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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Bill Shorten would open a hornet’s nest for the Government to attack if he sacked the little Iranian rat. This blog barely touched on the many instances of Labor selling information to foreign powers. It’s serious, treacherous and treasonous but it can’t go anywhere without snaring other Labor people of far greater standing than the despicable Dastyari who figured it was just par for the course.

 Bob Carr, Mark Arbib (who resigned in a panic when found providing secret government information to the US Embassy) Gillard replaced him in the Senate with Bob Carr who was in even deeper with the Chinese. Bob Hawke was also providing information on Whitlam to the US embassy.

Gillard adviser, Gerry Kitchener, recounted at the time there was a discussion with the then Senator Arbib on a prospective ministry.

“He then went through and had a rant about Kevin Rudd and how he couldn’t be allowed in the ministry,” recalled Mr Kitchener.

“And then he came down to Bill Shorten’s name and he (Arbib) said that you couldn’t trust Bill Shorten, that he would do Julia in, that the one thing she couldn’t do was ever give him industrial relations because he’d use it to solidify the union base to knock her off.”

Hmmm. how true that turned out to be.

The Left has a long history of scant regard for Australia’s security so Dastyari felt he was quite within his rights in developing a broader agenda involving the destruction of our democratic system.

 After all isn’t that what the Left has always been about? 


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Aren't he and shitten really one in the same?

A despicable little barstard. The sooner we see the back of him the better.

The Little Shit, will be still mumbling, saying to self.
"Self, what in Allahs name is their bloody problem. I have done no wrong. Yet they wingeth tho much"
Bastards All, Sam, yep you and your scamming skimming politician bastard mates are a bunch of Bastards.

We all need to promote this website to everyone we know...the future of Australia depends on all of us being able to access the truth...the mainstream media 'presstitutes' are so 'owned' by their masters (murdoch & co.)....if they do not toe the party line..they would have to get a real job! Keep up the good work, Larry.

Seems anyoe can cme to this country , get a job in politics , and live the hgood life... we any of us go to work is justa mystery

Young and naïve following in the footsteps of the old and corrupted. No wonder he cannot see anything wrong with his actions when surrounded with the current Labor low life bastards.

I confess - I too did a grubby deal involving a Chinese business woman. Sold my house in Canberra to a Mrs Wu back in the 1980s. On the day of settlement, Mrs Wu decided to throw a spanner in the works by having an "hysterical moment" - she didn't like the colour of the lounge room which we'd undertaken to repaint as part of the sale (she had approved of the colour before repainting commenced). The lounge room was banquet size - 11 mtrs x 9 mtrs - it housed my full sized grand piano amongst other things.
Settlement was to take place at 10.00am but was then put back to 2.00pm while I tried to work around the problem. Mrs Wu needed to be able to “save face”. She didn’t have a legal leg to stand on but my family and I were going overseas the next morning and needed a legal stoush like a hole in the head.
I met with Mrs Wu’s solicitor, at 2.00pm as agreed. He turned out to be a genial, pragmatic chap who’d had his own problems with Mrs Wu and, like us, just wanted to close the deal and get paid.
I proposed that we would arrange for the lounge room to be repainted in a colour of Mrs Wu’s choosing and as a measure of our “good faith” I would leave a cheque in the amount of $1,200 payable to a company which would “do the painting job”. The solicitor rang the said Mrs Wu and outlined the proposal and confirmed that he had a cheque for $1,200 in his possession to cover the costs of a repaint.
After about 20 minutes of “talking”, Mrs Wu agreed to settle. The solicitor and I smiled at each other. He passed over the bank cheque for the settlement payment, as per contract, and commented that Mrs Wu had been a monumental pain in the neck at every turn and he was glad to finally get paid and be rid of her as a client.
As we shook hands I said to him, “off the record” that I would be going downstairs to the bank to immediately deposit Mrs Wu’s cheque and simultaneously cancelling my own cheque for $1,200. We smiled at each other, confirmed that a conversation about my cheque for the repaint never took place and wished each other the best for the future.
At least Mrs Wu saved face…. if only until she realised that the cheque I left was worthless. There endeth my confession…

'Mainstream' Is a Misnomer, What You're Reading Is Regime Media
Ask yourself: If The New York Times was state-run would its content be any different?
Here's a mental exercise for you. First think of any issue of grave importance for the Washington establishment. Then ask yourself if US mainstream media was state-run would its coverage of it be any different from what it is now? Think about it, on the domestic front the big hitters continue to say that the economy is doing fine and the post-2008 recovery was great even as real people flock to protest candidates Trump and Sanders in record numbers. On the foreign policy side the media is more or less sweeping the Saudi war in Yemen under the rug by offering only very occassional and subdued critique -- which happens to mimick the reservations White House holds about this greatest humanitarian disaster of the present in private.
Read more

Larry, you forgot Joel Fitzgibbon screwing the top Chinese spy in Australia when he was Minister for Defence. That episode led to seventeen separate investigations into the Military Intelligence (oxymoron) Unit of the ADF.

Beauty Frank.

Dastari has resigned.

Regarding Labor working against Australia's interests, may I mention Hawke and Abeles?

What can WE the people do to get this thief Charged and deported for doing what he has done. The problem with our system is Pollies can do what they like with no comeback as we have the most Gutlessw people running our country, I think we need to start putting the cross hairs on a few

.....this country needs a modified version of Eduardo Duterte.....someone with some balls...

Very good frank - "The lying little shit" - I've never heard this description used so appropriately - it seems this phrase has been waiting for Dastyari to come along. I cringe when I hear him called Mr Bean - Mr Bean is a very likeable little chap who most have great affection for.

If Dastyari gets off scott free it will mean that there is one law for the politicians and another for the rest of us. Pollies reputation has been on a downward slide for a long time, but allowing one of them to commit treason is overstepping the mark even for the most despised occupation in the Western world.

Oh come on Larry. Convention these days has it that when a politician apologises all responsibility is abrogated. Sam apologised for accepting payments from the Chinese. So that's it, all is forgiven and we can now move on as if it never happened. What shits me is that these people can act against the interest of the people that represent and pay them and yet the only consequence is a little embarrassment. Unfortunately, embarrassment counts for nothing if you do not have a conscience. This guy is dangerous, he has risked Australian security for a little payola. Is he part of our team? Is he really Australian at heart? Don't politicians have an oath to serve the best interests of their constituency? The man is a traitor.

So O'Farrell gets the arse for receiving a single bottle of Grange, while this slimey piece of traitorous excrement gets a free kick for receiving 2 bottles of the same brew, plus having his bills paid by a foreign government. It is clear that O'Farrell's only crime was not getting a big enough bribe

This "little shit" needs to be "disappeared" ....

Hungarian PM warns of migrant terror as Islamic state promise to send jhadists to Europe. PM Viktor Orban as warned of a "deterioration of public safety, terrorism and the extent of illegal migration" predicting a new wave of migration from the middle east. His warning came as the IS terror group are defeated along the Turkish border in northern Syria, and on the same day as one of their supporters claimed militants have already arrived in Europe and are ready to attack. Mr Orban who slammed Angela Merkel "invitation" September last year was speaking to reporters at a press conference in Serbia.