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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


DON'T CANCEL PARIS... just let the red windmill keep turning

Why make a song and dance about telling Paris to shove their CO2 targets up their arse? It’s not necessary, as we are already well within their insanely destructive targets and we will also be by 2030, due mostly to Abbott's sensible "Direct Action". 

                                     Two of the world's biggest con artists

Paris only needs to worry about our coal firing up 1600 existing power stations across the world along with one station a week being completed by India and China… China, India and the US have simply ignored the crazy hoax of global warming, and so will we as we go about supplying the world with our coal... and that won't stop.

So we just need to silently walk away, which I suspect ScoMo is doing now that he needs to placate the pro Turnbull Liberal warmists.

The entire IPCC scam is coming apart at the seams anyway now that their ideological lies have been exposed.     



What are They Plotting in Poland



I had a couple of days off, then traveled away in my 1986 ute, with only AM radio. WELL,WELL,WELL,WELL, the poor planet is toast guys. We're just plain roon'd, so's the GBR, nobody cares, except a special group of enlightened farmers, (and the entire ABC Rural staff). Amanda Vanshape seems to be fully on board nowadays, too. The conversation could be about toothpaste, but sooner or later it will lead to the question, "So is this toothpaste now drying out, because of global warming ?

Just tried to have a look at this but the *This Video is unavailable* popped up, censureship?

You can't trust the media. It is basically the propaganda arm of the ALP. Expect the dirtiest election campaign ever, as can be seen by the ramping up of the attack on Peter Dutton. He is one politician who really frightens them.

9 Sep 2018. Land Tax Rates Issued by State Government Councils – You don’t really believe taxes are to run the country do you? … c’mon !
Posted on 09/09/2018 by Larry Hannigan
Most people, including politicians, have no idea of why we are continually increasingly taxed. You don’t really believe it is to run the country do you? … c’mon
If you can’t be bothered enough to read this and act, then expect to see more of the same oppression … rates taxes fines crazy new laws.
Question – If a homeowner owes $25,000 in property taxes and the government sells their property at foreclosure for $100,000, where does the other $75,000 go?
Answer: The government nearly always KEEPS it… lllegally.
Solicitor Bob Mac – “I’ve seen a lot in my 21 years as an attorney, but I’ve never seen anything like this. It is common for the government to illegally keep the difference when they sell a property for more than is owed to them in a tax foreclosure. That difference (an “overage”) is OWED to the homeowner but rarely ever paid.
For those of you unfamiliar, twice a year in March and September, Local Councils issue something called Rates Notices to all property owners. This is effectively a state land tax on private dwellings and can be between $1,800 and $3,100 per year depending on where you live. This has become a “normal” part of living in Australia in the recent decades. It raises literally billions each year for State Governments. Some older folks may even remember when the “mayor” and others, operated voluntarily. It was an honourable position to maintain the town or city for the owners of the properties … fix potholes, water, sewerage, trim the trees mow the footpaths etc … never to make any or new laws.
First – the Constitution of the Commonwealth 1901 clearly states in sections 51 and 52 that State and Local Government may not levy taxes, and that taxation is held exclusively by the Federal Parliament.
Second – the Constitution of the Commonwealth Section 109 states that when a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.
So how can a State Gov’t grant power to a private corporation called a Local Council with an ABN, when the State Gov’t does not have any lawful right or power whatsoever to do so ?? Nor can the Fed Gov’t give such taxing power to the States which are also ABN companies. This also includes road tolls.
So we have State Governments levying land taxes which our Commonwealth Constitution says is unlawful to so, and when you complain or query, the State is quick to provide you an excerpt of State law (legislated decades before 1901) which says it was lawful. Yet overarching that is Constitutional law of 1901 which says that, if a State law is in conflict with Constitutional Law, it is invalid. If they were lawful. then why was it necessary to have Referendums in 1974 and 1988 ? The people said no ! So the get around that, the Political Parties Local Government Act 1993 illegally and unlawfully established Local Councils as part [ actually agencies ] of State Governments. THEREFORE these Criminal Councils were started UNDER this unlawful Act. The Political Parties sitting under their own private “Constitutions” are using “seals”
Read on -

