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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Co payment is ideological not economical

There is no reason for the ALP to reject the co payment other than it encroaches on their holy grail of free health care. They invented it and Whitlam will die with it intact. 

But time will make even Medicare obsolete unless it’s tinkered with to match the aging dilemma.

It’s not about the $7, it’s about keeping the original concept of free health care (which it isn’t).

Every toddler would love to wrap his first poo in Christmas paper and keep it for posterity...

... after all it’s the first thing he has created of any substance.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


A government taxed health care system could have worked and if run correctly, in theory should be the best.

As we know things are never that simple.

Criminally insane politicians, barking mad, world government comrat lefties wanted a welfare system to carry the blow-in, reffo sub-human trash that they have flooded into this country to use as a voting base

They know we are a wakeup to them

They have been warned

In time

There'll be blood flowing in the streets

Comrat is a term I first heard used by Webster a speaker from Sydney's Domain.

Why You Should Fire Your MD Now - Dr. Glidden - YouTube

Medical treatment of the future. Bit long but well worth the time. Some interesting comments regarding the waste of billions of dollars which would also apply to Australia.

Not true... Medicare is not free, it is capped at 85% of the value of a visit to a doctor... It is only the greedy, over servicing, over medicating GP's and clinics that bulk bill that gives the impression of "freeness".... Those leeches want their money tree to continue so they don't bill for the outstanding 15%... and get as many hypercondriacs to revisit as often as possible... this piddling co-payment is meant to stop that overservicing...

I ran a corner shop once, never again, anyway, one of my problems was some of the old codgers in the area. They were lovely people but just lonely. They would come in and if you let them, talk to you for an hour. In the end I found a way to get rid of them politely, I would carry the conversation and walk outside with them, then make out I could hear the phone. It was the gentlest way to extract myself from the conversation. Moral of the story is to talk to the oldies it may save you tax by way of the local doctor.

Julia Gillard gave her Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration the other day. One thing she was very proud of “We delivered health reform, pouring thousands of new doctors and nurses into the system and delivering record levels of access to bulk billing.”
Record levels of access to bulk billing that has to be paid for by borrowing money. Great with the ideas but hopeless with the costings was our Julia.

Obeid found guilty of corruption ... lock him up in a cell now !

It pays to have private health, I was in Thailand and could not breathe in the air over their so I went to Bumbrungrad hospital and had a angiogram and the doc said I should have a bypass ,I rang my ex in australia and she got a referral to the best specialist in perth ,two days later I flew into perth and seen the specialist at 10 oclock the next morning ,I had the CD with me from Bumbergrad he looked at it on his computer and said we have had a cancellation for five this afternoon (someone didnt make it ?)the team is ready to go ,lets do it ,2 weeks later I was back overseas at work ,

Gosh! Just how much do patients think it costs to become a Doctor (MD) ; and they really believe That he/she will treat him/her can be for free? Does anybody remember the original meaning of Professional? It's applied to learned people who, recognising that not everybody can afford the justifiable fee, provide service "pro bono" as a charitable action. Just like 'sports-persons' (sarc)

Why not just scrap bulk-billing? Plenty of people (like me) already pay when we go to see a doctor that doesn't bulk-bill. That or cap the amount Doctor's can bulk-bill so they are effectively on a wage from the Government. Let's see how many patients a day they can see then...

You're comment about the "poo" is so appropriate here, as the only people in Aus who believe medicine (and everything else) is free, are the labor/greens arseholes. Medicine is not free, never has been and never will be.

Free medical? It's hard to believe that some people think a visit to the doctor is free, when asked, the answer comes back, the Gummint pays, you fire back, where does the gummint get their money from? You get the vacant stare back. It's a waste of time trying to explain that all taxpayers pay their doctors visit.

OT - have been watching Penny Wong in Senate Estimates this morning. What a rude cow she is. She can't stop interrupting and talking over the top of everyone. Fortunately, Mathius Cormann has her measure and just keeps talking. His knowledge and professionalism show Penny Wong for the inept clown that she is.

Maybe we all should send a stool wrapped in Christmas paper to Bill Shorten as a subtle hint of our feelings towards his belligerence. To appease the Greens, and being a political correct poo, it could be labelled as being picked up by the clean end for wrapping and distribution to an appropriate arsehole......

I think wee are getting a good deal NZ are paying $17 for lowly paid workers

Oh Mr Pickering, true, but wrapped in Xmas paper.

Anyone who isn't prepared to pay $7 to see a doctor probably doesn't need to see the doctor. If you value your health and well-being, so can always find a way to come up with $7. If you disagree, you are delusional.