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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Section 44: “Any person who is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, [or is a subject or a citizen] or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen [of a foreign power, shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives." (my black brackets)

It is neither legal nor fair to comment on current court cases, so I can’t say that the ABC has Buckley’s chance of nailing Pell, but I can say what our Constitution provides for, rightly or wrongly, in determining who can be legally elected to, and sit in, our Parliament.

The above is one of five salient conditions of Sec. 44, so how the hell can Attorney General, Senator George Brandis (above), suggest Senator Canavan, one of the few intelligent Senators available, has a way out of this. The part, “… or is a subject or a citizen…” is hard to argue with.

It mainly applies to war-time when we have no way to foresee who may be involved as an ally or a foe. We locked up thousands of innocent Japanese as prisoners of war in a Cowra gaol during WWII on the basis that they may be holding allegiances to their homeland. 

We can’t be certain that any foe will not call up its citizens by decree to fight the enemy, which could conceivably be us. We cannot know what might be the extent of any called for spying activities or sabotaging of our war effort.

This is mostly bullshit of course as foreign allegiances are more affairs of the heart than mere paperwork. Taxpayer financed TV channels should support the compulsory learning of English for a start to correcting a person falsely favouring any foreign allegiance above ours. But they don't.

Nevertheless the Constitution is inviolable and cannot be changed except by way of a referendum. If the High Court allows Canavan to remain as a Senator, a rash of other cases will follow. It will be a dog’s breakfast because High Court decisions must always adhere to the Constitution, and there is no automatic right of appeal.

On this matter the Constitution is crystal clear. And changing the Constitution is about as easy as changing the ABC. 

As with other laws, ignorance cannot be an excuse for defiance. This ain’t over yet, not by a long shot, even if the High Court rightly throws out Canavan’s submission.

Also, the Constitution has no codicils nor addenda that allow for unsigned forms or meddling mothers.



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Rumour is that the pope has rented out Pell's room in the Vatican.

I am betting the red headed bitch is a dual citizin.

How come public servants aren't included in all of this , do they come under Section 44 as well ?

If you weren't born in Australia you're a fucking blow in and should have no say in how the country is run. To many fake aussies with hidden agendas.

One more Coaltion domino to fall could bring the whole useless "Turnbull Team" crashing down & their only chance at survival will be to bring back Tony who could beat the Marxist Shortoneverything in a canter with some genuine sensible, Conservative policies which he has already enunciated.

Caravan is a liar, he must forget all the election papers sent to Italians abroad

Canavan is obviously a liar. watching him tell the media about his mother he continually looked down at his piece of paper with only a couple of sentences on it, he couldn't remember two sentences? He looked down to avoid eye contact as he gave excuses, he was lying.

Would it be in order to ask where the allegiances of Ed Husic, a Muslim convert, lie. ?

Did Amanda Vanstone have duel citizenship ?

When are 60 minutes going to produce his Mother into our TV ?

It doesn't matter if Pell is found guilty as he will leave the country (Travelling on a Vatican Passport and therefore with Diplomatic Immunity) The Vatican does NOT have extradition agreements with any country AFAIK

Only Abo's are true Aussies, don't shoot the messenger.

The rules "is" the rules, or should be as far as the "elite" pollies are concerned. If they innocently or deliberately fck up, well let the apples fall where they may. It is their responsibility to know the "constitution". Nit picking the results ( Mummy did it) has fck all to do with it. Try telling the "judge" that you didn't know you were speeding and pissed. BTW . Where are the supposed gatekeepers who vet individual members of a "party" before they are accepted as a likely candidate? Third world shit ..... with third world results. No wonder the country is fucked. These bastards make their own rules as they go along.

Interesting. So when I was made an Aussie citizen back in the early eighties, am I still a pom? Only had an Aussie passport. Never applied for an English one.

A condition of/for, Australian Citizenship, should be the rejection of any allegiance to another country.
Not going to give up British, Iraqi, American or whatever, then "No soup for You"!

I wouldn't trust Brandis to fart straight.

I hope all "Australians" who travel overseas to fight with ISIS hold dual citizenship and passports because when their Australian passport is cancelled they cannot return here.

An independent audit of Members of Parliament (both houses) should be conducted requiring every one of them to provide evidence that they do not hold duel citizenship and did not hold another nation's citizenship when they were elected to parliaments: federal, state and territory.

When I picked up the application papers to became a Citizen I was offered dual Citizenship, I asked "how can I have allegiance to two countries". I actually thought the woman was joking.

How did US Senator John McCain get well so quick after brain surgery ?