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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Do we know how many abused children die... do we care?

To drive a motor car you have to go through a training and capability process to gain a licence.

To fly an airplane you have to go through a far more stringent process, and to fly a commercial plane with passengers it’s an even more stringent process.

To join the armed forces you have to pass a pretty stringent physical and psychological assessment to get the job.

To be a doctor or dentist or a vet you have to go through years of training before being allowed to practise... it’s an arduous process.

Yet, you can be a total waste of space and an oxygen-thieving, drug-addicted criminal living on welfare and bring children into this world any time you feel like having a root with someone.

Doesn’t really matter with whom.

Your partner can be a just as useless an oxygen-thieving piece of human shit as you, and it makes no difference.

Actually you do not even have to stick around, because the useless-as-shit partner can just put their hand out and receive welfare payments, courtesy of the hard-working taxpayers, to pay for the result of a root when you and your stoned and pissed partner probably don’t even remember getting it off!

The end result is a life of misery for these children and the worst case scenario is the multiple homicide we saw in Cairns this week. It was reported, eight children, six different fathers,

However, far too often we see some poor young child has had the absolute shit kicked out of it in a relationship where grog and drugs prevail, and we hear that the local social services department was “monitoring the situation”! Monitoring some ice addict punching the shit out of a little six month-old baby because it cried? What a joke!

Here’s a tip for Scott Morrison; the Key Government in New Zealand made a major policy change last year in regard to parental support.

Major changes have been made to the way the Government supports a single mother. From April 1 this year, the “Domestic Purposes Benefit” has been replaced with “Job-seeker Support”. 

The Minister for Social Development stated that, “one child can be a mistake” but multiple children is “no mistake”. But how do you disadvantage a child who didn’t ask to be born?

Under the ALP’s socialist policy, around 1200 people, mainly women and children, drowned at sea while trying to reach the very same welfare system that supports people who shouldn’t be parents bashing the shit out their children! Fortunately Morrison has managed to at least stop the drownings.

Do we really know how many poor innocent children in Australia die every year because fucked up drug-heads, supported by a trashed welfare system, bash them or stab them to death?Do we really know how many young children die violently each year in Australia... and do we really care?

I can tell you it’s more than we hear about and it’s something that seems to be well and truly on the increase... and eight more children were added to that count last week.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




The Logan area (nee Woodridge) of Brisbane tried to or actually implemented a process where, if someone went to the pound to get a dog, they would need to make application and state why they would be a good pet owner - yet 'Logan' is widely recognised as the suburb where a woman will have 8 kids all called 'Wayne' (she calls them by their surnames).
Unfortunately, instead of Woodridge now being called Logan in order to bring the standard of the place up a bit - the rest of Brisbane is doing its darnedest to go down to the level of random-father/drug-taking/welfare-trash.

Now you know why John Howard didn't apologise - ! Charles Perkins when in Hawke's ministry also said he was one of the stolen children - god labor are born liars.

Gorgeous -love it UTW -

Mine too Tones! - God love you.

Thinking Scott Morrison won't take crap from anyone - can wait to see when he stops welfare to the bludgers, baby breeders.

Gee i didn't see this a week ago - but then this site keeps crashing on me - Larry I have been squawking my head off on your site about this for years - now finally 7 children are dead!!! - We all know someone with a grandchild that is having the living daylights belted out of him - poor decisions by FLC Magistrates - the DHS Victoria can't cope - it is DAILY - and it has to stop and the only way this can be done is CUT THE WELFARE to these women giving multiple births, de facto relationships and brutalising these little kids - our society is a DISGRACE.

Israel will eventually extinct these subhumans. It must, to survive. And to think that these kids could have had great lives if only they weren't born into evil. What a terrible waste, just like all the other examples of choosing misery over peace. Hamas can stop the despair, or Israel will be forced to.

Don, we know how many survive. Just take a visit to your local prison. These are often the products of abuse as a child. I was a copper for almost 40 years and the majority of offenders were young adults from single parents homes as were recidivist juvenile offenders. Sure the odd well heeled kid got into trouble and usually got into even deeper hot water at home. We only ever saw them once. Why should our taxes pay to raise the off spring some cheap tart and some loser sowing his wild oats? I see they manage to afford cigarettes, booze and drugs.

"Chose ones"? Hmm you mean the overtly supremacist ideologists? Disraeli...a 12 hr warning for all non Muslims and a large MOAB placed carefully atop the mosque....No!!! couldn't allow it as insufficient reason so far and must be fair.

In short : Disinformation
Go Zathras.
I'd destroy the power supply.
We are talking about Lakemba right?

If it looks, feels or smells like religion I'm an atheist mate. There are 2 ways not to get a sore arse. One of 'em is to not sit on a fence.

Link to "truth". Sailor2 you undermine all the decent posts that you do make with tripe like that. Selective editing is the symbol of leftist propaganda and you should know that. I would be no where near as restrained as are the Israelis when it comes to shooting back at terrorists in Gaza or elsewhere. Once they leant that hiding behind civilians offered no safe place they would cease or would they. What do you think?. Perhaps that is why so many young Palestinians would prefer to be in Israeli gaols than in Gaza.

saior2, do you vote AF or DLP?

my ultimate secret weapon after all that is to ask them a plain simple question. Q, Do you seriously believe that the most wealthy and powerful people in the whole world do not network with each other, or get onto social media like we are doing right now??? but don't ever start that way, lead them slowly patiently through the evidence then finish with the question.

Once you have them sold for good on that score then you tell them about Getup, watermelons and redpeace getting their donations from international banksters and then you don't have to tell any spooky stories about bilderberg or club of Rome, etc.

they don't want to hear about secret societies whether they exist or not, but if you talk about real cases of communist infiltration of unions, socialist left faction of ALP, watermelons hardly anybody will argue against that.

TROTSKYIST eCONomics intro 301, some equally good content with a Catholic right faction of the ALP bias or a DLP bias, not bad, but not perfect.

TROTSKYIST eCONomics intro 201 some good content but with nazi bias

COMMUNIST eCONomics intro 101