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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



It was claimed that Yoko Ono said she had had an affair with Hillary Clinton. I since have had reason to doubt that Yoko Ono actually said that, and I should have checked further for the truth. 



What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Clinton was born over 5 years before Hillary scaled Everest.

I heard that Sir Edmind Hillary (after whom Hillary Clinton claims to have been named due to his mountain climbing skills) shagged both of them as soon as he descended Everest. Sherpa Tensing looked on but did not partake.

I wouldn't put it past either of the old hags.

When I saw that album cover...

Yoko......Yodelling in the Canyon!

Alright, while we're correcting what might have been untrue, I have a confession to make. I have never been molested by Donald Trump. Madonna on the other hand.

No worries Larry. I had an affair Rosemund Pyke, but when I woke up it appears it wasn't true. And I didn't need to check my facts...

Larry, you have shown you are above the Leftards because they will not only not admit their error but will also perpetuate the lie.

I read on the Drudge Report a few days ago that Matt Drudge was going to drop a bombshell regarding Hillary's sexual escapades next Saturday . Who knows, if it turns out to be particularly revealing, Larry you may have to correct your correction.

Bless you lady pirate.. whatever you're doing.... keep right on doing... we need good people in this world of ours... all good wishes to you m'friend.

Well then , if it wasn't Hillary , could she have had a fling with Juliar seeing everyone one else has ,in the ALP swingers club .

No need to apologise. The greens spew bullshit every day. Do they retract? No.

It's all over the internet but it's always best to check here first:

Won't affect my daily grind either way - but always good to go out armed with doubt if it is there!

Proving you're a man again, Larry. Not that anyone who has been listening should have any doubt about that.

Larry - I read about the Yoko Ono / Hillary Clinton affair allegation on line - was It at Breitbart ? I can't remember now but is was posted on a news service.

Goldie, I have not been on PP due to being out of range for email. I am pleased Larry is putting on weight. . I was told be my breast cancer nurse to get mad with my cancer and fight it. I am still here, now 16 yrs clear.

Yoko, well she is a hard act to follow. We all make mistakes Larry. But who knows what the rich and famous get up to.

I read in recent days that it was said during an interview long ago.

Yoko Ohno the only known creature known to live off dead beatles.....Rick

Would that make it a Sashimi Pie ? A bit late now Larry,,,,, I have well and truly already lost that lunch after going visual on that.