facebook - then came here to find you - while I'm glad it was ONLY a facebook censorship I also think HOW DARE THEY when so many posts that offend me are allowed.

"Bows to the left" with a bit of encouragement from the Moslem lobby. Larry, you were doing a great job in exposing this anti western lifestyle cult that now lives amongst us.

Start clicking the "offensive" post button for anything ABC, ALP and union linked.

Meanwhile a fellow I know was 'dacked' and a full frontal nude photo taken and posted on Facebook and stayed there until a family member told the poster to take it off.

Maybe PP contributor Jo Blow can help. He threatened one PP contributor with a visit from a mate and mentioned home invasions.

facebook is handy because most phone plans come with free social media therefore I could have read Larry's posts anywhere without having to use one's data allowance.

I wondered why I couldn't find any posts on FB

What is the difference when our posts here get deleted ?

Where does Labor spend Australia's money , why is that so hard for you to answer ?

I've deregistered with Facebook and lodged a protest re " censorship ". This is to see if the management will do anything about the problem. Anyone care to do the same ?

I can get in if I click the icon above. The page is still there.

You're kidding - OK for the ABC to be biased - these labor people are the pits!!!

Unbelievable.....time for all of us with FB accounts to re post all your posts...... EVERY TOUCH LEAVES A TRACE.

So all the real life blood and murders ect are okay on facebook, but just don't draw a cartoon? Some people need to get a life.

here is one fan larry you do not need

William Boil
What goes around comes around, Larry has banned me four times need to create a new name each time haha.

I can photograph your articles and post that. I'll try, Just to see what happens.

Gee, no doubt about those lefties, quick off the mark. The horse has not only bolted, it's long past died of old age! You've done a magnificent job for Australia, Larry. And we thank you for it. I have a Facebook page, but never use it. Only went to look at your page when this site had problems.