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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Libs arranging a Party fund raiser associated with the Sir Garfield Barwick Address had incredibly invited TURC Commissioner Dyson Heydon to speak at the event.

Commissioner Heydon, who would have been on the permanent list of invitees, quite properly replied that if the function was in any way associated with any political Party he would have to decline. He did so.

Failed shadow Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus, in an hysterical rage, immediately leapt to the nearest microphone and demanded that Commissioner Heydon stand down and that the Commission be disbanded.

Now Dreyfus isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, nonetheless, he is certainly a tool, and one of the many blunt ones in the Labor shed. But this outburst is beyond the pale even for a Labor Front Bencher with a reputation for stupidity.

Okay, card carrying, fundraising members of the Liberal Party I have known are mostly well-intentioned, privileged dickheads without a clue how politics works.

It is inconceivable that an invitation to speak at the function would have been sent to the sitting TURC Commissioner Heydon, but it was!

Neither Tony Abbott nor Commissioner Heydon had foreknowledge of this outrageous invitation, otherwise the Lib idiots responsible would have been told to fornicate off to the Labor Party.

But these Lib geese had incredulously included Commissioner Heydon as a speaker on the invitations along with a form for donations. WTF?

This Lib mob should have their memberships immediately rescinded.

Commissioner Heydon broke to an adjournment at the TURC hearings this morning saying: "Another problem has arisen that I need to attend to".

The Commissioner’s Office immediately put out a statement saying that, "If there was any possibility that the event could be described as a Liberal Party event he (Heydon) will be unable to give the address”. Fair enough.

Bloody hell, if the Labor Party wants to prevent the arrest of any more of its union thugs and possibly Shorten, Wilson, Gillard and Blewitt, then they will need to grasp a more substantial straw than this one.

Hmmmm, so where is Shorten on this best of all beat ups?

Funny, but Sir Garfield Barwick was the eminent beak who advised PM Malcolm Fraser and John Kerr that Gough Whitlam could be constitutionally sacked.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




What's an eminent beak ? Is it a high class pompous legal eagle with an inflated ego fed on it's own bullshit take on other peoples problems ?

RoseB read Diane West's "American Betrayal" to see how far back the Leftist sleepers dug in and how the communists with the US government forced Japan to attack south instead of North and thus allowed the USSR to win WW2. I can encapsulate it better but the book is stunning. It implies that the leftist takeover of all of our institutions was NOT by accident but like stealth Jihad a carefully planned slow grab of the west.

I always think of the perverted justice of the French legal system, when I read the name "Dreyfuss". I guess a name like that has to be a ummm "effluent" magnet. Is he Jewish in this case also as that IIRC was the primary reason he was attacked in France (no I haven't looked it up so you can do so and rubbish me : ) )

The Telegraph today refers him as a dufus too.

It becoming establish consensus that he's a dufus.

Dry-rot (Dryfeuss), another failed lawyer seeking a path to riches through the parliamentary gravy-train, he couldn't care less about the important issues facing the country or even his own selected political party, it's all about the end-game of what's in it for him. Check-out his performance during parliament question time with his big-noting defiance and arrogance towards the House -Speaker. The sooner he’s back chasing ambulances and gone the better-off the nation will be.

How many Labourites have given the Garfield address in the past ?

It seems your fellow bloggers think you are an idiot TDon.

I wrote this on Piers Akermans in response to Jas post
UNION MONY: No such thing.

As with government money.
The money unions hold is the money extracted by taxes and union membership fees, totally tax free and unaccountable.

Labor under Keating gave the Unions management of the workers superannuation funds, handing them billions with which to milk with excessive management fees and the only reason they appear to be making a profit is that they are heavily involved in Green and alterative energy scams, backed by huge Government subsidies.

Management of the schemes, scams and trusts are ‘veritable milch cows’ yielding further very lucrative salaries as directors and committee members, to ex Premiers, MPs & Union bosses on top of their already heady pensions from the taxpayer.

