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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Don’t Break our Food Chain

Napoleon once said: “Only a foolish horse fights with his nose bag”.

But today we have many foolish people fighting their nose bag. They are weakening Earth’s food chain with a war on carbon.

Carbon is the building block of life. “Organic” means “containing carbon” and every bit of plant and animal life is built around the carbon atom.

Carbon enters Earth’s cycle of life via plants, which extract it from the rare and precious carbon dioxide plant-food in the atmosphere. Living things use this carbon, plus water, oxygen and minerals, to create the proteins, fats, carbohydrates and skeletons they need.

Plant growth responds quickly to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

See: CSIRO: Rising Carbon Dioxide causes greening of the deserts:

The Biosphere is booming: CO2 is the Cause:

However, today’s levels are far below those that sustained the abundant forests, grasslands, wetlands, herbivores and carnivores of past eras.

The biggest long term threat to abundant life on Earth is natural carbon sequestration, especially during the recurring cold dry eras when cooling oceans absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and growing ice sheets capture most of its water.

Nature is very efficient at carbon capture and burial. Enormous quantities of carbon and hydrogen have been removed from past atmospheres and buried under ancient sediments in extensive beds of coal, oil shale, limestone, marble, dolomite and magnesite, and in diffuse deposits of hydrocarbon liquids and gases. The result is that the carbon dioxide level in today’s atmosphere is not far above the minimum needed to sustain plant life (which is why nurserymen pump more carbon dioxide into their green-houses).

However, in a rare piece of environmental serendipity, man’s extraction and use of coal, oil, gas, limestone and dolomite for power generation, transport, aviation, steel, cement and fertilisers is recycling a tiny part of this storehouse of buried carbon. For example, for every tonne of coal burned, 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide plant food plus one tonne of fresh water is added to the atmosphere; and producing one tonne of cement releases about one tonne of carbon dioxide.

See: The ins and outs of coal combustion:

Every tonne of wheat grown needs a tonne of carbon dioxide to get its carbon, and other foods have similar needs. Carbon industries thus help to feed all of Earth’s plants and animals.

See: Should we celebrate CO2:

Industrial use of carbon-bearing mineral resources also recycles valuable trace elements like nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus which are present in variable amounts in coal, oil and carbonates. Any of these by-product gases can be toxic if concentrated in confined spaces, and all of man’s activities can pollute crowded cities, but in the open atmosphere, plant life often suffers because of a deficiency of these key nutrients.

Those waging a war on hydro-carbons and carbon dioxide are enemies of the biosphere. Their foolish policies like carbon taxes, emissions trading and “Carbon Capture and Burial” are denying essential nutrients to the food chain. The failed global warming forecasts show that these policies will have no effect on climate, but will reduce the atmospheric supply of food nutrients and fresh water for all life on Earth.

Life is a carbon cycle – don’t break the food chain.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




Thanks Viv, you've explained it so simply even I can grasp it, so it begs the question, why can't the warmists understand it ?

Brilliantly said, as usual, Viv. The dumbing down of our education system, with superficial science and simplistic mathematics, has been largely responsible for the emergence of the environmental industry.

Activists make gas concession

Thursday, 12 November 2015
Anthony Barich
ANTI-fossil fuel activist group the Sierra Club has conceded that fraccing has helped lower the US’ carbon dioxide emissions.

Multi-stage fraccing, courtesy BHP Billiton Petroleum.

The country’s shale gas boom has exacerbated the coal industry’s own commodity price concerns, and the Sierra Club’s own research indicates a rosy future outlook spearheaded by natural gas.

“We project that as a result of recent coal retirements, as well as advocacy for related policy measures like efficiency and demand response and market forces including historically low natural gas prices, electric sector coal use in 2015 will be approximately 9% lower than in 2014, from 772 million tonnes to 704MMt,” the Sierra Club’s report said.

That would pull coal’s share of electric power generation down from 40% to an historic low of 36% this year.

Total installed capacity of US coal-fired electric generating units will drop below 300,000MW for the first time in more than two decades, the report said.

