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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


EXPOSED! World’s largest Islamic charity a front for terrorism

Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) was yesterday designated a terrorist group by the UAE, the second Middle Eastern country to do so. In June this year, Israel declared IRW a financial conduit to Hamas, and it was banned from Israel and the West Bank.

The British-based IRW is the largest international Islamic charity in the world with a $250 million operating budget.  It has over 280 employees and is active in more than 45 countries including “Islamic Relief Australia” run out of Lakemba, NSW. 

IRW also maintains many Islamic affiliate charities throughout the world, each with multi-million dollar operating budgets, The largest Islamic charity in north America is “Islamic Relief  USA” whose CEO, Abed Ayoub, is pictured here on a recent trip to Ghana.

IRW’s Gaza “coordinators” were discovered to have been supplying funds to Hamas since 2005. It employs “executives” who are closely connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and it also employs people they refer to as “personnel” who were found to be actively funding Hezbollah.

Funds from a drug distribution network discovered in Western Australia and the $2.5 trillion world-wide halal certification extortion racket find their way via an array of charity fronts to terrorist organisations in the Middle East and back to terrorist sleeper cells in the West.

Dozens of smaller Islamic “charity” front companies also operate on a tax-free basis in Australia with funds, undetected by Austrac, shifting between sham “charities” to disguise their source and obfuscate their terminus.

Clever promotion with pics of homeless kids have so far kept authorities at bay.

Canada detected the scam and has stamped the practice out but the racket still operates unchallenged in Europe, the USA and Australia where authorities have been extremely slow to act.

It seems the West is unknowingly financing its own destruction to the tune of trillions.



What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


The biggest terrorist so-called charity is the White Helmets (Shite Helmets) They are a CIA front for the scum ISIS, Wahhabi, Jihadist head-chopping terrorrists in sovereign Syria who are being funded by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, US, UK, France and other NATO countries. YES US ( Israel's puppet lacky shabbagoy ) and others countries mentioned ARE training, arming and funding the vile scum murderous peadophile terrorists in Syria!

Hell how dumb is the West? These people are running rings around it , and it still doesn't have a clue whatis happening.

....and the western world just keeps on giving in to keep peace and'll. never happen now.bloody scary.

Organised religious prejudice has afflicted the world since recorded time.
Established in reputable, beneficent permutations, their record reveals a “false flag” history of every conceivable anti-social crime.
Almost without exception, sectarian institutions are hot beds of pedophilia etc.
A font of fabulous wealth, power and pretense, they have always operated above/below relevant (compromised) laws thus avoiding natural justice.
Their modus-operandi is at last being exposed via the internet which is why (as in one parochial instance involving Pickering Post) contentious web sites are now under clinical attack.
The ‘social media’ is the only available venue of alternative reportage and we must defend it as though our life depended upon it.
And perhaps, indirectly, it does!

Another travesty of justice are the immigrant doctors signing health certificates for illegal immigrants to collect government monies to do nothing all their lives whilst sending monies overseas in support of their traditional conflict that is heading this way .

Support George Christensen Finally we have a Politician who is willing to state it as it is. Pity a few more didn’t have the guts to do so and ban this contravention of section 116 of our constitution The The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance,

and why are people surprised
Koran 9:60 Charity [the zakat] is only to be given to the poor and needy,
to those who collect them, to those whose hearts are won to Islam, for
ransoms, for debtors, for fi ghting in Allah’s cause [jihad], and for the
traveler. This is a law from Allah, and Allah is knowing and wise.
Sharia devotes pages to the zakat.

How unexpected!! Do check and see just how much aid ME oil rich countries donate to Ebola/famine/Earthquake/Tsunami relief. I will tell you now<1% of what the west gives. perhaps the time for being nice is over???????

Love the website as always. But can we stop capitalising islam and muslim. Neither deserve the respect :)

And here comes more of it .......In little Mareeba up on the Atherton Tablelands just west of Cairns QLD......

The only way we can attack the Moslem extortion racket and save our troops overseas from attack by barbarian hoards financed by unknowing Australian shoppers is for each one of us to bombard our local MP with demands for action on Halal extortion. As well the removal of this racket in Australia will help our shoppers with lower prices. For export based Australian products the producer can put Halal labels on their export goods and pass the cost on to the ragheads in foreign lands and so get back some of the oil profits we pay the bastards. If necessary some export branded Halal goods can be sold in our shops for the local ragheads to buy, at higher prices to cover the Moslem extortion, and I bet only a few of the raggies will buy them. This section can be a target for packets of bacon?

The halal extortion racket again. We are all moaning to each other about the obvious, but what action are we prepared to do? I wrote to my federal MP Julie Bishop on the issue and with difficulty found she is considering a response, but no idea of when. I wrote to the treasurer Joe Hockey about taxing the racket and the response is he has referred the issue to Ian Macfarlane Minister for Industry. No doubt Ian will flick pass it on to someone else or just sit on it.

Surprised why “Christian” Groups don’t insist on a Christian certification!
It is a sin for Christians to consume food sacrificed to Idols (1 Corinthians 8)
Which according to our Bible (Allah not mentioned even once), Archaeologists, Christians and Jews, Allah is sheer idolatry and must be rejected by all those who follow the Torah and Gospel.
(In Moslem countries under pain of death they insist that the name GOD be replaced with Allah)
The link to passage our Gospel banning Christians from the eating even touching of such food is below Corinthians 8&version=KJV
At best Halal Certification is a parasitic scam making food untouchable by observant Christians when it is produced.
Q: How did Moslems make food "Halal" before certification?
A: A Muslim can easily make any food halal (permissible) by praying over it (simply by pronouncing 'bismillah' over their meal), just as observant Christians say grace.

Larry, halal certifiers are not required to provide annual reports to ASIC. There is no trace of how much money is being collected or where it is going. Proof that our laws are not keeping track with the spread of Islam in Australia.

such a peaceful honest caring religion…...


The majority of your followers agree with you and with each other. But what are they doing about it? The truth about Islam needs to be told. Every commentator needs to read Harry Richardson’s book, ‘The Story of Mohammed’. Understanding the truth is a start.

Then they need to spread the word. Knowledge is power. If enough people tell five people the truth and they in turn tell another three and so on by the time elections come around there will be a real backlash.

No need to tell us, tell the politicians. Perhaps it is already too late ???

Larry Support George Christensen MP At last someone has come out and vocalised what we all want

This will only stop when the population understand the truth about Islam. How many strangers have you explained the truth to lately?