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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy



Should dredging of a silted-up port disturb some natural sand and mud, the green suburban set will shout “stop ocean pollution” and this message will be megaphoned by their loyal green media.

These hypocrites should check their own backyards.

City dwellers daily flush millions of litres of human wastes, drugs, anti-biotics, detergents, food scraps, chemicals, medical/dental wastes and other un-mentionables down their sewers. The extracted sewer liquids are often disposed into rivers and the ocean and seep into groundwater, and the solid wastes pollute land somewhere.

These same armchair environmentalists are happy for their enviro-police to harass a grazier who dares to harvest some mulga for his starving stock, while they live happily in cities where the natural environment has been totally obliterated by roads, railways, factories, housing estates, schools, hospitals, car parks, cinemas and shopping centres.

They shout “air pollution” because a clean efficient coal-fired power station releases the gases of life (carbon dioxide and water vapour) into the atmosphere of the open country-side. However trees, crops and pasture near the power station will grow more luxuriantly using the extra carbon dioxide plant food and, in the process, will release more oxygen to the atmosphere. Residents in these areas enjoy healthy plants and atmosphere – the extra carbon dioxide is a benefit not a danger.

Things are different in crowded cities where “climate-smart” zealots try to force city dwellers to use combustible gas rather than clean electricity from coal in their cities and houses. They burn the gas in kitchen stoves and hot water systems, put gas heaters into sealed schoolrooms, burn diesel as they go shopping in their 4WDs, all the time adding combustion fumes to their environment and draining oxygen from these over-loaded city atmospheres. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air but it is usually dispersed quickly by wind or thermals or taken up by growing plants. However on a still day with poor air circulation, exhaust fumes including unburnt hydrocarbons can accumulate in urban basins thus reducing the oxygen content to unhealthy levels. This is real “air pollution”.
Then we have the water misers who demand that irrigators surrender water rights for “environmental flows”, force food producers to pay full price for their water and oppose every proposal for new water supply dams. But as soon as Climate Commissioner Flannery predicted permanent water shortages for their cities, mega-millions were spent on desalinisation plants and water recycling to ensure urban environmentalists could keep their long showers, wash their cars and keep their lawns green. (Naturally the alarmist forecasts failed, and the expensive desalination plants are now mothballed.)

It is time for these environmental hypocrites to apply the same standards to themselves that they seek to impose on others.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


You are a good man Viv. Thank- you for being you and genuinely caring, in an educational manner.It is comforting to know responsible folk like you are helping balance rationale.

Before the clearing laws in NSW we could run 1 sheep to 10 acres comfortably, now we are lucky to run 1/4 to a 100 acres.

Right thats it! First Gillarse and her ugly face, now this prune faced peice of shit! What are you doing to us! I'm off for a run!


Half truths, hyperventilation, and hyperbole run amok ... fear mongering magnifies any threat. pakalert (Pak Alert Press) 9-20-14.pdf

Amid No Warming in 18 Years, “People’s Climate March” Ridiculed

alpinist - not only Frauderry, but also I believe Gore bought up big on the waterfront.
Albert - I am sure that when / if your 3.5B year prediction comes true, Milne will blame Howard and Abbott.

Viv - you are a scientist. I wonder if you would comment on an issue that has had me thinking for quite a while, and a lot more recently since Sen Milne raised it again in another alarmist outburst this week.
In basic primary school science / physics we learned that water finds its own level - FACT??
Alarmists are claiming that one (or a small group of) Pacific island is being inundated by "alarming rising sea levels" yet other islands and groups in the same vast ocean do not seem to be suffering these same rises. Is this scientifically feasible?
I also recall learning all those years ago that atolls are, since they are built basically of sand atop coral reefs, susceptible to sinking "under their own weight".
Do you consider this latter explanation to be more feasible in this context?

Environmental Researcher: Wind Industry Riddled with 'Absolute Corruption' abeldanger/zWgH (Abel Danger)

by James Delingpole
20 Sep 2014

Aughhh! Christeen Mildew !
Now you've put me right orf Me Dinner...

Some one `locked` up those flood files(findings and Investigation results) for 30 yrs apparently..? Wonder why? it was in the Australian e-paper.. I find that outrageous and not FOI.

No difficulty to lodge a claim for flood damage UTW, just queue, fill out paperwork and wait, not once but as many times as flooding occurs, My friend in Ingham and their friends in surrounding areas have been affected several times, no investigation, just how much damage has occurred, here's your money!!! Same down here in Melbourne when the hailstorm happened, whole roofs were replaced, new cars for old, it's not just a Queensland phenonenom.

Capt. Keith. Its the truth. The Greenies want un-needed wind power at the expense of the trees.

Am I imagining it, or did I read that eucalyptus trees will be felled somewhere in Oz to make way for a wind farm being heavily funded by Japanese corporate investors? The report also mentioned that if the plan gets the green light the resident koala population is in grave danger…Has anyone else read that?

The IPCC says oceans MAY rise up to 7 inches by 2100, NOT 1 metre. In about 3.5 billion years the Sun will consume the Earth, how will the greenies save the planet when that happens ?

CC alarmists all over the world want their jobs returned, free travel and meetings.
They preach the ''science'' of CC, but a science requires experimentation to prove it's a science. There is NO record of experiments with CC and there can be NO record of CC experiments as it's not a science

There is NO science of CC
There is ONLY a historical record of CC

The IPCC disagrees with all the alarmist preaching
They want their jobs back, they want to feel they are saving the planet, they are too dumb for a real job

Oigle, have you morphed into sailor. Maybe not, sailor only said it once.

In another shocking development, scientists discover that surface melt in Greenland was below normal in 2014 Investmentwatch (InvestmentWatchBlog)

The polar ice is not melting so where will the water come from, can he answer that? No bloody way and still he gets an audience from people who should have more sense.