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Friday, 19th October 2018

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David De Vere

David is a forty-six year old financial trusts manager and avid follower all things political. He articulates his opinions regularly to the editors of major dailies.


EBOLA! No accident?

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is no accident or play of hand by Mother Nature. 

It is as deliberate as it is targeted. There are some major players around the globe that are real contenders as culprits in its release. All have the capability and all have enormous financial gains to be made from its outbreak. 

The main suspects are major world governments, including the UN and giant pharmaceutical companies  owned by old world money that basically control governments around the globe.

There is enormous wealth to be made from major wars. 

However, despite the very best efforts of those who have the most to gain from another global war, there has been relatively steady peace around the world since the end of World War II, with the exception of regular regional skirmishes. 

Now, this ongoing stability is not working in either old world money or major governments’ best interests. 

Because of this stability the world’s population has exploded out of control. Nowhere in the world is this more out of control than in Africa. 

No government’s economic model can sustain the hugely growing global population. 
This is obvious in the seemingly never ending recessively poor economies worldwide since the 2008 global financial crisis. 

It has been eight years and recovery, particularly for the United States, does not look like a certainty. It still languishes in the depths of economic ruin and appears to be a crumbling empire at the end of its global domination. 
Its economic woes continue to infect the rest of the world. 

What they need is another war. 

In the past, a world war soon followed such huge financial downturns. This formula soon sorted out both mass over-population with major direct and indirect war casualties and also made kings’ ransoms for the major powers and bolstered old world money that financed the wars and benefited from the new global situations. 

However, with ongoing global stability and no new world war able to be manipulated, governments and these old world money makers need a new formula to press the world’s financial and population reset button.  Enter a deliberately manipulated global pandemic: 


A deadly, virulent virus that could potentially kill hundreds of millions of people worldwide. 

Deliberately and easily released in somewhat remote West Africa from government or pharmaceutical giants’ laboratory-stored supplies, it starts to spread sufficiently enough to gain worldwide media coverage but can be contained enough to initially allow the fear and panic of the virus to spread ahead of it across the globe.

What are governments’ public reactions to this panic? Spend hundreds of millions of dollars on medical treatments and supplies to "treat and contain" the spread. 

This is all just window dressing of course. 

Their friends and benefactors, old world money giants in pharmaceuticals, begin to reap a fortune and will continue to do so as it grows. 

However governments know that the virus cannot be regionally contained and don't intend it to be. 

Soon enough the outbreak is worldwide. Millions begin to die. Billions are spent on medicines and dodgy cures. Economies begin to collapse and geopolitical stability fractures, possibly resulting in major and expensive global conflict. 

The end fallout is the world’s over population problem is solved, economies are reset and geopolitical unrest and instability are resolved. 

And who benefits from all of this? 
As is always the case, to find the answer...
Just follow the money. 

If you think this sounds far too evil to be realistic remember it was the old world Jewish bankers that financed the Nazis.






go back to sleep Brian

Obama has appointed Ron Klain as the Ebola Czar.

Klain has no medical or healthcare background whatsoever.

Instead, he’s a high-powered lobbyist. He helped the corrupt Fannie Mae to overcome “regulatory issues” in 2004. Wikipedia notes:

Klain helped in convincing Congress and Fannie Mae’s regulators that Fannie Mae wasn’t doing anything dangerous, and wasn’t exposing taxpayers to risk. In other words, Ron Klain got paid to help fuel the housing bubble up until a couple of years before it popped.

Klain also:

Represented a company facing asbestos-exposure lawsuits, the embattled drugmaker ImClone and two companies trying to win support for large mergers.

What’s he going to do … lobby to convince Congress that Ebola is not that big a risk?

Klain is also a major Democratic operative, serving as Chief of Staff for Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden. As such, it is not unlikely that he will be motivated to cover up for any missteps by Obama and CDC chair Tom Frieden.

Matt Stoller – a Democrat who knows as much about D.C. politics as anyone – notes:

Ron Klain is a fixer who is well-connected and knows his way around the exec branch. His skill is fixing PR problems, not logistics.

He’s not a doctor … just a spin doctor.