The Royal commission is now getting very ‘close to the bone’ and as Tony Abbott demonstrates being filmed eating an onion, shows how you eat an onion from out side in, layer by layer until you get to the life force.

The TURC is getting very close to that core, cutting deep, the thugs and minions used by the UNION puppeteers are beginning to sing , many a carefully nurtured career of vile criminals and profiteers posing as MPs managing directors are at risk of facing ruin and gaol.

I started to be suspicious about 40 years ago of certain groups , local councilors and state MPS and some school teachers, much that I thought then appears to have had been proved true and on both sides, but more on in the Labor camp.

Several years ago I read a book called ‘THE CHILDREN’ by James Clavell it shows how our children were being indoctrinated from the most tender ages.
The book can be downloaded free from the internet, I think.

Also worth watching is The Cambridge Five’ a most excellent series shown on ALPBC which showed how in 1934, 4 wealthy young Cambridge students were cultivated by the KGB and formed a formidable spy ring.

They were planted and infiltrated MI 5, Newpapers, radio and government. Well worth buying the DVD.

Things have changed little except more people are awakening. It is easy to see people now who have vested interests other than what they are promoted to be, especially in the “world of climate change, just for a starters when .in the face of all the contrary evidence, people in the media, politics and business and universities still keep labouring the barrel.

It has ever been thus so, only now the riches are even greater and why Conroy,Rudd and Gillard wanted to shut us down and Turnbull by his actions still gives succor to those treacherous enablers on the ALPBC.

Bill Shorton is on skids and there is no level which he , Labor and the u nionswill not sink to scupper the Royal Commission and Tony Abbot.

Incredibly, not incredulously. The Lib geese were incredible. Larry was incredulous at their incredibility.

`But these Lib geese had incredulously included Commissioner Heydon as a speaker on the invitations along with a form for donations. WTF?'

T/Don, it is not what the Liberal party has done to itself but what you do to yourself.

My first impressions of Dreyfus, when he was on the backbench during the drongo period of government, were of an elegant, dignified, thoughtful looking chap. His performance as A/G seemed unspectacular in a routine sort of way.

By contrast, his performance on the Opposition frontbench is nothing short of rude, arrogant, (and at times ignorant) bluster. His pathetic attempts at disrupting QT, particularly the tedious "tag teaming" with that berk Burke makes one certainly wonder how he could possibly have been elevated to QC rank. I can only assume the rest of gang must have been even more ordinary than him, or it helps to be openly Labor in a leftist profession.
Sitting on the "other side" has really allowed us to see just who and what Dreyfus really is when reflecting on his performane during the reign of the majestic Bronny. His lack of manners, propriety and (all too often) judgement now marks him as another woeful, undistinguished left hack.

Where has the colourful, jesting, friendly and purposeful exchanges of the Fred Daley era gone? Manners and respect have been substituted by the left spiteful hatred of alternative views and feeble attacks on the institutions and pillars of our society. And I don't see much chance of things changing in the foreseeable future with Parliament full of hacks like Dreyfus and the rest of the swill stting on the opposition side.

I cry for Argentina....oooops I meant Australia.

More idiocy from the Labor party and this idiot. Labor - liars, cheats, thieves - disgusting mob.

Speaking of lawyers, you think Alan Jones is packing the shits that Campbell Newman and quarry owner Denis Wagner might be chatting to their's about possible defamation proceedings?

AJ put all his eggs in one basket there and it looks like it's going to blow up in his face with the latest findings showing the quarry wall did not contribute to the flooding.

Wow , what a naasty biatch.....she's suffering womenopause and just venting a rotten spleen.

Never forget that these are much the same Labor politicians who circled the wagons and rallied to fund and offer their continuing confidence in Craig Thomson. The Union Royal Commission is vitally important if we hope to ever enjoy an ethical labour movement, which spawns many of our Labor politicians. I am a lifelong unionist.

The evidence provided against the bent Union officials doesn't change. Crooks are crooks regardless of whos in the chair.

It's really a non story. Shows how desperate Bull Shitten's become.

Ha ha. Very droll TA/Don

Some things no matter how relevant are just taboo.