The report, Accelerating the US coal phase out, the group says an “unprecedented” wave of coal plant retirement had yielded deeper economy-wide carbon reductions for this year than those laid out in the comprehensive climate legislation contained in the Waxman-Markey bill which the US Senate failed to pass in 2010.

The coal plant retirements will see US carbon emission cuts meet or even exceed the Clean Power Plan’s 2030 target by up to five years ahead of schedule, the group said.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, International Energy Agency and the Energy Information Administration have all said that hydraulic fracturing and the resultant increased use of natural gas have sent US CO2 emissions to a 27-year low.

North America’s upstream industry saw some irony in the Sierra Club’s apparent begrudging admission, given it was responsible for the “Beyond Natural Gas” campaign which sought to end the use of natural gas.

“In a hypothetical scenario set forth in the report in which all US coal-burning power plants set to retire in the next 10 years were replaced exclusively with natural gas rather than with renewables, the Sierra Club projects CO2 emissions would continue to plummet,” the Independent Petroleum Association of America noted in a blog this week.

The Sierra Club’s analysis said that while a 100% renewable scenario would, of course drive emissions even lower, the IPAA said such a scenario was not realistic.

The EIA estimates that by 2040 80% of the US’s energy will still be fossil fuel-based, and renewables will need gas to grow into a more substantial part of the country’s energy mix.

“So let’s get this straight: the Sierra Club opposes a technology that its own research shows will help address its No 1 environmental concern – global warming – by reducing carbon emissions,” the IPAA said.

“Maybe that’s why – in an attempt to save face – the organisation has been forced to take the delusional stance that its ‘Beyond Coal’ campaign is solely responsible for coal plant retirements heading into December’s climate change conference in Paris.”

OUTSPOKEN federal member for Dawson in Central Queensland George Christensen has demanded that the Prime Minister bring forward legislation to ban environmental groups from launching legal challenges against mining projects after approval for the $16.5 billion Carmichael project was again challenged in the courts.

Federal member for Dawson George Christensen

The Australian Conservation Foundation lodged an appeal in the Federal Court against Adani's proposed project in the Galilee Basin because it claims federal environment minister Greg Hunt did not consider whether the impact of burning coal would damage the Great Barrier Reef.

Christensen said he believes there is widespread support to stop multi-billion dollar projects being held up on technical legal challenges.

“It is a frivolous court case when you're arguing about climate change impacts from a mine and a Queensland court has actually already ruled that that is not to be taken into consideration,” he said.

“I believe that there is some goodwill in the Labor Party on this issue as well, on the information that I've heard, and if people like the shadow resources minister Gary Gray, who strongly supports this Adani development, wants to see it go ahead then they will be at the negotiating table with the Government.”

Christensen has personally put his support behind Adani’s $16.5 million Carmichael coal mine project in the Galilee Basin despite wavering support from his Liberal National Party.
He has circulated postcards for locals to express their support for the project.

“I support the Adani Group’s Carmichael mine project, the Abbot Point expansion, and the connecting rail line,” he said.

“Our region has supplied the workforce and services needed to build and operate mines in the Bowen Basin and we are ready to build your vision for the Galilee Basin and the people of India. We welcome the Adani Group to North Queensland and want you to know that we’re ready to get working.”

Christensen’s seat takes in Mackay and the Queensland coal fields, which would be major beneficiaries of the Carmichael coal project and the associated infrastructure if it went ahead.

Qld coal to boom with Indian demand: QRC

Thursday, 12 November 2015
Lou Caruana
INDIA will soon become the number one importer of coal, setting up Queensland as a premium supplier of its lower emission coal, Queensland Resources Council said citing the International Energy Agency’s 2015 World Energy Outlook.

An energy transition was underway but China would remain the largest producer and consumer of coal through to 2040, according to the report.

The outlook was positive for the Queensland resources sector across all commodities but especially coal, Roche said.

“The forecast demand from India comes as no surprise and the report found that India would contribute one quarter of global energy growth to 2040,” he said.

“India will become the second largest coal producer in the world, and by 2020, the world's largest coal importer.

“By 2040, Asia is projected to account for four out of every five tonnes of coal consumed globally.”