It is amazing that Africa doesn't have more deadly outbreaks like this considering their squalid conditions and lifestyles.

Well said, Had. Spot on.

So you completely dismiss Jewish involvement in international finance? Rothschilds would love you. They've financed both sides of all wars since the French revolution. They made a killing on the battle of Waterloo as well. They happily brag about their Jewishness. Semitic is a language, not a race. Many Arabs are Semitic as well. If you're implying folks are anti-blahblah, then just say "anti-Jewish". It's only a religion after all, not a race as anyone can convert to it, or away from it. But we're here at PP so we should just stick to bashing only the religion of Islam.

About a year before AIDS came out, war criminal Henry Kissinger put pen to paper wishing for an epidemic to hit Africa and make it easier for the US to get their fingers in Africa's natural resources pie.. The paper he wrote is called National Security Study Memorandum 200 (aka NSSM200) like young Davie came from the handsome side of the Family gene pool?

As if the World isn't in enough STRIFE eh?

Another successful Illuminati exercise put into operation.

I'm getting confused now. People are now saying it's all because of the Jews, but I thought the Muslims were the problem. Which is it?

He's a technical analyst not a fundamentalist ............

he can only see what he sees .... follow my drift ?

Fearing Ebola, Israel will not send medical teams to Africa
Israel is already sending medical aid to Ebola hit countries, but has decided not to send medical crews, set up field hospitals, citing fear of infection.
Itamar Eichner
Published: 10.02.14, 15:59 / Israel News

Israel has rejected a special request by the US and UN to send IDF field hospitals to Ebola hit Liberia and Sierra Leone. Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, who rejected the request, cited the threat of infection to Israeli medical teams in explaining his decision.,7340,L-4577246,00.html
Wow....all those Nobel Prizes for Medical and Humanitarian Action. Thanks for helping out Israel.

I want to know why people are flying out of Ebola-ravaged countries in commercial aircraft, walking through airports and getting on public transport. If it is droplet-transmitted (which has been somewhat under-stated in health columns), then anyone sneezing and/or coughing is going to transmit the killer virus to anyone within absorption range. I'm wondering why anyone leaving an Ebola region should not be quarantined for a safe time before going absolutely anywhere.

l dont think it is a conspiracy theory just a matter of FACT that these companies are controlled by the GREEDY in our world who will manipulate any situation to make MONEY.l think that the Arabs who are always warring have been manipulated by the U.S. as a money making machine....war makes money.....l think that Ebola will help reduce the worlds population ....and so therefore they wont rush to stop its spread....also once it has outbreaks in the wealthy countries...people have to pay big money for the medication.l think Obama fuelled the war in Iraq with the supply of weapons there.L think the out break of Ebola is no accident either.

Hear, hear.

I agree that the world is overpopulated and unsustainable and when that happens Mother Nature will cull the population through famine, pestilence and disease. I also believe the large pharmaceutical industries are anything but ethical when they develop drugs that instead of curing, actually make the patient worse. And then they cover it up. But to then attribute all of this with some wacky conspiracy theories is way off beam ... but amusing in a grosteque sort of way.

well here is the research......if anyone is interested GlaxoSmithKline......Andrew Witty is a Jew who set it up in UK....James Murdoch was on the Board till 2012.....Rupert Murdochs maternal family were Jews...Rupert Murdoch ? Jewish.....if you google GlaxoSmithKline whistleblower you will find the information re allegations of faulty and contaminated medication from their Bangladesh plants they were fined billions in the U.S.also they were prosecuted in China re a bribery scandal...............also in Australia many have reported on cheap brand medications failing to work including antibiotics.........wake up Australia.

'Another Health Worker in Texas confirmed with the virus. She was under voluntary quarantine and she elected to jump on a domestic flight and journey around the USA, to help contain the virus you understand. She had been actively treating that bloke from Africa who lied and died. Good health worker, Ebola patient’s nurse, hops a plane before the 21 day isolation. That’s 2 nurses who are wrapped up like Buzz Aldrin on a moon mission ( sorry JIDF ) who now have the “hard to catch and non-airborne virus”. Just relax everyone. It’s under control.

Aw, don't ruin it with facts!!