Turdbull’s “little” token female, Marise Payne, has flumed the Stick Insect’s old job and is now going to pour billions of aussie taxpayers dollars into the nations of the South Pacific to fix "climate-change". What an uneducated dill she is. A little bit of history for her, those island nations politicians are the most corrupt of any politician on earth. They have, going back to the sixties, backed-door and corruptly sold off large areas of virgin forest to equally corrupt asian loggers, given away the wealth of the mining sector and plundered the sea-life by giving access to chinese fishing fleets, give us a break, send her back to looking after the smoko requirements of iced vo-vo's and custard tarts.

In August, 1974, President Richard Nixon submitted his resignation to the foreign-born Jewish Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, as stipulated by law.

Dumb Energy - Wind and Solar : Why are they dumb ? Wind and Solar can't stand alone (as coal, gas and nuclear can - says Winston) As a conseqence they are subsidized by 70%. PROPAGANDA HAS FOOLED THE NATION..........

The LNP have good reason to be pissed off for losing Wagga Wagga but what excuse will Labor give seeing they haven't an outright win ?

I still want to know...How will electricity be generated in 20 years time, when the solar panels run out and agricultural land will be returned back to its primary use... as stated by the solar guru talking about Uni of Qld on ABC Landline a few weeks ago?

Only 3 more Prime Ministers till Christmas folks.!!

I was very impressed to hear PM Morrison say in his first speech the other day, that our sovereignty belongs to us, and sa alone, and that no foreign power is going to tell us what to do.

well within their insanely destructive targets and we will also be by 2030, due mostly to Abbott's sensible "Direct Action".

Enough already
Either CO2 abatement is necessary or it's not
Abbott's choice has coal power generators FOREVER - and the tax payer cleaning up some for their mess FOREVER many millions of dollars each year - a coal subsidy
IF it is necessary it is a foolish spend, with no reason the for the generators to change
IF it is unnecessary what a weak & wasteful use of perpetual borrowed money.

Has this week's Prime Minister said anything about cancelling the $440Million gifted toy Lucy's favorite charity yet? How many coal fired power stations would that build?

One of the "two of the world's biggest con artists" has more pressing priorities than this global warming scam.

I don't blame him.


The IPCC’s Chairman, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, had more pressing issues to resolve.

Dr Rajendra Pachauri had been chairman of the IPCC for the last 14 years.

At a 5 day talkfest on ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING at the Sheraton in the seaside resort of Batumi, Georgia in October 2013 was attended by 229 politicians and officials from 92 countries, plus the usual conservation and activist hangers-on and free-loaders.

The emissions-reduction campaign sponsored by the IPCC is currently a $US1 billion-a-day exercise.

However, the IPCC’s Chairman, had more pressing issues to resolve.

(Classic example of not just one, but two global warming issues)

Yep, voluptuous breast. As you would.
One possible defence: climate change makes bureaucrats hot to trot.

A message from Dr Rajendra Pachauri, to a 29-year-old female staffer:


The staffer, 43 years his junior, was so much on Pachauri’s mind that he allegedly continued to pursue her until she filed a 33-page harassment case on February 2013.

So will Tony get credit for saying that ""climate change is crap"" ten years before every body else dare say it! and he got howled down for it , not just in the lefty media but in his own party,( which once had a large majority in the house!) I suspect not. There are some slow learners on both sides of politics.

As you said on 25 August Larry "Get the party back to the sensible centre or we will hound you out of office too."

Larry... TALK IS CHEAP, I am a doubting Thomas, when I see the torn up agreement and the snowy 2 is canned and HELE power stations are actually being built then I WILL Believe.

I abhor violence but I'd happily punch Al Gore in the throat. He's just exceptional that way.

Larry fear not, PM Morrison the happy clapper is just playing with words, Paris and the NEG will continue just under different wording. He is not capable of just giving a straight answer Yes or NO

Morrison just another politician who's full of shit