This forecast is good news for Queensland, and in particular, good news for both the communities that already benefit from the resources sector across the state and those regions that are set to benefit, according to Roche.

“The sector already contributes $64.8 billion to the state’s economy, or one in $5 and one in six jobs, these forecasts from the world’s most reputable agency mean that we are set to benefit from our natural resources well into the future,” he said.

“The forecasts also mean that we urgently need to fix our broken approvals system so we can bring on the new and expanded operations to tap into this huge market opportunity. That will mean more prosperity for Queenslanders in the form of jobs, business growth and royalties to fund government services, but will also help hundreds of millions of people across Asia and Africa who live without the luxury of electricity that we take for granted.”

According to the IEA, Australia’s coal exports are set to grow by over one-third, with 45% of the growth being coking coal, which remains an essential ingredient in the making of steel.

“The good news for communities dependent on a thriving Bowen Basin coking coal sector is that Australia is set to grab a two-thirds share of the entire global trade in coking coal.

Overall, Australia is set to regain the position of the world’s leading coal exporter,” he said.

“The IEA confirms that there remains more opportunity to expand Queensland’s natural gas export sector, with demand for natural gas in Asia set to skyrocket by 160%.”

The true believers , of course, will refuse to believe this. The true believers in making money out of carbon trading, (like Mighty Mal), will make sure of this.

food wars will be the next battlefield

the want to control the food chain. they do not want an abundance of food stuffs.

Fabulous cartoon. Thanks to Steve Hunter.

"Life is a carbon cycle – don’t break the food chain." It certainly is Viv but try telling that to the pseudo-intellectual fools.

One of the biggest concerns is a hundred or so years away and that is when there is insufficient fossil fuel to run mining and farm machinery. Unless there is a viable (read cheap and readily available) replacement for diesel powered machinery such as tractors, trucks and the like..

Coming to a place near you !! VERY SOON ! No Powerstations! No Power/ Electicity ! No fossil Fuels ! No cars or motorised vehicles ! No farms ! The Planet will still self destruct and thaty wont matter becuase most humans will have died or been killled off and probably eaten !!

One of the BIGGEST Carpet Bag Conspiracies and Confidence tricks in modern history.. No matter what else 'The Mouth' says or does he will be judged by the way he sells out all hard working Australians in the Paris IPCC meeting of Frauds, Liars, Cheats and Bludgers.

Much is made about tomatoes in greenhouses
The great forest die-off isn't discussed here, simply beetles now have 8 or 9 months life expectancy thanks to a warming world

Thank you Viv, as usual.

its all about tax revenue $$$$ and more $$$ to administer with public servants jobs.. now there is a growth emplolment nest.. i can recall my grandfather telling dad in the late forties they tax you from the cradle to the grave..(death duties applied then)..he said if they could tax you on the AIR we breath so they would.. HELLO ITS HAPPENING...

For a risk-free life, 100 percent clean healthy lung and body, stop eating anything cooked using any form of energy. Or better still, stop breathing and save the planet. The Planet has become the new god and coal the devil. The human mind in so many had never been so screwed up as to switch off and declare war on carbon, their very own life support base.

Burning anything is dirty. But Viv would have us believe burning coal is different.
He never glorifies nuclear energy in any of his written pieces.
Why not?
Is it something to do with getting his coin from coal?

The whole world is under mass deception. Coal is still a friend. I cross a busy street all time. Chidlren still go toi school. Should we curb public transport because someone might get killled. The stupidty of global warming crap knows no bounds. It's out of control infecting goovernments all over. By the time the world wakes up to prosecuting these lying alarmists for fraud, only few might still be alive in nursing homes.

Viv has moved on from saying the modern coal powered plant is pollution free, never admitting that there are no such plants even on our planning boards.
Now he quotes the farcical ....
Burning one ton of coal removes 2.67 tons of oxygen but Viv doesn't think we oxygen breathers would want to read this.
His link is also cleansed of honesty not mentioning the heavy metals, particulate matter, ozone and the rest of the poisons this ONCE necessary evil emits. On wonder NO government on Earth now listens.